6 Most Popular: Best Budget Electric Skateboard In 2022.

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The electric skateboard has lately been a very popular version of skateboard that works on a Lithium-ion battery. It is a type which is one of the fastest skateboards liked by people of all ages. To find the best budget electric skateboard it is better to know about it.

It is usually controlled by a wireless remote and is an easy mode of short-distance transport and entertainment. The best electric skateboards contain a regenerative braking system that helps you to stop efficiently.

There is a common belief that electric skateboards are costly but due to immense competition in the market, prices have been lowered for everyone to get the taste of a motorized skateboard.

Here we will discuss the various electric skateboards available in the market depending upon your budget.

It is very important to stay completely updated about these electric skateboarding components before you go and spend some bucks on it. Keep in mind that these electric skateboards are different from a traditional skateboard since it contains a battery.

Choosing The Best Budget Electric Skateboard.

Flying on some of the fastest skateboards can be very fun. But before that you need to find a quality street electric skateboard that has one of those proper cruiser decks, helping you to balance and cruise with pace and poise.

There are various budget electric skateboards found in the market that come with different battery capacity

Due to the enormous competition, manufacturers have started making the best cheap electric skateboards with subsequent quality of the remote control.

List of Some Economical Electric Skateboards in the Market

For buying an electric skateboard or a boosted electric skateboard you need to know what factors to check out. Without checking the quality of cruiser decks, wireless remote, lithium-ion battery, electric motor, and other factors too.

There are tons and tons of companies manufacturing motorized skateboards in the market. Most of them make genuine products and provide some of the best and most powerful electric skateboard.

To buy the best budget electric skateboard follow the detailed guide and product review given below, arranged in an order, to get the best advice.

Best Skateboard Under Budget

  • Fastest E-Skateboard– Skatebolt Electric Skateboard
  • Best Dirt E-Skateboard– MotoTec Dirt Electric Skateboard
  • Best Skateboard for Beginners– Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard
  • Best Street E-Skateboard– Urbanpro Electric Skateboard
  • Strongest E-Skateboard– Blitzart Hurricane Electric Skateboard
  • Best Boosted E-Skateboard– Wookrays Electric Skateboard
best budget electric skateboards

Best Electric Skateboard Under $400

The below-mentioned electric skateboards are currently the most popular pieces available in the market for under $400. If you are looking for an affordable electric skateboard along with high performance these should be your go-to.

They are manufactured with the highest quality of maple wood and fiberglass thus making them quite durable besides being flexible.

Urbanpro Electric Skateboard : Best Street ELECTRIC Skateboard

The Urbanpro Electric Skateboard is one of the most popular street smart electric skateboards that come with a lot of powerful features.

Urbanpro being one of the oldest skateboard manufacturers has the appropriate popularity and respect in the skateboarding world.

At what % slope can it be used to skate?

Electric skateboards often are not the ones that pro skaters like to use while skating downhill or on slopes. But if you desire to test this product on slopes, you can certainly do that and it will be fine until it is on a 20% grade hill.

What functions are there in the remote control?

The remote control consists of features like braking, moving ahead and reverse, switching with ease, acceleration. Apart from these, the best thing is the 3 modes of speed available using which you can skate at any desirable speed like a pro or a newbie as per your wish.


  • A solid deck made out of 11 layers of composite maple wood and fiberglass.
  • With a 35-inch long deck, skateboarding becomes smooth.
  • Powered by a 400W brushless motor with qualities to overcome 20% of a steep hill.
  • With a single charge within 3 hours, you can ride up to 10 miles smoothly.
  • The remote controller helps to manage speed, direction, changing between 3 ride modes and also comes with an anti-lock braking system.

Advantages of Buying Urbanpro Electric Skateboard

The Urbanpro electric skateboard comes with a 9 cm urethane caster wheel that helps you glide with ease. The urethane caster wheel is also a reason for you being able to maintain a good balance while skating providing awesome surface grip.

 A powerful 400W brushless motor helps you to speed up with ease.

Due to the 11 composite layers of maple wood, it can carry a weight capacity of up to 265 pounds. The comfort which this boosted board electric skateboard provides cuts no corners and is suitable for adults and kids alike.

Disadvantages of Buying Urbanpro Electric Skateboard

The excessively high torque tends to burn the motor very quickly. Once the remote control starts malfunctioning, it is very difficult to repair it.

Depending upon the usage and motor rotation the maximum speed varies which is unwanted mostly.

Electric Skateboard Under $300

Best Electric Skateboard Under $300

Blitzart Hurricane Electric Skateboard : Strongest ELECTRIC Skateboard

This is a powerful electric skateboard capable of carrying a lot of weight and can withstand high pressure.

The Blitzart Hurricane Electric Skateboard is a skateboard that is usually used for regular heavy-duty purposes mainly due to the materials with which it is built.

The premium skateboard grip tape that this manufacturer uses to construct this skateboard, makes this brand and this particular model so popular and advisable for all age groups.

Can the battery be recharged and replaced?

Well, you can certainly recharge the batteries as this product is installed with rechargeable batteries to enable you to charge whenever needed. However, this product does not give you the option to change the batteries, so it is a hard luck in this case.

Can I get it fully charged overnight?

The battery does not require much time to get fully charged so it is not recommendable to charge it the entire night and it may kill the battery cells even. However, if you are planning for an early morning ride with your buddies, you can surely do this one but don’t do it regularly.


  • Made with 7 layers of maple ply and 2 thick layers of bamboo, this deck is 38-inches long and 7-inches wide made perfectly for regular use.
  • It is powered by a 350W brushless hub motor and a 36V lithium battery. The skateboard can be charged fully within 3 hours.
  • The rechargeable remote control is capable of changing the skateboard’s speed, direction and gives an option of two different riding modes for the riders.
  • This skateboard can reach a maximum speed of 19 mph and can run up to 10 miles with a single charge.
  • The 4.7-inch urethane caster wheels make riding easy and safe with a lot of grip and balance.

Advantages of Buying Blitzart Hurricane Electric Skateboard

Since this skateboard uses the traditional bamboo deck, it can take weight up to 250 pounds. The massive deck size offers immense control and balance making it a great rough terrain crane.

Due to the presence of powerful hub motors, the skateboard runs smoothly, quietly, and barely causes any problem.

The manufacturers serve great after-sales services and also the skateboard comes completely assembled in proper packaging.

Disadvantages of Buying Blitzart Hurricane Electric Skateboard

The main problem with this electric skateboard is due to the materials it uses, the weight of the skateboard is very high, around 18.4 pounds.

Apart from that color coating on bamboo is a bit risky since even a minor scratch can damage the coat severely. The battery charger gets overheated easily and that can cause damage to the charger itself.

Electric Skateboard Under $200

Best Electric Skateboard Under $200

If you are looking for a quality electric skateboard that contains state-of-the-art features but do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, check out these cool boards for under $200.

The manufacturers are trustworthy and assure that these products can be worth the money you spend offering quality after-sales services which make them truly one of the budget electric skateboards.

Wookrays Electric Skateboard : Best Boosted ELECTRIC Skateboard

The Wookrays Electric Skateboard is one of the best-boosted board electric skateboards found in the market currently. A thorough electric skateboard review for this product shows a lot of positive reviews and is quite famous.

This electric skateboard is not recommended to kids below the age of 8 years but is a suitable one for daily commuting.

This electric skateboard comes in two specific colors of black & orange. The manufacturers pay attention to details as these skateboards are covered with eye-catching designs.

How to change the speed modes?

The product comes with a remote control being an electric skateboard. Therefore, you will have all the options in the palm of your hands. All you need to do is to know how to use the remote control properly and you can easily switch among the modes of speed.

Is the charger available easily in the market?

The charger for the batteries of this product is readily available in the market and you won’t find any difficulties in finding them. All you need to do is buy a DC charger of 19.4 V with a charging capacity of 1.5A.


  • The skateboard deck is made up of rock-solid 7 layer maple wood with a maximum load of 180 pounds and resistant to any sort of collision.
  • The powerful 2.4 GHz remote comes with indicator lights allowing you to change directions, speed, and do much more.
  • Contains a powerful 350W motor enabling three different modes including low, medium, and high speed.
  • The 7 cm polyurethane wheels provide maximum grip and stability on all types of terrain.
  • 2000 mAh battery charges within a couple of hours and can run up to 6 miles in a single charge.

Advantages of Buying Wookrays Electric Skateboard

The Wookrays Electric Skateboard is one of the favorite budget electric skateboards among youngsters coming at a light-weight of 6.5 pounds.

It is one of the best skateboards to hone your electric skateboard skills with a top speed of 20 km/h. According to the reviews from riders from all corners of the world, this is undoubtedly one of the best budget electric skateboards.               

Another great part about buying this electric skateboard is that it has 24/7 after-sales service for all the customers.

Disadvantages of Buying Wookrays Electric Skateboard

The single motor present is a normal motor and hence excessive changing of riding modes can pressurize the functioning of it and damage it.

The mileage is a bit of concern since a 2000mah battery should cover more distance than just 6 miles in a single charge.

best budget electric skateboards buy in 2021

Best Electric Skateboard Under $500

In this section, we are going to explore 2 skateboards which can be termed as high budget boards, but then not so high that you cannot afford them. Yes, we are going to find skateboards under $500 here.

Not to mention that they come with world-class features that many of the high-end skateboards fail to offer when it comes to electric skateboarding.

Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard : Best Skateboard for Beginners

The Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard is one of the best electric skateboard for beginners in the market at an affordable cost.

They are so in demand that their production falls short at times. They come in various color combinations and are loved by all age groups, be it kids or adults.

What is the capacity of this product?

If you mean to ask how long it will last on continuous run, I can say you are lucky to have such a product because the 480W dual motors are capable of driving you at top speed for nearly 10 hours.

Can a person with 250Lbs body weight use it?

Although the mentioned weight carrying capacity is 220Lbs, but I don’t think an extra of 30 Lbs would be an issue really unless the person is a newbie skater who does not know how to shift body weight while skating. If you are confident enough despite being a newbie then you can obviously opt for this.


  • It has a 37-inch long and 8.46-inch wide wooden deck.
  • Contains a 760W dual motor with a max speed of 22 mph.
  • The polyurethane wheels have a size of 90 mm.
  • It comes with a wireless remote control along with options to reverse the direction.
  • A screen that displays the speed as well as direction.
  • Made from 10 layers of Canadian maple wood.

Advantages of Buying Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard

With a single charge session, it runs up to 11 miles. Since it does not use the traditional bamboo deck, it is a high-performance skateboard weighing just a bit less than 15 pounds.

A high-quality wireless remote control makes your riding experience seamless. It is the thinnest electric skateboard found in the market offering you maximum balance and glide.

Disadvantages of Buying Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard

Since there is no proper weight limit categorized for riding the electric skateboard, anybody above 230 pounds faces a risk of the board breaking down while riding. The battery comes with a 1-year warranty, but it is hard to replace these batteries if they malfunction after the warranty period is over.

Best High Budget Electric Skateboard

Best High Budget Electric Skateboard

If the budget has never been a bar, you can search freely and choose a skateboard that is best-in-class. A   premium quality board would cost you really high.

In this category, we are going to witness 2 top-class skateboards that you can buy to enhance your skating experience.

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard : Fastest ELECTRIC Skateboard

The SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard is one of the best high-end electric skateboards available in the market. It comes with world-class features and solid materials that any professional skateboarder would want.

The high preference and demand for this skateboard result in the constant unavailability of this product. It is extremely fast and has a lot of features that many skateboards do not.

Does it have Bluetooth connectivity option?

The fact that you have bought an electric skateboard you must be looking for an option to connect your skate buddy to your phone via Bluetooth. However, unfortunately the feature is not available in this board. But don’t get disheartened, the customer’s voice never gets ignore and who knows they would soon start producing models with Bluetooth connectivity.

Can cloud wheels be attached to this skateboard?

Well, if you are looking for attaching them as the front wheels for your skateboard, I will say good choice. Front wheels just have the purpose to follow direction and any good wheel can be used for that. But, please make sure to get the appropriate size installed.


  • As the name suggests it flows like a breeze and is extremely fast since it is powered by a 7500 mAh lithium battery.
  • Can reach up to a maximum speed of 27 mph and travel up to 25 miles in a single charge of 4 hours.
  • With 900W dual motors, it can travel a 25% steep hill and has a world-class anti-braking system working all the time.
  • Made out of quality 8 layer maple wood, the deck is like a rock able to carry a lot of weight with stability.
  • With 4 different braking modes, it is also equipped with a couple of pieces of tail lights that shine when the brake is applied.

Advantages of Buying SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

It comes with intelligent sliding sensors which turn the skateboard on after a couple of slides, making cruising easy. The solid build of the deck provides a lot of stability along with the polyurethane wheels.

It comes with a modern wireless remote control that is equipped with an attractive LCD screen and lights. This is also one of the first electric skateboards that come with replaceable motors.

SKATEBOLT offers great after-sales services to serve their customers who face issues after buying the product. The battery along with other parts contains a good amount of warranty against defects.

Disadvantages of Buying SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

The price is something that many avoid and do not want to buy this product along with the parts being very costly when replacement is needed.

The LCD screen and lights can get damaged and dysfunctional if used excessively.

MotoTec Dirt Electric Skateboard : Best Dirt ELECTRIC Skateboard

MotoTec Dirt Electric Skateboard is by far one of the best electric skateboards that can adjust as per the road, mainly when in a dirt-filled road.

It looks sleek and is quite small in size which enables you to carry it everywhere easily. It is also packed with powerful features.

How many batteries do they use?

The sealed 12V Lead Acid batteries are what these boards have got installed within them and if you are looking for the count, let me tell you there are 3 such batteries installed. On an average they last for 40-45 minutes if you ride at top speed.

Is this product safe to be used during rain?

Well, if you mean to ask whether this product is waterproof or not, let me straight away tell you that they are not. However, if you want to safely skate indoors during the rain, you are free to do so. You can also try skating in the streets if they are not waterlogged after the showers.


  • This electric skateboard is powered by 1600W dual motors.
  • Comes with pure wooden decks and spring bushings and attractive-looking trucks.
  • An easy-to-use wireless remote control makes riding smooth. Along with it comes lights and an LED display.
  • With the power of those motors, it can attain a top speed of 22 mph and has a ride time of 90 minutes in a single charge session of 4 hours.

Advantages of MotoTec Dirt Electric Skateboard

Since built on solid wood, the deck can carry up to 260 pounds. Lined with quality polyurethane wheels, it glides through dirt roads with precision.

With the help of the remote control, it moves on various throttle levels.

It is equipped with 3 different driving modes suitable for all riders with all types of expertise. Has an integrated anti-braking system working once the battery is turned on.

Disadvantages of MotoTec Dirt Electric Skateboard

The wheels do not last long if excessive dirt riding is done. Compared to the battery capacity, it does give a satisfactory travel time.

How to cheoose best budget electric skateboards

What are the Key Point to remember while buying the best budget Electric skateboards?

Buying a proper electric skateboard can be often confusing solely because there are numerous products and they cost all types to choose from.

Hence, before buying or spending some bucks on an electric skateboard, make sure you keep in mind all these points and check the parts thoroughly.


The most common material used to make a deck is maple wood. But if you find a mixture of maple wood and fiberglass or maple wood and aluminum, go for it since it would be sturdier and last you long.

Also, remember to check out if the board has a good quality skateboard grip tape as this will help you control and maintain balance while riding.


Usually made out of polyurethane, these wheels are extremely strong and can withstand massive pressure. The size of these wheels varies depending on the skateboard task and overall size.


Modern electric skateboards use aluminum to construct the trucks which is the connecting medium between the deck and the wheels. Trucks need to be made out of solid materials because they bear the maximum pressure. A truck breakdown can be very dangerous and cause severe accidents.


The range of electric skateboard batteries starts at 2000 mAh. Ideally, an electric skateboard battery should be made of lithium-ion and the range should be between 3000 mAh to 4000 mAh.

Even higher power batteries are available and they last you a long time. One of the best batteries found in the market is the customized Hobbywing ESC.


Every electric skateboard needs a good quality charger to sustain the life of the battery used in them. Hence, get a charger that matches the need of the battery.


The use of traditional motors in electric skateboards has been discontinued. Instead, they use modern hub motors or brushless motors. They are not only powerful but also they are noiseless and last you for a long time. Even if they are damaged, they can be replaced easily.


The modern electric skateboards come with a wireless remote control to adjust the speed, direction, and much more of it. They should be hardy and should work from a long range. Usually, they are battery-operated too.


Different companies offer different periods of warranty. Go for skateboards whose manufacturer offers you at least a year of warranty along with quality after-sales service.


When you are searching for a quality electric skateboard like the Evolve skateboard, it can be quite confusing and disturbing since there are endless options to choose from.

Therefore, before buying your e-skateboard, do thorough research and prepare a list of the key essentials that you want in your e-skateboard. 

While buying the best budget electric skateboard remember not to opt for any low-quality cheap product as that would simply be a waste of money as the board will soon break down.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the best affordable skateboard?

The list of the best and affordable skateboards will be endless. But one that all age groups can get going with is the BLITZART Hurricane Electric Skateboard that comes within $300 is a great choice for beginner skaters.

  • What is the best electric skateboard to buy?

Buying the best electric skateboard budget is a big factor. If you have no budget issue, the best skateboard can be the SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard that has a customized Hobbywing ESC battery which makes it run for longer hours.

  • What is the fastest electric skateboard?

The fastest electric skateboard currently ruling the market is the SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard. The board offers a maximum speed of 27 mph which is quite amazing. But the drawback is that this harms the overall battery life, thereby reducing it.

  • How do you find a budget electric skateboard?

At first, you need to fix your budget and make a list of all the needs that you desire from your skateboard. The best part is that there is a skateboard available under every budget, so no need to worry.

  • Where to buy a cheap electric skateboard?

There are varieties of online stores offering superior quality electric skateboards at a very pocket-friendly price depending on your requirements. However, it is always recommended not to buy poor quality products which are available at a very cheap price.

  • How safe are electric skateboards?

Electric skateboards like the Evolve skateboards are quite similar to normal ones. The basic difference is that it runs through a remote controller. Keeping a justified speed and balance would not cause you any damage while skating.

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