Top 5 Best Bearings For Skateboard

Bearings are the driving force for your skateboard wheels, so it is always recommended that you opt for the best.

Not all skateboards are equipped with the best skateboard bearings for cruising, and sometimes you need to research to find the best bearings for skateboard.

If you have prior experience, it often becomes challenging to find the right one.

Bearings also require proper maintenance, and fixing or uninstalling them takes work. But we are here to help. All you need to do is read till the end.

Best bearings for skateboard

Are you a newbie skater wishing to assemble your skateboard? Well, then, you must invest in the best skateboard bearings for beginners.

Good quality bearings help to keep the skateboard wheels rolling at speed without much friction. You will prefer friction when you are on the street as you expect a smooth roll.

People often invest in cheap products that only last for a short time and give poor performance. So, if you want the best, remember to choose the best.

If you are skating to learn skating, a good choice of bearing would be the Cheapshots bearings from Spitfire.

What are the best bearings for a skateboard?

Most people suggest that the costlier your bearings are, the better quality you will get. You get quality when you pay a lot. But even if you have a certain budget, there is no need to worry.

Good quality bearings are also available within an affordable budget.

The best bearings for skateboard will have a high ABEC rating. Skate-rated bearings are widely accepted as the standard grading determines the bearings’ tolerance level and the tightness they would offer to your wheels while letting them roll freely.

Some also recommend you buy bearing spacers, but there is no need for such things for skateboards as there are minimal chances of lateral friction.

Best bearings for skateboard street

As a skater, you will certainly dream of hitting the street with your mates. If you invest in the best quality product, you will get the optimal performance out of your skates.

You may win every skateboard race among your friends if you opt for the right one.

There have been discussions in various forums to choose the best bearings for street skating, and finally, Bronson Speed bearings have been voted the best for streets.

Bronson is a trusted brand, and they make bearings with such minute precision that you will love them. They even protect your skate while you jump down from a height by having raceways installed.

Best cheap bearings for skateboard

Cheap bearings always make you afraid of breaking down, so most skaters avoid buying them. But you can always have something within your pocket pinch.

We understand that you are looking for something good that serves quality without harming your pocket. We have done deep research, and here we are with the results.

You can go for either Bronson G2 bearings or Bones swiss bearings. However, if we choose for you, we recommend Bones super reds.

Best skateboard bearings for heavy riders

Are you heavily built? There is a myth surrounding heavy build that someone other than the right person to skate. Well, that’s untrue. All you need to do is to find a skate that can carry your weight.

The same thing happens when it comes to choosing the best skateboard bearings. Some people spread fake information stating that bearings will wear out easily when heavy riders use them. There is no proof of this fact even.

You will only need a different setup, and you are good to go. We recommend using hard bushings along with good-quality bearings for such cases.

A combination of Bones super reds and G3 Bronson bearings will be perfect for heavy riders.

Top 5 Skateboard bearings for You – 2022

Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearings (608RS ZrO2 at 8 x 22 x 7 mm)

These bearings come in a pack of 8 and are made of ceramic, which is why a different user base always chooses this product. Ceramic bearings are known to offer optimal performance without the danger of rusting.

You get a smoother ride once you install them, and the high lubrication that possesses allows you to even opt for some drag races. The best part is that they get smoother with every ride, so there is no need for additional lubrication easily.

The fact that they are already lubricated and then packed helps to reduce friction greatly when you ride. Lubrication is very necessary when you go for long-distance rides. You don’t need to worry about any damage.

There is always controversy regarding the performance offered by these skate bearings, the main reason being the argument between stainless steel & ceramic bearings. Some claim that metal bearings outperform Swiss ceramic ones.

The inner ball bearings are made of polished glass and therefore are free from the dirt accumulated with every ride.

It also has a nylon cage that prevents cracking even when you skate for a longer duration making the wheels get heated up. It gives you a professional-like experience.

This product is undoubtedly one of the best in the segment and can outperform so many competitors by the fact that they are built uniquely and keep all minute details in mind.


  • You feel like a pro with these bearings installed
  • Free from rust and dirt damage
  • Perfect for cruising and racing downhill
  • Pre-lubricated to avoid damage when initially installed


  • The plastic inner ring causes a breakdown
  • Not so fast

Fireball Dragon Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

The name of this bearing brand is quite catchy, which attracts most skaters. In the current market, it is tough to find a bearing that will promise to be dirt resistant, but these bearings not only promise but deliver each of its words in this aspect, the key being the lubrication.

They are installed with shields made of the labyrinth, an added advantage to you as in most of the competitor brands, and you will only find rubber shields.

It is a key factor in enhancing the performance of your wheels and helps you enjoy a smoother ride compared to bearings rubber shields.

So, in short, you can claim these sealed bearings to be rust-free, even as it has been tested by so many skaters who claim that even if they damage the wheel’s outer core, the inner core remains intact and dirt free.

They are equipped with steel balls in the inner path, which sets a high-quality standard. The steel balls also make the bearings sustainable in the long run.

Durability is a big factor when you buy bearings, and you can be free of doubts about this factor when it comes to bearings from Fireball.

Premium quality lubricants are provided with these bearings, which is where it beats most of its competitors by offering the skaters a high-level performance. You can call these long-lasting as these lubricants also enhance the lifespan.

They are made by keeping in mind the industrial standards and are of the standard size, 608 or 8mm bore.

The best part is that this bearing will work not only with skateboards but also longboards, roller skates, inline skates, scooters, etc.

  • Shields have oil-retaining capability making them perform better
  • The sealed bearings are claimed to be rust free
  • Steel-bearing balls make them highly durable
  • They are noisy.

Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

Some claim that the Bones bearings are noisy and quite distracting. You may get such a thing with the Bones reds, but the Super reds are quite silent when they roll. You would never like to get distracted by some odd sound from your skateboard. It also kills the fun.

The inner ball bearing is made of top-quality raceways, giving you an additional advantage. The precision with which these bearings are made is unmatched, and the fact that they are made of ceramic gives you another advantage in terms of speed racing.

The Super Reds lubricant is one of their special bone speed creams, which sets the standard way apart from other brands. Each wheel is properly lubricated, ensuring they roll very smoothly.

These wheel bearings also come with non-contact shields. Non-contact shields are a plus point in reducing friction from within the core. It will help you in an area with a requirement for power performance.

However, super ceramic reds need good care to last long. Follow a particular bearing cleaning routine as part of the maintenance activity.

  • Very good quality surface finish
  • Pre-lubricated with bones, speed cream shields can be easily removed
  • The packaging of super ceramic reds could be better.

Bones Bearings Big Balls Reds Precision Skate Rated Bearings 8mm 16-Pack

Bones is one the biggest brands in skateboarding accessories, and you can blindly rely on the quality of the products they make. The Bones Red bearings are one of the best bearings for skateboard and the most purchased ones too.

This product is equipped with a removable rubber shield to facilitate your cleaning process. Like other products from Bones, these bearings also have a non-contact shield so that you will experience the least friction from them.

They are highly recommended for speed, and you can call them power performers. The ball-bearing housing is made of nylon, which helps retain the oil within, making the wheels roll smoothly. So, with these bearings installed, speeding is fun.

Unlike any other brands, these bearings come with bearing spacers which help you, especially if you are thinking of using them with your roller skates instead of a skateboard.

However, they are purely optional. You may use these stainless steel bearings as skateboard or roller skate bearings as your choice.

Now comes the most important part, which is the pricing. They have been made available at such awesome prices that they will never hurt your pocket, and you can easily afford them.

  • No headache with cleaning as they have a removable rubber shield
  • Highly affordable.
  • Big balls help the wheels to roll faster
  • Spacers included gives you the option to use them as roller skate bearings
  • They are often regarded as noisy.

Bronson Speed Ceramic Skateboard Bearings, Cleaning Unit, Spacers, Washers, Extra Shields

Bronson is a recognized brand for faster bearings. However, there is nothing such as faster bearings as bearings only help to boost performance, and speed also depends on several other factors.

The best part is that the bearings are made in such a classic way that you would not experience any wear & tear, especially due to the ceramic oil lubrication provided.

Another striking fact is that these bearings are double-shielded, which is something you won’t hear often. These support your speeding by taking care of the friction entirely. You can use these bearings if you often skate on rough surfaces.

The bearings are fitted with deep groove top-rated race, which allows you to take the heavy load, so even if you are slightly overweight, no more worries. These also help to lessen the vibration during a ride.

  • No sounds at all being lubricated with ceramic oil
  • Quite smooth in operation
  • The shields have straight edges, thereby helping to keep off dirt
  • Delicate weight control to facilitate heavy riders to use them
  • Some competitors offer more speed.

Comprehensive Buying Guide for the Top Skateboard Bearings in 2022

How will you buy the right bearings for cruising?

The thumb rule to get the best bearings for skateboard is to buy from a recognized and reputed brand. It will ensure you get the best out of your new bearings. The bearings for cruising are built differently.

Cruising is mostly associated with longboards, rarely with skateboards. Therefore, if you have the best longboard, you also need to buy a longboard bearing, and then you are good to go.

How do I choose bearings for longboards?

Choosing the appropriate bearing for the best longboard is no big deal. All you need to do is to buy from a good brand. There are so many brands offering longboard bearings. But we recommend you go with the Neal precision bearings.

Some also recommend the Bones red bearings for this purpose.

How to care for the bearings?

To have your bearings perform at the highest level, you must follow a caring routine, including cleaning, lubrication, regular checks, rust checks, bearing shield checks, etc.

The best way to set a routine and then follow it. It will surely keep them lasting for a long without the need for replacement.

Do not simply keep on using them and being ignorant about the maintenance. It will reduce their lifespan, and you will be required to invest sooner again.

Cleaning Process

There are so many ways you can do it. The best way is the one that you are comfortable with. Some people uninstall the bearings and choose to wash them. However, our recommendation would be to dry-clean them.

For this, you can use cotton cloth or even newspapers. You can also use acetone to submerge them and then brush the dirt off. If there is any rusting, that will also get noticed by this.

The last but most important part is lubricating them, and you must do it often and always when you choose to clean them. For this purpose, you can choose special bearing lubricants available in the market.

How to install the bearings?

To begin with, you need to remove the wheels from the skateboard. For this, you can use an appropriate wrench. Once the wheels are removed, it’s time to push them to the rear edge of the axle.

You need to put some force and try to make the existing bearings pop up. Do this carefully, as any damage to the wheels will surely affect the performance. Do this step for all the other wheels too.

Now, all you need to do is slide the new set of bearings into the whole of the wheels where the axle would fit. Once done, fix the wheels back to the skateboard truck, and you are good to go.

How do bearings function?

The main purpose behind installing a bearing is to reduce the friction caused by the roll of the skateboard wheels. However, bearings have a wide application in various places apart from skating, but here we would only discuss how they impact skating.

You can state that they facilitate smooth roll for the wheels. A skateboard wheel without bearings cannot simply be imagined. The product will get damaged in a few days only.

Ball bearing rolls inside a path, thereby reducing the external frictional force.

How to choose bearings based on different criteria?

When you are buying skateboard bearings for the first time, there will be so many things that you should consider. The bearings are often tried with various kinds of skates, and this is also a factor that affects the choice.

Let us explore some common topics that skaters think of while buying bearings.

Best suited for beginners.

Beginner skates require extra attention, and the bearings should be perfect so that the first experience of the skater with the skate is remarkable.

You should always strive for quality if you are a newbie skater. One of the most recommended bearings for beginners is the Spitfire Cheapshots bearings. You can also buy Bones super Swiss bearings or Bones Swiss ceramic bearings.

Has high impact

The impact of your skateboard is highly affected by the bearings you choose to buy. Bearings play a major role in the roll of the skateboard wheels, so you must make a wise choice.

Remember to check the ABEC ratings while you buy them. These ratings determine the bearings’ tolerance levels and give a view of how they can perform with your skateboard.


Well, that depends on how much for care for them and how you maintain them. Usually, there is no specific lifespan for such products. They are precisely crafted, and their lifespan depends on how they are built.

Most of the bearings do not require to be replaced easily unless broken. Some of them must be replaced soon because they were of poor quality, or the owner may need to maintain them properly.

Best suited for speeding.

There is always a controversy with the choice of bearings when the decision is to be made, keeping in mind that the goal is to attain speed and perform speed racing.

Some people choose steel bearings, while others prefer ceramic bearings. However, there is another bearing that is quite budget friendly and gives a high-impact performance. They are the Swiss bearings.

You can choose any brand, but we recommend you buy the Swiss bearings from Bones, specifically the Bones super Swiss bearings in a set of 6.

What should you look for?

It is something that every skater seeks, the critical points that need to be considered before buying a suitable bearing for their skates.

Let us quickly go through the important points.


You will always want performance out of your skates when you install a new set of bearings.

If you want a skate bearing that performs optimally, we recommend you choose the Premium Yellowjacket bearings.

Are they good on the streets?

Street skating is always intense, with a lot of friction offered by the roads. Therefore, a heavy-performing bearing is what would be the best for this.

You may choose any bearing of your choice, but our recommendation would be to buy a G2 skateboard bearing from Bronson.

Affordable price

Your desire to get a set of amazing bearings within your pocket pinch is always welcoming. We understand you and therefore recommend the Bones bearings Red for this purpose. Bones Reds are one of the widely bought products which are comfortable in your pocket.

As an extra benefit, you get them pre-lubricated.

Overall Stats

Overall stats need to be always compared before buying a skate bearing. The stats determine what you are getting for the price you will pay.

It is always good to get something extra with the price you pay, and why not when they are available? But only go after known brands and promise a lot within a very low budget. It’s just a trap for buying trash!

Compare the specifications among the top few products you have shortlisted and invest only after careful consideration.

Bones Swiss bearings are multi-purpose bearings; therefore, we recommend them from an overall perspective.

In short

In this current market, there are various options available to choose from, but you have to think about buying a bearing that perfectly fits the purpose of your skating. If you are a pro skater or have been skating for a long time, you should choose one that can perform under pressure.

Performance and quality should be key when choosing the bearings for your skate. Price is also important, but it should be kept secondary if you want to get the best.

Our advice on buying skateboard bearings

Only some bearings are meant for some skates. Skaters can choose a skateboard or a longboard for skating. Some even choose roller or inline skates. The bearings also differ by choice of skateboard. Also, the style of skating affects the choice of bearings.

Refrain from getting lured by cheap products that promise to offer a lot. Choose the one that suits you the best for getting optimal results.


When looking for the best bearings for skateboard, you can still buy something very expensive. You can also get the best within your pocket pinch.

If you are overweight, hard bushings and the best bearings you would buy are suggested.

For beginners, it is very important to remember that the bearings you are considering buying should be compatible with your skate.

Only buy skate-rated bearings with high ABEC ratings to get high speeds. Determine your style of skating first and then decide on the bearings.

Protective gear is always advised when you skate. You must invest and wear some good quality safety kits to have an enjoyable and safe skating experience.

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