Exclusive: 10 Best Electric Scooter for Kids In 2021

If your kid is an enthusiast and interested in riding electric scooters, you should invest in the best electric scooter for kids.

There are a lot of places where you would find some of the top electric scooters for kids, some of them being at the local store or online shopping portals.

There is no point in buying a cheap electric scooter since they would not last you long and rather disappoint your kid with no excitement at all.

There are various types of electric scooters available in the market like an electric mobility scooter, seated electric scooter, electric kick scooter, and many more options to choose from.

Before buying a sophisticated electric scooter, keep in mind that your kid should have proper training in driving a kids’ scooter and appropriate safety gear to ensure complete protection from mishaps that can occur while riding.

How to determine the Best Electric Scooter for Kids?

Before buying a kids’ scooter there are a lot of points that you should keep in mind. This ensures that you buy the best electric scooter for child and at the same value your money.

There are thousands of electric scooter brands found in the market and it can be quite difficult for an inexperienced person to choose the right one.

Hence the best way to know all the details about a kids’ electric scooter is by consulting an experienced scooter rider or the local shop owner who should naturally know every bit about an electric scooter since the person sells and deals with it regularly.

Following is a detailed description of all the factors you should consider before buying the best electric scooter for kids that would last you long as well as be pocket-friendly.

best electric scooter for toddler

Best Electric Scooter for Kids as Suggested by Professionals

  1. Best Mobility Scooter – GOMO Kids’ Electric Scooter
  2. Safest Electric Scooter – Tonbux Kids’ Electric Scooter
  3. Most Long-Lasting Electric Scooter – 6KU Kids’ Electric Scooter
  4. Best Motorized Electric Scooter – Gotrax GKS Kids’ Electric Scooter
  5. Best 2-in-1 Electric Scooter – VIRO Rides Kids’ Electric Scooter
  6. Best Kids’ Electric Scooter – Razor E90 Electric Scooter
  7. Most Lightweight Electric Scooter – Lascoota Kids’ Electric Scooter
  8. Best Bike-type Scooter – Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter
  9. Most Affordable Electric Scooter – SKIDEE Kids’ Electric Scooter
  10. Fastest Electric Scooter– Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Scooter
Electric Scooter for 4 Year Olds
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Best Electric Scooter for 4 Year Olds

As a 4-year old, your kid is quite young and tender. But this does not mean at all that they cannot rock their childhood on electric scooters. Here is a couple of the best electric scooter for 4 year olds.

GOMO Kids’ Electric Scooter|Best Mobility Scooter

An electric mobility scooter for kids of high standards and fancy, attractive looks, the GOMO Kids’ Electric Scooter is not only affordable but also one of the favorite electric scooters for kids within the age of 4 years.

This is one of those scooters that can easily catch the attention of the kids with all those fancy lights fitted all over the scooter deck.

Adjustable Handlebar

Since this scooter comes for a range of age for kids under 4 years, depending upon their height the handlebar can be adjusted with 4 different height stances.

On top of that, it comes with an intensive handlebar locking system that ensures the bar stays in place when the height is changed.

Smart Steering System

The scooter is devised with the “Lean to Steer” method which makes steering tight angles easy. This also helps the kids to learn to balance properly on the scooter itself.

This method is also a safe option since it is mostly automated and the scooter intelligently understands the angles and turns accordingly with maximum smoothness.

Rear Braking System

It has been seen that the scooters which come with a rear braking system are safer than the ones that have a front braking system.

This electric scooter is devised with rear disc brakes that halts the scooter appropriately and does not cause an imbalance of the whole system.

Lit Up Wheels

The lit-up wheels are quite attractive for kids. The lights run even without batteries and are of different and changing colors. They look quite cool on dark roads and also help in showing the road and directions.

How can you call it the best for mobility?

If you are looking for mobility, you would want your scooter to be super flexible. This scooter provides you adjustable handlebar with the option of smart steering making it one of the best options in terms of mobility. You also get a rear braking system which helps to keep control even when riding at speed.



Tonbux Kids’ Electric Scooter|Safest Electric Scooter

One of the most popular kids’ electric scooters, the Tonbux electric scooter has rocketed the market since it was launched and has been a favorite for everyone for all the features it offers and the price it asks for.

Some of its features are discussed below in details

Rechargeable Battery

The rechargeable battery which this scooter offers is quite a powerful one and helps the scooter run a lot of distance in one charging session. A single charging session takes around 4 hours to be complete.

Sturdy Deck

The deck of this scooter is itself built with quality materials and has a quite stable chassis. The deck has a maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds, which is quite high for the standards of a kids’ scooter.

It is anti-slip and offers the ultimate balance to the rider.

Smart Anti-Collision System

The scooter is devised with sensors in front of the unit that senses any sort of collision. As soon as the danger is sensed buffers come out to minimize damage and accidents.

Moreover, it has a lightweight design to glide across problematic areas easily.

Adjustable Handlebar

Unlike cheap electric scooters, this scooter has an adjustable handlebar that has a free-flowing system of different heights that allows your kid to ride it for a long time.

The particular height stance can be locked in with a special locking system to make the handlebar immovable.

Is it really the safest scooter in the market?

When you are thinking of buying a scooter for your kids, you ought to keep the safety quotient the main concern. This product from Tonbux has also kept in mind this factor and the design accompanies a smart anti-collision system. This system has sensors which have the ability to predict a collision beforehand.



Electric Scooter for 6 Year Olds
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Best Electric Scooter for 6 Year Olds

If your kids are at least 6 years old, they would understand quite a bit and would know how motorized scooters for kids work.

Again, if your kid is interested in electric scooters, you would want to buy the best electric scooter for 6 year old. This would ensure the quality and overall safety of the kid while they ride it.

6KU Kids’ Electric Scooter|Most Long-Lasting Electric Scooter

The 6KU Kids’ Electric Scooter is one of the best electric scooters available for 6-year olds. It is devised in such a manner that kids can ride it for a long time.

Though it is not a seated electric scooter, it works better and has quite a lot of exciting features, and is pretty attractive to kids.

Powerful Motor

The scooter comes with a powerful brushless hub motor that gives it a max speed of 12 mph. Apart from being powerful, the motor is made in such a way that it runs smoothly even after many years of use and thousands of rides.

 It accelerates the whole unit smoothly making the ride an exciting one.

LED Wheels

The scooter comes with two front bigger wheels and a rear-wheel all of which have quality pneumatic tires.

On top of that, the wheels are fitted with LED lights making the whole unit attractive and identifiable from a distance. It also helps the kids to ride dark roads safely.

Easy Steering Method

This electric scooter is devised with an easy “Lean to Steer” method whereby the handle does not move adequately but you need to lean to a particular direction to steer into that particular direction and the best electric scooter for kids is enabled with this technology.

Wide and Strong Deck

The deck is specially made from high-quality and non-slip materials that have a weight capacity of 110 pounds.

Being a kids’ scooter, it is very important to have a proper and sturdy deck to look after the kids’ safety and security while riding the scooter.

Is it also powerful besides long-lasting?

This scooter is well known for having a long life but it is not the only attribute that makes it one of the favorites among the e-scooters for kids. The product is facilitated with a very powerful brushless motor with which riders can speed up to almost 12 m/h. And the build is such that it can last up to a long time.



Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter|Best Motorized Electric Scooter

The Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter is a modern and highly feature-loaded electric scooter made for kids around the age of 6 years.

One of the fastest electric kick scooters in the kids’ range, this scooter is affordable yet durable and serves you for a long time.

Cutting-Edge Motor Technology

The scooter is fitted with a beast of an electric motor of 150W. This ensures that you reach the max speed of 8 mph within seconds. The motor is fitted on a 6 inch rear wheel that ensures easy gliding through the streets.

Quality Wheels

The scooter contains two front and one rear 6 inch hard wheel that gives it immense control and balance. The bigger wheels make it easy to glide through bumpy roads and sidewalks making sure the scooter does not tumble.

Long Serving Battery

The scooter is powered with a 25.2V high capacity lead acid battery that is recharged within 5 hours and gives a long-distance run of nearly 4 miles which is quite high given the standards of a kids’ scooter.

Intelligent Start Technology

The scooter can be safely started by placing the foot on the front button. The motor can be simultaneously launched by placing the other foot on the button present near the rear wheel.

Make sure to have proper body balance while starting the scooter. It can also be used like an electric scooter instead of a kick scooter by pressing the automatic start buttons on the handlebar.

Does this scooter have the best motor?

There are many brands in the market that claim to produce electric scooters with powerful motors. But if you want to get a scooter to realize the power of its motor, you must buy this product. Even with the high weight carrying capacity, the 150W electric motor fitted in this can drive you at a speed of 8 m/h.



top electric scooters for kids

Best Electric Scooter for 8 Year Old

An 8-year old kid would have a lot of excitement and adrenaline while riding an electric scooter. The search for the best electric scooter for 8 year old is not very long.

A lot of local shops, as well as online stores, sell quality electric scooters for 8-year old kids. Let us look at some of them.

VIRO Rides Vega 2-in-1 Electric Scooter|Best 2-in-1 Electric Scooter

This scooter is one of the transformable scooters launched in the market by VIRO. The materials used here are quite sturdy and can take a lot of loads.

Let us go through some of the world-class features this scooter has to offer to its riders.

Transformable Unit

The whole unit is easily transformable from being an electric scooter to a mini-bike. Both modes offer smooth rides and footpegs are provided near the front wheel for foot support while you ride it as a mini-bike.

The high-quality build enables a weight limit of 120 pounds.

Powered with Precision

The scooter is powered with a 100W chain driven motor that can rack the speed of the scooter up to 10 mph be it in the mini-bike mode or scooter mode.

The motor is safely enclosed in safety pads that prevent it from external damage.

Safety Controls

The handlebar is devised with safety controls like the twist grip throttle that can regulate the speed of the scooter up to 10 mph. The regulatory throttle provides ultimate performance and maximum control of the whole unit.

Performance Brakes

The scooter is fitted with solid rear disc brakes that can be accessed and used through a lever provided in the handlebar.

The lever system is quite effective while halting the scooter in emergencies and provides optimum braking performance.

Is it the best 2-in-1 e-scooter?

Yes, indeed it is. From an electric scooter, you can directly get it transformed into a minibike. They have very good brakes and hard wheels which help you a lot during the rides.  Also, the smoothness with which it operates makes it one of the best in this category.



Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter|Best Kids’ Electric Scooter

Razor electric scooters have been the pioneer in manufacturing electric scooters, be it for kids or adults. The Power Core E90 scooter is an example of their masterclass engineering.

This scooter is engineered with utmost care since it is for kids with a minimum age of 8 years.

Power Core Technology

The scooter has a powerful 85W high-torque electric motor that throttles the speed of the scooter up to a maximum speed of 10 mph. This precision shows that they do not cut corners and are the best in the market.

A motorized scooter for kids that has a high-torque motor lasts a long time.

Immense Run Time

This Razor scooter comes with a beast 12V rechargeable battery that takes around 4 hours to completely charge. In that one charging session, the scooter can run up to 80 minutes or up to 13 miles which is quite high for a kids’ electric scooter.

Extensive Additional Features

A lot of additional features like a lever-operated front brake and a retractable kickstand are available. These features make the scooter even mightier and even more exciting to ride as they provide added control to the whole unit.

Superior Build Material

The whole electric scooter is made up of stainless high-grade steel that is durable as well as performs well.

Even after a steel frame is used the scooter is quite lightweight yet sturdy thus providing ultimate satisfaction of use.

Why do users choose this scooter while finding best e-scooter for kids?

This has some of the best features which make them the best electric scooter for kids. You get an extraordinary build with this product and the power with which it operates along with the big run time makes it the best choice while choosing an electric scooter for kids.



Best Electric Scooter for 10 Year Old

If you are a 10-year old kid, you might be quite athletic along with being up for new challenges and experiences. Well, riding an electric scooter for a 10-year old is indeed a new experience.

As a parent, you should support this new experience by buying the best electric scooter for 10 year old for your kid and kick start the new experience.

Lascoota Kids’ Electric Scooter|Most Lightweight Electric Scooter

As per the general reviews received everywhere after the Lascoota electric scooter for kids was launched, it is seen that it has been quite a popular three wheel electric scooter.

It has a variety of features and some of them are discussed below in detail.

Easy to Carry Structure

The Lascoota kids’ electric scooter has quite a lightweight and easy-to-carry structure that easily fits even in a backpack.

The whole unit weighs around 23 pounds and has a quick folding mechanism that takes no more than 5 seconds to make the scooter portable.

Adjustable Handlebar

One of the best electric scooter kids, this boasts of an adjustable handlebar that has four variations in height for kids.

Starting from 32″ the aluminum T-type handlebar goes up to 35 inches, 37 inches, and 39 inches depending upon the height and the comfortability of the rider.

Comfortable and Controlled Ride

The scooter is installed with two 8 inch polyurethane wheels that provide immense control while on bumpy roads. The front wheel is attached with grip suspensions for excess grip and helps the scooter attain a maximum speed of 8 mph.

Solid Deck

The deck of the Lascoota electric scooter is made wide and made up of non-slip material. The dimensions of the wide deck are 22.5×5.5 inches and can carry a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds which is quite a high standard for a kids’ scooter.

Why is it called the most lightweighted scooter?

The scooter weighs only 23 pounds which is very lightweight for an electric scooter, usually, you find e-scooters move heavy. With the quick folding mechanism that it has, the brand claims that you can fold it within 5 seconds which makes it an awesome fact in terms of its portability.



Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter|Best Bike-type Scooter

One of the revolutionary scooters manufactured by Mongoose, this is a bike-type scooter and is quite a versatile model.

Let us look at the various features it has to offer.

Thick Tires

This scooter comes with a 12 inch thick and inflatable tire that is suitable for almost any type of road. It has immense traction and sticks to the surface no matter what.

Study Base

The deck is made up of anti-slip and highly durable material of traction steel with a size 14×4 inches size suitable enough capable of carrying a 200-pound adult as well as kids.

Trick Bike

This bike is specially made for skate park tricks and can fit any bike park as well. It comes with BMX style handles and high-quality rear axle pegs for smooth flow and control during performing tricks.

Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar is made up of steel coating and is 33 inches long. On top of that height, the handlebar can be adjusted up to 3 inches depending upon the height of the rider.

What are the remarkable features in a best-bike scooter?

Like every other good brand, they also provide an adjustable handlebar with their product. But there is more to add-on which makes this the best. This scooter has thick tires and a sturdy base made with durable steel that can carry a user with 200 Lbs of body weight.



Electric Scooter for 12 Year Olds
image source: pexels

Best Electric Scooter for 12 Year Old

A 12-year kid would have some knowledge about an electric scooter if they have heard about it. They would carry even more knowledge if they have already experienced riding an electric scooter.

The best electric scooter for teenager kids would have some great features. Two of them are described below which are great for daily riding and are pocket-friendly.

SKIDEE Kids’ Electric Scooter|Most Affordable Electric Scooter

The SKIDEE kids’ electric scooter launched its newest version in 2019 whereby they launched a model that was 2-in-1.

Riders refer to this to be a multi-posture scooter providing standing-riding as well as sitting and riding opportunities.

It contains other features as well and the price is quite an affordable one.

2-in-1 Scooter System

The scooter can be ridden both ways, by standing as well as sitting. It contains a removable seat and hence offers a lot of versatility.

On the flip side, the seat itself is quite a comfortable and safe one, made from non-slip materials.

 Wheels with Audio and Visual effect

The attraction from the SKIDEE electric scooter is never-ending as both the wheels are fitted with LED lights that light up once the scooter is started.

On top of that, small music systems are installed that create exciting sound effects while on a ride without any battery usage.

Advanced Technology

The scooter comes with a “Lean to Steer” technology that enables smooth and easy steering even at sharp bends. Due to this technology the kid does not need to steer through the handlebar, instead of leaning softly in a particular direction can smoothly steer the whole scooter.

Easy Throttle

The scooter is devised with a twist grip throttle on the handlebar that allows your kid to easily accelerate the scooter. The scooter itself reaches a maximum speed of 10 mph and speed can be controlled from that throttle bar.

Is this scooter available under an affordable budget?

If you are looking for an e-scooter within an affordable range but also want it to have some brilliant attributes then you must go for this scooter. This provides features like 2-in-1 scooter transformation option, wheels with AV effect, advanced technology, and many more within your pocket pinch.



Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Scooter|Fastest Electric Scooter

The Segway Ninebot MAX electric scooter is a suitable motorized scooter for kids and has a sleek and aesthetic look to it.

It is a high-performance electric scooter loaded with powerful features.

Revolutionary Firepower

The scooter is powered by a 350W chain driven motor that can reach a maximum speed of 18.6 mph. It takes an overall load of 220 pounds and is a beast of a unit. The power of the motor offers smoothness and easy acceleration.

Smart Battery Management

The smart battery management system of this scooter saves battery life and sustainably helps it to travel for around 40 miles with a single charge. A single charging session, on the other hand, takes around 6 hours to complete.

Intelligent Riding

The electrical anti lock braking system helps to halt the whole unit safely as well as steadily.

The 10 inch front and rear polyurethane wheels are fitted with shock absorbers that make riding on rough terrain smooth and comfortable.

Technological Specs

The scooter has Bluetooth connectivity with the Segway app that displays all stats for the scooter like distance traveled, battery percentage, and much more. With intelligent cruise control, cruising and steering become effortless. This comes with an optimized fast charging cord too.

Do you want to get the fastest electric scooter?

If you are looking for speed, look no more beyond this product because this is the best when it comes to speed. It is loaded with a chain driven powerful motor which provides smooth acceleration and allows you to speed up to a range of almost 19 m/h.



How to choose the best electric scooter for kids.

Components to Check Out Before Buying a Kids’ Electric Scooter

It is quite a no-brainer that to buy the best electric scooter for kids you should check every component and every feature the particular scooter has to offer.

Apart from that, the list herewith discusses the most crucial points you should check minutely to get the best product.

How is the Scooter Powered?

If you are buying an electric scooter, it should have a powerful electric motor. The bigger the motor, the more power it offers.

It lasts you long as well as while riding it provides better acceleration and helps you to cover difficult terrain with ease. If it is not an electric kick scooter in general, there should be no manual labor as the motor should do all the tough work.

A good and sturdy motor would also thrust the battery to work better and push it to its maximum without damaging it.

What is the Suitable Running Time?

A quality electric scooter will come with an equally powerful battery. Depending upon the motor capacity and certain other features, if the battery is a suitable one, it will give you an ample amount of running time or distance in most cases.

It would be even better if the scooter comes with a solid lead acid battery, which is durable and can run a long distance with a single charge session of minimum time.

What is the Material of Built Provided?

Nowadays, most electric scooters are built with aluminum as the main material. Undoubtedly, aluminum is one of the best materials in the market to use for building an electric scooter. It is not only durable but also can tolerate a lot of pressure and glide through rough terrain with ease.

It barely breaks down and lasts you for a long time, giving you the perfect value for money. Again, the better the quality of the material, the higher will be the maximum weight capacity.

Does the Scooter Have a Safety Braking System?

Electric scooters would either have a front braking system or a rear braking system. But nowadays, a lot of manufacturers have started installing both the front and rear braking systems in their scooters for added safety and increased control at difficult terrains or rough roads.

Experts advise kids to buy these scooters since they prefer these too for the protection they offer.

They might indeed cost you a bit more than the normal ones with individual braking systems, but the dual braking system is worth the money.

How Smooth Can the Scooter Travel?

The smoothness of an electric scooter solely depends on the quality of wheels it uses. Rare manufacturers still use aluminum to produce the wheels of the electric scooter which are sturdy indeed but do not provide a smooth ride as such.

On the other hand, what most manufacturers use these days to make scooters is polyurethane.

Polyurethane is a polymer compound that is extremely durable and offers a pleasant and smooth ride. Paired with some quality pneumatic tires, the smoothness of the electric scooter would be sky-high.

How are the After Sales Services of the Product?

For an electric scooter, after-sales services are one of the most important things to look for.

Since the product falls in the electronic gadgets category, it is quite difficult to know whether it would misbehave after some time of usage. Hence keeping detailed knowledge regarding the warranty of the product and after-sales services is a good rule of thumb.

Safety Protocols for Scooter Riding

Since electric scooters have automated modes of acceleration, kids should be very careful while riding them. Even if you are riding the best electric scooter for kids, you should take the following safety protocols.

Wear a Helmet

A helmet is by far the most important protective gear while riding an electric scooter. It protects the head as a whole. Not only the skull is protected, but the eyes and forehead are also under safety measures too.

The brain is very difficult to repair if it is severely damaged and in the case of kids it should be given utmost priority.

Wear Safety Pads

Safety pads are another group of protective gears that kids should wear. The safety pads include elbow pads, knee pads, shin pads, and hip covers.

Even if your kid is an expert at riding an electric scooter, they should be wearing these safety pads because young bones are more prone to fracturing and compound fractures are a common cause.

Mark Safe Spots

As parents, you should check out safe spots for riding electric scooters and designate those areas for your kids. These areas should be specifically located locally or in the neighborhood so that you can keep a track of your kid.

These roads or areas should be plain land and not much bumpy. This ensures that your kid learns to balance and is safe from tumbling down.

Learn to fall

Yes, you heard it right. If you teach your kid to fall properly when accidents do happen, severe damage can be prevented significantly.

A good rule of thumb while falling is to use and succumb to the impact on fleshy body parts like the buttock or thighs instead of throwing out your hands to defend. This helps to absorb the shock whereas falling out on the hands can severely injure them.

Signaling Technique

Hand signals are very important to know as well as to use while you are riding on a busy road. You would want to learn them at an early stage so that you can put them into practice and be an expert in using them.

This ensures that not only you but the other people who use the roads and sidewalks are safe at the same time.


Electric scooters can be a pretty fun thing if you have the proper training and experience in riding them. If not, you should not just randomly go out on a busy road with an electric scooter since it can be very dangerous.

You should take proper training, learn all necessary actions that are inclusive of riding an electric scooter. As you buy a scooter, you should also buy all the protective gear along with it.

If you are a kid, safety gears are a mandatory thing that you should carry at all times. If you follow all methods it can be very exciting.

Again, if you want to buy the best electric scooter for kids make sure you list down your requirements and then go to buy it from a reputed local store or online shopping portals.

Common Question Answe Everybody Want To Know

Q. How to choose the right kids’ electric scooter?

A. The best way to choose the right electric scooter for your kid is to create a requirement list and sort out the scooter options available. Consult a professional or a shop owner regarding the quality and buy the best one.

Q. Which electric scooter is good for kids?

A. There are numerous options available in the market that competes to be the best electric scooter for kids. But professionals suggest the Razor Power Core E90 electric scooter for kids because it is safe and durable.

Q. Are electric scooters suitable for kids?

A. Electric scooters are quite suitable for kids. Many manufacturers specially make electric scooters for kids. But keep in mind that your kid should be properly trained before professionally riding an electric scooter to avoid accidents.

Q. How does your child start your electric scooter?

A. In some electric scooters, there are designated start buttons on the handlebar for starting the scooter. Many scooters have provisions for kicking and starting on the rear wheel of the scooter. When the lever is kicked it starts.

Q. Fastest electric scooter considering two wheels for 2021?

A. The fastest electric scooter considering two wheels for 2021 is the Segway Ninebot MAX electric scooter. The powerful motor helps it to reach a maximum speed of 18.6 mph which is quite high for kids’ scooter standards.

Q. Can a 6-year old ride a razor electric scooter?

A. A razor electric scooter is a diverse brand making scooters for all age groups. There certainly are models made specifically for 6-year old kids. Hence, a 6-year old kid can ride a razor electric scooter which is safe and affordable.

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