Best Inline Skates For Men And Buying Guide.

The best way to stay active and fit is by doing exercise regularly. The main goal is to find the most enjoyable activity that helps you to stay motivated and active. This is why we are here with some of the best inline skates for men.

For roller skating, we need a lot of inner strength and lower body strength because most of the work is related to legs and glitches. Nowadays, Inline skates are often preferred by skaters because they’re built for good performance and provide durability.

Inline skates are the best way to express your skill level and strength. After doing a lot of research, we have enlisted a few inline skates which need your attention. We have also covered some of the best men’s inline skates for beginners. To know more you need to stay tuned till the end.

Best Inline Skates For Men

While purchasing your favorite pair of skates you must also consider the skating environment. For outdoors or rough roads inline skates should have features like solid harder and larger wheels to maintain balance on uneven surfaces.

Alternatively, for the best inline skates for smooth surfaces or indoor rinks, you must go for smaller, softer wheels. For fitness skates, the wheel size ranges between 70 to 90 mm, and beginners can start with a mid-size wheel for grabbing control.

The best men’s inline skates for beginners will have wheels measurement around 80 to 84 mm, which is known as the all-purpose range. Let’s talk about a few more amazing facts about inline skating.

Best inline skates for beginners adults
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What Is The Difference Between Inline Skates And Aggressive Skates?

Aggressive inline skates are especially created to host grinds and jumps. This type of skating mostly takes place on street obstacles or at skate parks. More over aggressive skating is a sub-part of inline skating in the action sports canon.

Inline skating is a multi-disciplinary activity or sport in which multiple activities are practiced using inline skates. The Inline skates generally have 2-5 polyurethane wheels placed in one line by a plastic or metal frame on the underside of the boot, depending on the style of practice.

Best inline skates for beginners adults

For some adult learners, skating may seem to be a bad dream but dedication towards skating and consistent practice can help you to become a pro in rollerblading in no time at any age, even with no prior experience of roller skating.

For that, you must choose the right roller skate. Rollerblade Zetrablade is a good brand to start with. Besides rollerblades, they also produce some roller blade quad skates and roller hockey skates.

One of the best beginner skates for adults is the Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skates, which gives a comfortable ride, good durability, and is easy to clean. This is an excellent choice for first-time inline skaters.

These rollerblades have a thick shell that protects your foot and stabilizes your moves, making it more comfortable for you to balance on these quad skates.

Best inline skates for outdoors

We all know that there are various types of inline skates like fitness inline skates, recreational inline skates, roller hockey skates which mainly vary because of the wheel size and shape which play an important role in outdoor skating.

The recreational inline skates for outdoors should roll on rough surfaces like crack roads, pavements, sidewalks, asphalt, etc very smoothly. Mostly the outdoor skate wheels are made specifically for outdoor skating and not like the softer wheels for indoor use.

All outdoor inline roller skates have a durable boot and reliable ABEC 7 bearings which are easy to maintain. We must also not forget about the toe stopper. The adjustable inline skates have a supple toe stopper for braking or slowing down the speed.

Best inline skates for rough roads

There is not much difference between inline skating for rough roads and for outdoors. The wheels of inline skate made for outdoors are designed in such a way that they can work perfectly on rough roads also.

While purchasing the inline skate for rough roads you must focus on the material, durability, and size of the wheels as they are the basic factor of riding.

The inline skates must be designed for beginners as well as pro skaters. The skate also should have a supportive shell, which makes it great for beginners. The padding in the inline must be placed perfectly to make it easier and more comfortable for skaters.

If you get all the details together in an inline skate then that will be the perfect skate for your outdoor ride. Let’s look into the features of a few best inline skates for men.

Best inline skates for outdoors
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Top Inline Men’s Skates In The Market

The best inline skates for men are always in craze among the newbie recreational skaters as they thrive to be like the pro players. To be like a pro, you need to have gears like a pro.

Let us have a look at the top 2 products in this category.

K2 Skate Men’s Kinetic 80 Inline Skate

What size K2 inline skates should I get?

For beginners, the K2 skate is a good fit option but there are still some concerns surrounding the buyers who are often confused thinking which size would fit them the best.

Let me give you a size reference so that you can choose easily. Suppose the size of your foot is around 0.25 m, then you can opt for a size between 10-11 skate shoe sizes. Take this as a reference to choose yours.

How do you adjust K2 inline skates?

You can only adjust certain parts of this skate which is not the usual case for other adjustable inline skates. If you want to adjust the 80mm wheels, you need to remove them first and then loosen the nut on the frame and now you can adjust the frame and put the wheels back.

Similarly, you can adjust the foot size as well. This is a common problem with every skater so this product comes with a button at the side of the shoe pressing which you can actually extend the shoe size as per your foot length.

Are the blades removable?

The blades of the K2 skate come fixed and cannot be removed. The manufacturer has done all the required lab testing and on-ground trials to have the appropriate blades installed so that the skaters can actually use them to glide through the roads.

So, I don’t find any need to actually get them removed or replaced. However, since you have asked let me tell you that the brakes of this product can be detached by removing the attached bolt.

What is the weight limit for these skates?

The product is quite lightweight, weighing around 1 pound only. But then when it comes to the product’s weight carrying capacity what really matters is the build quality.

This inline skate has got a sturdy build and can support a user weight of around 220-230 pounds depending on the surface you choose to skate with it.

SizeAvailable in varying sizes from 6 to 13
ColorThe black & red color combo is the trendiest variant
Wheel Specs80mm wheels in a linear assembly with 4 in each shoe
BuiltMade up of durable plastic with FBI frame
BearingsABEC sg5 bearings installed
Pros & Cons
  • Good choice as beginner skates
  • Budget-friendly
  • Vibration absorbing frame offering more balance
  • Issues with ankle support
  • Not very comfortable

Roces Men’s M12 UFS Aggressive Street Italian Inline Skates Black

Is Roces a good brand?

Roces is a well-established company and one of the market leaders when it comes to inline skates. You can be absolutely confident if you choose to buy such a product from this brand.

Most of the beginners and intermediate skaters nowadays are fond of speed skating and this skate from Roces is a perfect fit for that purpose. This brand is also famous for manufacturing some best quality ice skates or ice hockey skates.

Does the fit run small?

They are manufactured in such a way that they cater to every foot size and are reachable to a wider group of skaters with varying foot sizes. However, they still have a remark of running small.

You may actually encounter this to their narrow body shape. The skates are made as per the US shoe size and therefore you need to compare accordingly while buying.

Do these skates have brakes?

Well, unfortunately, Roces do not manufacture these aggressive inline skates with brakes and that is why sometimes the newbie buyers get worried and doubt their decision of buying.

A skate without a brake might be risky but will surely enhance your controls if you practice stopping by using the T-stop technique or maybe stopping circularly.

Can you replace the Grind wheels with 56mm?

Yes, you can do that absolutely. Sometimes users also get a variant that is available with a wheel size of 58mm. Heavy adults usually prefer such small wheels as these give them better control and balance.

But before you opt for a change, please cross-check your desire with your purpose of skating. If you are using it as a recreational skate, do not try smaller wheels.

SizeAvailable in varying sizes from 6 to 15
BearingsABEC 5 bearings installed
Wheel Specs56 mm Polyurethane wheels with 88A durometer rating
BuiltMade up of glass fiber UFS frame
Other features Aluminum memory buckle and laces
Pros & Cons
  • Good choice for aggressive skating
  • Superb quality grab strap
  • Shock-absorbing insole
  • Padded with lo-memory foam lining
  • Poor fittings with a narrower width
  • Bad wheel quality
Best inline skates for rough roads
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Buying Guide- Best Inline Skates For Men

If you are looking for speed skates to skate on a smooth surface with speeding being your goal, the best inline skates for men are what can fulfill that.

But then the question arises, how to choose the best product out of all the speed skates available in the market. Well, there are certainly some key pointers that you should look into while choosing an inline skate for you. So, let us get started.

Purpose of Skating

At first, you need to know why you are choosing to be in this sport. If you know the answer, then your work is half done. Then you need to ask yourself now if your skating goal meets your choice of skates. If yes, don’t think otherwise, just go for it.

You can choose fitness inline skates or recreational skates depending on your skating goals. Urban skates are high on trend while many skaters are also choosing cross-training skates.

Just a tip for you, the inline skates have the wheels in a linear form and can produce a lot of speed. So they are even used in speed skating in form of aggressive skates or urban skates.

Some are also invested in professional sports like hockey. Skates for them are quite different as they often choose inline hockey skates.

Professional or Beginner

This is something that you will have prior knowledge of and will be a vital determinant of your choice. Almost all inline skates can suit a beginner and they feel comfortable beginning their journey with these skates due to their structure. The main concern arises with the choice for professionals.

Although the products are quite informative about whom should it be perfect for but there can be a big difference in the skill level between professionals with intermediate skills & advanced skills.

If you skate regularly and have full confidence in your skills then you are at the advanced level, if not then you are still an intermediate skater. Therefore, choose your skates wisely.

Wheel Specification

Another vital determinant for your choice of skate is your skate wheels. They can be of varied shapes and sizes but what will suit you the best would be based on your purpose of skating. Usually, inline skates are fitted with a wheel having a size between 70-75mm and a hardness rating of around 80A.

However, the size and hardness can actually vary depending upon your choice. The skaters who choose fitness skate prefer larger wheels over smaller wheels for speeding purposes.

Also, it is good to have ABEC-rated sg5 bearings installed.

Boot Type

The recreational skaters have the choice of having skates based on the boot type. There are soft boots that are made with plastic lining and are the most preferred ones when it comes to inline skates.

Some of them even come with a “boot-only” model for you to do custom add-ons to the product. Also, you have a choice of molding your skate with heat and making it comfortable to fit you properly.

You will be surprised to know that there are even frames with 3 wheels are available in the market which replaces the traditional 4-wheelers.

Closure system

The main 2 components that will actually keep you tightened to the shoe while you skate are the buckle and the laces. With the advancement in technology some products also come with knobs which on turning tighten the skates.

Your skate should have a closure system even if you are getting a skate just for recreational skating.


They are also known as inner boots as they give an interior lining to your feet inside the skating shoe. The fitness skates have them pre-installed but the skates for recreational skating often have these missing.

You should choose skates with comfortable liners installed or else you might have to separately purchase them from the market to make yourself comfortable while skating.


This is one of the main factors associated with your choice. Your budget will directly influence every other factor as the best inline skates for men come at the best cost and the more budget you have the better skate you will be able to possess.

However, this certainly does not mean that the low-budget skates are not good. If you can find a product that fits your checklist at a low budget it can be a very good choice to start with.


It is actually something that depends on the brand you choose as not all products come with brakes installed. Although most of the inline skates have this feature pre-installed there are some exceptions too.

The brake pads tend to wear out with constant use so some of the brands are trying to come up with some new braking system. So, you need to consider this also while buying your skate.

Some skaters also choose to have skates without brakes so that they can practice T-stop and get controls like a pro.

Choice of Brand

This is perhaps the least important factor to most of the inline skaters but to some, this is a very big thing as they tend to choose skates based upon some top brands only.

If you also fall into that category, my suggestion to you will be to consider all the other factors too along with this so that you can actually buy the best out of all the products available in the market. Obviously, the brand label plays a vital role but not more than your pocket size and skating comfort.


Let me begin by telling you that not all brands provide the best quality product as per your purpose of skating. In this article, we have conveyed information based on our experts’ opinions about specific key features of different Inline skates that match your purpose of skating.

Lastly, don’t forget to use protective gear before riding. Now go and rock the road.

People Common Question Answer

  • What are the possible benefits of inline skates?

Inline skates are beneficial for your heart’s health. Skating is a fun-loving sport and one of the easiest ways to burn calories. Your joint strength will also get improved by skating regularly. Skating helps to build muscle strength and boosts self-confidence.

  • What kind of essential protective gear is a must for inline skating?

Firstly, get a helmet to protect your head and knee pads to protect you from injuries that may occur due to sudden accidents by falling during skating. Elbow pads are also a vital protective gear to prevent injuries. Shin guards are a must for beginners.

  • What kind of accessories do you need for using inline skates?

If you are a beginner you must take precautions to prevent yourself from injuries while skating. You must use accessories even if you are a pro skater, such as a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist pads, crash pads, and shin guards.

  • Inline skates should be worn with what kind of socks?

You need to keep it in mind while choosing your socks. Firstly, they should be made of breathable fabric. It will be better to avoid the cotton ones and sing double socks will help prevent chafing and blisters. You can try the sock from Dupont Coolmax, they are quite good.

  • How to figure out the right size of inline skates for your feet?

Let us look at some predefined sizes here. Wheels with 60-70 mm diameter are designed for children while the the76-80 mm ones are suitable for beginners. Most skaters commonly preferred in the range of 81-84 mm. The ones over 85 mm are known for the fast skating experience.

  • Can you use aggressive skates on the street?

Aggressive skates are for slow skating due to their size which is under 60 mm. Street skating requires more hardness. Strong structure and bearings allow smooth riding along with less vibration and therefore aggressive skates are not a good choice.

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