5 Best Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels That Will Actually Make Your Skating Journey Better.

Choosing the best outdoor roller skate wheels is very difficult for beginners because as per the expert’s lot of factors impact the overall riding experience and also quality assurance. Hence, you must do some research before purchasing skateboard wheels.

If you are passionate about skating and looking for the best roller skate wheels, your search ends here. We will share with you all the features that make a skate wheel best performing and long-lasting so that you do not have to purchase again and again.

Most beginners make mistakes by purchasing a wheel that does not fit their purpose causing pain and a bad riding experience. In this article, we will share with you pro-level skaters’ recommendations, and factors that must be looked into before purchasing the first skate for beginners.

Best Outdoor Wheels For Roller Skates

Best wheels for beginners – RollerBones Recreational Roller Skate Wheels

Best wheels within budget – Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels

Best wheels for all types of skates  – LABEDA Roller Hockey Wheels

Best quality of built – Rollerex Inline Skate Wheels

Best for outdoor skating – Atom Pulse Glitter Roller Skate Wheels

Best Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels For Beginners

If you are a beginner and willing to use your skateboard outdoors on concrete, asphalt, or some other greasy surface that is uncoated, then you must get a softer skate wheel in the range of 78A-90A. Choosing something harder than this range will simply increase the difficulty level.

If you want to skate outdoors, then you may go with a wheel in the 78A category as they are the best outdoor roller skate wheels for experienced skaters as well as beginners.

As a beginner, you must go with softer skate wheels which are also better because they provide more grip. Most outdoor roller skate parks possess quality surfaces. They are designed in such a way that you can skate freely and enjoy your quality ride.

If you want wheels of good hardness (89a-100a) that will provide you good speed and grip then hybrid or outdoor roller skate wheels (78a-85s) are perfect as they are made for outdoor skating.

What Are The Qualities of a Good Quality Roller Skate Wheel?

The set of best outdoor roller skate wheel quality determines the ultimate smooth riding experience, comfort, faster speed, and turning or stopping techniques. 

Size of the wheel

The quad skate Wheel size plays a vital role in the pace of skates or skateboards. Smaller wheels allow more grip and larger wheels provide more speed. Hence you must check the size of the wheel while purchasing.

Wheel Durometer Rating

It generally denotes the hardness of the wheels, usually labeled as “A” after the measurement. Harder wheels provide better speed and skating experience than softer wheels.

Number of Wheels on the Skates

The number of roller skate wheels of different sizes and colors provides durability and better performance in multiple situations.

Boot and Wheel Quality

A comfortable ride depends on the materials of wheels and boots. You must select the boot material wisely so that you do not have to compromise your riding experiences.


ABEC-rated bearings offer ultimate durability and performance. Just close your eyes and go for ABEC-rated bearings for the skate.

Can You Put Outdoor Wheels On Indoor Roller Skates?

The answer to this question is ‘Yes’. But it definitely has pros and cons just like anything else. Skaters can opt for roller skates for outdoor or indoor skating but most of the skaters just switch the wheels out and utilize them for both.

The Indoor inline skate wheels are generally harder and sometimes narrower than the outdoor inline skate wheels. It allows you to glide over the smooth as well as the hard outdoor surface of the skating rink. But as told that it has both pros and cons.

But on the contrary, by continuing to switch the wheels or putting the outdoor wheels on indoor inline skates, skaters take the risk of damaging not only their favorite pair of shoes but also their skating skills.

If you have enough money to spend then you can take the risk of switching the roller skates wheel.

What Wheels Are Good For Street Roller Skating?

Street skate or roller inline skates must consist of high-end material quality which allows the endurance to deal with rough roads. The wheels have a 78A-85A durometer rating, which defines the hardness of the wheels.

ABEC-rated bearings are designed with roll smoothness, which increases the speed. Aluminum quad skate wheel hubs allow them to perform the utmost with the great strength of wheels. With inferior wheels, hubs may cause damage to the wheels on street skate.

What Size Are Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels?

Typical outdoor wheels consist of 60 mm – 70 mm diameter wheels and 32 mm – 42 mm width. The wider outdoor wheels are the ones with more stability and grip enhancements. The set of best outdoor roller skate wheels has a hardness level ranging from 78A – to 85A.

The bigger the wheel size would be, it would allow the derby skater to experience more speed and ease to move. Softer wheels have wider contact patches which cause more grip and less speed and are specially made for indoor derby skates.

In the case of outdoor roller skates, the contact patch of the wheels is narrow and bigger which makes the skate faster with high durability.

best roller skate wheels for outdoors min

Purchase the best outdoor roller skate wheels only after you have matched them against your checklist.

Best Outdoor wheels for roller skates 2022

RollerBones Recreational Roller Skate Wheels

The roller derby recreational wheels are great! They have a smooth and great grip which helps to slide with easiness on even rough, hard, smooth, and concrete skating surfaces. These artistic skating wheels are long-lasting and are great for competition quality.

These wheels are made in such a way that they can smoothly roll on skating rinks or skating surfaces. You will not get these types of wheels at such an affordable price. They are so good that they can even roll over pebbles and pesky cracks easily.

These wheels are not that good for vibration. The vibrations coming out from riding on a bumpy outdoor surface will reverberate into the lower portion of the body like the feet and legs.

 It will cause lower portions like feet and shins to get a little tingly. But the more you will be enjoying riding outside, the more you will get habituated.

Can I use this wheel to skate in a bowl skating rink?

This wheel is specifically designed for indoor skating purposes where you skate on hard surfaces. Some even try to use it the skate parks although not sure, not successful that would be any the surface is softer. However, you can obviously use them in a skating rink as they are made of hard material and the surface can easily act as an indoor surface.

Can I use any bearings with these wheels?

You can use any bearing but the issue arises with pressing them inside the wheel’s core that is due to the hardness of the wheels. The best thing that you can do is buy a bearing press which you will easily find on the skatingkits website. This will allow installing the bearings into the wheels easily.

Mind Alluring Features Of These Roller Skate Wheels

Wheel type

The product is best known for having recreational wheels with smooth grip which help skaters to skate through the roads of the neighborhood or skate park with ultimate comfort.

Wheel Size

When it comes to long rides, the sizes of the wheels matter. Different sizes of wheels offer you a different skating experience. These wheels are available in the size ranging from 57mm- 62mm

Build Quality

This wheel is made of the finest materials like urethane which is considered to be one of the best when it comes to outdoor skating wheels.

Wheel durometer

Most pro skaters prefer to use wheels that are a little hard as that allows them to perform tricks with ease and without the fear of breaking out. This wheel comes with a 98A hardness rating which makes them a great choice.



Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels

One of the best things about skating is you can do it either indoors or outdoors. Moreover, it is a great way to stay fit and get good exercise.

The boardwalk outdoor wheel has a size of 65 mm and is made of a Hi-Rebound material to make sure you get the easiest ride over cement or concrete. These are some of the best outdoor roller skate wheels.

These wheels are specially designed for outdoor purposes for beginners as well as experienced skaters. They are available in the market in many colors such as lime, black, blue, etc. The best part about them is they are available at the lowest prices.

Do I need to install spacers or do they come installed?

No, this product does not provide spacers with their wheels in the pack. Usually, you do not require space for skating wheels but here you are looking for roller skate wheels so you would actually be requiring one. You can buy spacers having 5/18” x .300 dimensions from skatingkits online website.

What is the ideal bearing size for these wheels?

These wheels do not come with bearings in the pack. So this is a major concern for many skaters who seek the ideal size for their skating wheel. To determine the exact size you need to judge it by seeing the axle plate and not the wheel. A bearing with 7mm or 8mm diameter will be the best fit for these wheels.

Mind Alluring Features Of These Roller Skate Wheels

Sport type

Although you can use your skateboard for skating at any time if you want to know specifically then let me tell you these wheels are meant for exercise and roller skating mainly.

Measurement of wheel

A fair size is what every skater demands and that is what these wheels have got to offer you. These wheels are available within the size range of 65mm.

The durometer of the wheel

The hardness of the wheel is 78a which is perfectly proportionate to the wheel size and will not let you feel any jerks while skating.

Material of the wheel

These wheels are made of hi-rebound material to make your ride smooth. The use of this material makes this product a desirable choice among skaters who prefer outdoor skating.



LABEDA Roller Hockey Wheels

These hockey best outdoor roller skate wheels are made for those outdoor roller hockey players who get tired of burning through their wheels so quickly. The brand LABEDA is one of the world’s best-selling outdoor wheel companies!

The wheels are made of endurance urethane for high-performance outdoor wear and good grip with a hardness of 85a.

These wheels will get fit on any skates but they do not come with bearings. They are also hard enough to ride on rough or hard surfaces.

Can I use these wheels for aggressive skating?

Ideally, the product is built in such a way that it can deliver great results on smoother surfaces. Often skaters try these out in the skate parks and roll at high speeds. Concerning aggressive skating, some would advise these pairs but I would not recommend them as there are specific wheels meant for such categories of skating.

What is the ideal time to rotate the wheels?

There is nothing such as ideal in this case, although some professional skaters advise it to be done within 4-5 months of usage. The best way to identify the correct time is by making a good observation. Whenever you find any wear and tear, remember it’s time to get them altered.

Mind Alluring Features Of These Roller Skate Wheels

Wheel component

These are urethane wheels that are very good in endurance and provide the great performance along with superb riding experiences.

Wheel measurement

76mm is the general size of the wheel. This can be said to be a standard size for beginners who have just started skating outdoors.


The wheels have a durometer rating of 85A which is quite hard and this ensures that the skater uses his skate will confidence even on rough surfaces.

Type of sport

Although it can be used for any spot commonly skaters use them for roller skating and roller hockey



Atom Pulse Glitter Roller Skate Wheels

You go through some brands which produce roller derby skate wheels and often get confused about which to buy. The brand Atom Pulse makes most of the all-rounder quad roller skate wheels and is very popular. I can’t tell whether it is good or not or whether you should choose this brand or not.

 It’s totally upon your choice. But we are giving you some knowledge about this best outdoor roller skate wheel brand and a particular kind of quad roller skate wheel namely – Atom Pulse Glitter Roller Skating Wheels”.

The wheels support skating on both outdoor and indoor surfaces like sidewalks, boardwalks, and asphalts. Hollow-core technology is used in it.

These roller skating wheels are suitable for both men and women. If you buy 1 packet then you’ll get 4 wheels. People have a very good reviews for these quad skate wheels and it’s very popular in the market, nowadays.

What are the types of skating that this wheel supports?

The wheel is typically designed in such a way that it suits roller skates and that is what the brand targets. However, the product has also been purchased by many skaters for rollerblading as well which makes them a multi-utility product from Atom.

What is the specialty of these wheels?

These are roller skating wheels and therefore there is a lot of application for them on rough and hard surfaces. While skating on such surfaces, often skaters complain about vibration and this is where these wheels come to the rescue. You will get no vibrations with these high-rebound wheels of good quality urethane.

Mind Alluring Features Of These Roller Skate Wheels

Wheel weight

The weight of this wheel size is measured as 0.5 pounds which is slightly heavy but then slight heavy wheels are good for rough roads.

Size of the wheel

The size of the wheels comprises 62mm × 33mm which is usually considered a very good size for quad skating. The length, width, and height of the wheels are 5×5×2 inches respectively.

Sport type

Works best if you use them for quad skating. They have the perfect build and the exact texture that is required for this sport.

Wheel hardness

The hardness of this wheel is measured as 78a in the durometer ratings. These wheels are not too hard nor too soft which is why you can use them for multi-purposes.



Rollerex Inline Skate Wheels

The Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate Wheels are available in various types of Size and colors, made especially for indoor and outdoor hockey sports and jam skates.

They are available in a variety of colors like Red, Deep Sea Blue, Royal Purple, steel black, Sunrise Orange, and turf green.

All roller skate wheels are not the same. They have different sizes, roughness, hardness, shape, and material. It is advised that you select a wheel that is best fitted to the type of skating that you want to do, it can be either an indoor wheel, artistic, outdoor or speed.

If you are fond of fitness then these wheels can be your buddy. In terms of fitness, they are the best outdoor roller skate wheels.

Is the durometer rating good for skating indoors?

This wheel provides you with a hardness rating of 85A which is considered in the category of hard wheels. So, there is no reason for you to worry if you are purchasing it for an indoor skate. A lot of people use these wheels for rollerblade skating as well.

Can I use them on a skateboard?

These wheels are specifically made for roller skates and inline skates and also come In a set of pairs. However, if you have a skateboard whose wheels have the exact dimension as these wheels, you can try them out without any worries. I would recommend you to buy some good quality bearings in that case.

Mind Alluring Features Of These Roller Skate Wheels

Wheel Size

The wheels are available in the market in the size of 72mm- 80mm. These wheels are pretty much big to overcome any obstacles.


The durometer of the mentioned wheel is around 85a which is quite hard and helps the skaters to have smooth rides on uneven terrains.

Wheel material

The urethane wheel is considered one of the best for skating purposes and when it comes to inline hockey skates, a urethane wheel can be a perfect choice. These wheels are made up of abrasion-resistant material which makes them more desirable.

Wheels and Bearings

This brand provides a set of 8 wheels which also come with installed bearings and spacers. This makes them a very good choice for pro skaters.

Sport type

These skate wheels are best fitted for sports like fitness and roller skating. But you can also use them for any other skating purposes.



 outdoor wheels for roller skates

Deterring factors for the choice of outdoor wheels for roller skates

Let’s check a few of the criteria for selecting Best Inline Skates for rough roads.

Durometer Rating of Wheels

The hardness of the outdoor or indoor wheels is measured as a durometer, which is usually indicated by the letter “A” followed by the measurement. For instance, 85A- 88A defines the softer wheels which are specially designed for excellent grip on slippery surfaces as well as skate parks.

On the other side, harder wheels are defined by 94A-98A, which are designed for speed and faster pace even on rough surfaces. Both the characteristic wheels have opposite features.

Based on your purpose of skating you should go with the right wheels of hardness.

 For instance, if you want to ride through rough roads you must go with harder wheels, which are more durable than softer wheels, in contrast, if you wish to skate in parks or skating activities or as a beginner you should go with softer wheels that will enable you to balance and master a great set of skills.

Diameter of the wheels

The width of the wheels generally ranges from 27 mm to 42 mm and the height of the wheels is generally 47 mm to 70 mm. Each set of sizes is designed for different purposes of skating. Wheels with smaller diameters are close to the ground thus they can provide ultimate maneuverability.

Larger diameter wheels allow great smoothness with faster speed. These wheels decrease the vibration in the rough roads. Some brands provide a set of mixed wheel sizes that allows the best performance in both scenarios of riding.

Once you master the great turning and stopping skills you can upgrade the size wheels to the maximum for winning a race or faster pace.

Weight of Wheels

Wheel’s weight matters for skating. Wheel weight affects the speed of the skate movement. Many brands have different sets of weight due to the materials used. Your weight and height also matter to the skating experience.

Usually, the states weigh around 2Kg to 5 Kg. The lighter wheel weight makes a great difference.

Wheel Edges

The edge of skate wheels defines the braking mechanism. If it’s square, then it would have a great advantage rather than the commonly used sound shape. Mainly the area is touching the surfacing is called a contact patch.

This contact patch area can affect the grip and the overall speed of the skate. The much wider patch it is would have more grip and more stability while a narrow contact patch refers to less stability and less grip with easy movement possibility.

Wheel’s Core & Hub

Wheels hubs are the backbone of the bearings, which hold the bearings in extreme situations on rough roads. In the case of the 84A wheels, they perform well in the normal rides but on the rough roads, there are high chances to be damaged.

These hubs are made of aluminum materials which makes them lightweight and that helps to achieve great acceleration.

If you face some situation of like sudden excessive vibration while riding at great speed and on rough roads or it’s getting hard to control and it’s automatically moving towards the opposite direction then you must check the wheel’s hub and tighten the nuts gently.

Prevent Jumping

Roller skates are made of a structured frame and the wheels are attached with the hubs. Unlike the car or bike, roller skates do not have springs or hydraulics so they cannot tolerate jumping on them.

The hardness will back up the weight pressure on the wheels thus making them durable.  But in most cases, rough usage may cause damage to the wheels.


At the beginning of your journey with skating you may pick smaller wheels to learn to skate faster, later on, you realize you need to enhance the moving speed, in this case, you need to upgrade the wheels.

 The cost of wheels depends on various factors such as the specific size, the specific quality that has been used to manufacture the smaller or larger wheels, the durometer of the wheels, great quality of bearings that may range from ABEC rated or Swiss or Ceramic Bearings.

Wheel cost may be a long-term investment if you maintain the bearings frequently. Thus it is recommended to go with the set of wheels that fit the qualities for best wheels.


We understand how tough it is for beginners to invest their money for excellent performance and long-lasting wheels and when it comes to choosing the best roller skate wheels for outdoors, it is never so easy.

Several factors are there that will impact your smooth riding experience.  The set of wheel sizes, durometer, hardness, frame quality, materials been used, skate style are vital factors to be matched with your purpose of skating.

This article has gone into depth analysis which reflects and covers every aspect which must be looked into before purchasing the first skate for you.

Remember, longevity and smoothness depend on maintenance. So, it’s not only about buying the best outdoor roller skate wheels but also caring for them.

Frequently Asked People Common Questions

  • How to choose the right roller skate wheels?

Choosing a perfect wheel will enhance the entire riding experience. So, you must verify your choice against your checklist which must contain determinants like hardness, build material, durometer, wheel diameter, wheel weight, etc. Can you use any wheels on roller skates?

No! You need to choose based on your skating needs.  For instance, larger wheels are generally used for fitness and speed skating, while smaller skateboard wheels provide ultimate grip for aggressive skating, roller hockey, indoor skating activity, etc.

  • How to make roller skates faster and slower?

To make your skate faster you need to take care of the skateboard wheels, and bearings. Clean the bearing and lubricate them to make your wheels smooth and faster. Smaller wheels will make your skate slower.

  • Does roller skate wheel size matter?

Roller Skate wheels determine the speed, smoothness, and controls. Wheels with 50-53 mm diameter allow better controls and on the contrary, the ones with 60 mm & above allow adopting the smooth-riding with great speed even on the rough roads.

  • How do you change the wheels on your quad skates?

You need to use a skate tool to dissemble your skating wheels. Then remove the axle and the bearings and put them in the new skating wheels and reassemble it by fixing the nuts with help of the skate tool.

  • How long do roller skate wheels last?

Roller skate wheels may last over decades. But on average skating lasts between 12 to 18 months. It completely depends on a few factors such as the quality of build, maintenance, and care, riding style.

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