Latest: Top 10 Best Roller Skates for Kids Buying Guide.

As a kid, there are a lot of ways you can entertain yourself. You can have a skating experience with the best roller skates for kids available in the market. It is an exciting sport but on the other hand, requires a lot of training and safety.

With the proper research, you can find the best roller skates for kids, toddlers and even adults at an affordable cost as these roller skates come with the best quality materials.

Again, proper training, parental permissions, and adequate safety measures are important to get into this sport. As a beginner skater, it would be even better to train with professionals.

Choosing the right skates can be confusing since there are a lot of types including inline skates, quad skates, derby skates or roller derby skates, jam skates, rink skates, and much more.

As you keep on training you can too become a professional roller skater as a kid and participate in various competitions and use this sport as a form of entertainment.

Top 10 Roller Skates for Kids

  • Best Roller Skates for Girls – OTW Cool Adjustable Roller Skates
  • Best Derby Skates– Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skates
  • Best Unisex Roller Skates – Sulifeel Rainbow Unicorn Adjustable Roller Skates
  • Best Adjustable Roller Skates– Kuxuan Adjustable Roller Skates
  • Best Indoor/Outdoor Roller Skates – Gonex Adjustable Roller Skates
  • Best Affordable Roller Skates – Cifaisi Adjustable Roller Skates
  • Best Inline Roller Skates For Rough Roads– Zuwaos Adjustable Roller Skates
  • Most Fancy Roller Skates – Candi Girl Adjustable Roller Skates
  • Best Derby Roller Skates – Woolitime Adjustable Roller Skates
  • Best Adjustable Roller Skates – WiiSHAM Adjustable Roller Skates
adjustable inline skates

Introduction to Roller Skating for Kids

Some of the best roller skates for kids available in the market are made through quality materials that last you a long time and at the same time, serve the cost and investment.

These roller skates contain urethane wheels that are made especially for roller skates and skateboards to give the rider a smooth ride. The skater can thereby rely on the roller skates for maximum safety.

The kids’ roller skates are made with extra care to make the learning process easy and the riding process a comfortable and safe one since safety is the primary priority in the case of kids.

Adjustable Roller Skates for Toddlers

While roller skating for toddlers can be a bit difficult and dangerous, the use of adjustable roller skates for toddlers that are found these days in the market is just the right thing.

However, parents should be immensely careful while their toddlers are roller skating since it can be a dangerous sport and needs proper precautions, while toddlers need adequate safety gear.

The adjustable roller skates are specifically made for toddlers that can fit the size of their legs as well as provide maximum support and balance considering the weight of the toddlers.

These can be adjusted accordingly and used for safe roller skating practices. Again, toddlers should not use speed skates since it can be very risky.

When Can Kids Start Roller Skating
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When Can Kids Start Roller Skating?

There is no particular age that is designated for kids to start roller skating. Experts advise that the age of 4 is still a suitable age to start roller skating since, at that age, kids can start developing balance and coordination like adults.

There are special kid’s skates available in the market that are comfortable and provide the maximum stability to kids for learning as well as being a professional.

The other point that experts and professionals stress is the use of proper protective gear since kids are significantly at higher risks and vulnerable to getting injured.

Benefits of Roller Skating

Roller skating is an exciting sport that comes with a lot of benefits, especially health benefits. Some of those health benefits are

  • It burns a lot of calories thus keeping the excess carbs and fats out for a healthy physique.
  • Roller skating is quite an under-rated workout regime. It trains your lower muscles like quads, glutes, and calves to be strong and well-built.
  • It is a good form of cardio, keeping the adrenaline rushing through your heart. As a result, it keeps the heart-healthy.
  • An outdoor skating experience is something exciting and refreshing. Thus it is highly advisable for good mental health.

How Roller Skates Should Fit?

The first part about fitting a roller skate is to have a proper measurement of your feet. Since roller skates are like shoes, measuring them according to your feet size should not be very challenging.

Skates like Chicago skates and Moxi skates are quite easy to match with your feet size and offer maximum stability and comfort.

A golden rule of thumb regarding the fittings of roller skates is that they should stick to your feet no matter what the conditions are. Moreover, there should be no unnecessary discomfort or pain while you wear them.

Discomfort can lead to imbalance and thus a lot of unwanted injuries.

What are Some Tips for Kids Learning to Roller Skate?

Some of the tips that experts and professionals have for kids who are learning to roller skate are described below for easy reference.

  • Take full advantage of what you are taught. With proper guidance and grasp of those lessons, you can eventually be a perfect roller skater.
  • Learning the basics is crucial for any kind of sport including roller skating. Jumping straight into the difficult moves is advisable. Instead, master the basics for a better experience.
  • There is no better alternative than proper and regular practice. Every teacher would advise their student to practice hard and roller skating is no different. Mastering this sport takes time as well as practice.
  • Take adequate precautions. Precautions include using proper safety gear like helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads alongside learning the safety maneuvers to avoid injuries. This tip works for newbie skaters, intermediate skaters as well as professional skaters.
best types of roller skate

Roller Skates – Types

In general, there are a lot of types of roller skates available in the market. Here we talk about two of the most common types, the quad roller skates, and inline roller skates.

Quad Roller Skates

Quad roller skates are a specific type of roller skates that come with four wheels, two front wheels, and two rear wheels. These skates are easy to stop since they have toe-stop or rubber brakes in the front for easy halts.

Inline Roller Skates

Inline skates are specifically meant for inline skating. They come with two to five wheels arranged in a line under the shoe, very much unlike quad roller skates. They usually come with rear brakes made of rubber. There are even adjustable inline skates found in the market for kids.

Types Of Roller Skates

Safety Tips for Kids while using Roller skates

Here are some of the most crucial safety tips including protective gears and safety maneuvers for kids who are new as well as professional in the world of roller skating.


A helmet is by far the most important protective gear since it protects the most important body. As a kid having a quality helmet is very important while indoor or outdoor skating.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are specifically to protect the knees from serious injuries. These help mostly when you fall and support your knee throughout.

Elbow Pads

Quite similar to knee pads, elbow pads are specifically worn on the elbow. They often provide support and safeguard against any significant injuries on the elbows.

Wrist Guards

Another crucial protective gear, as the name suggests, is wrist guards worn on the wrist. While attempting a fall maneuver, wrists can come under pressure, and thus wrist guards safeguard them.


These are again important to protect your wrists and especially your palms. These are helpful when you fall and prevent your palms from scratching.


Since the helmet protects just the head, your mouth needs some protection too when you are a kid or a beginner skater. It is quite easy to injure the areas around your mouth if you fall, hence using this guard helps.

Gear Up

This is a tip most experts give to amateur roller skaters. Gearing up with the right protective gear is crucial to having a safe and comfortable skating experience. Find quality ones that would last you long.

 Safe Fall

As a beginner, the art of falling safely can be quite tricky but with constant practice, you too can master it. The key to falling safely is using your body parts properly including your knees and palms. This gives you maximum safety and cuts down the chances of an injury.

Skating Rink Guidelines

While at a skating rink, you need to be careful about the etiquettes followed there. Respect the other skaters and their space, specifically use rink skates and keep in flow with the traffic. Do not forget to maintain safety when trying something new or if you fall.

Dress for Success

Even the most professional roller skaters choose to wear specific gears and dresses for skating. Hence it stands as a golden rule of thumb that to be successful and to keep away from injuries at the same time, it is the best idea to dress appropriately and use skating-specific gears.

best types of roller skate

Best Roller Skates for Kids in the Market

While you are new to roller skating, choosing a quality roller skate, a Moxi skate or a jam skate can be quite difficult solely due to the huge number of options available in the market.

Some of them are affordable while some of them are high-end. Every other roller skate consists of different features and qualities.

Here is a list of ten top roller skates currently available in the market that you can choose from according to your needs and expertise level.

OTW Cool Adjustable Roller Skate|| Best Roller Skates for Girls

These are by far some of the coolest roller skates available in the market. These adjustable skates are specifically for girls.

Not all girls’ roller skates come at this pocket-friendly price since the features that these skates cover are not found in even high-end models.

It comes in dazzling color and here are some of its other features

  • These skates are adjustable considering the size of the child’s foot. It can be done with just a click of a button and fits small to medium feet sizes.
  • The skate consists of 8 urethane wheels for extreme balance and comfort. These wheels also have lights in them that light up every time the wheels roll without any batteries.
  • These skates are made for high performance whereby the ABEC 7 bearings work wonders while riding alongside the 32 mm wheels for complete balance.
  • The skate shoes are made like sneakers and are padded completely for maximum comfort. The buckle-type ratchet along with power laces makes sure that they do not fall off and have complete safety.
  • Comes along with brilliant after-sales services and options to replace and refund if found defective.
  • The 8 wheel skate offers a guaranteed comfortable and safe ride.
  • The shoe lining is soft and padded eliminating all chances of discomfort.
  • The world-class bearings make riding smooth and seamless.
  • The illuminated wheels run out of lights after a few uses.
  • Does not support a lot of weight.

Sulifeel Rainbow Unicorn Adjustable Roller Skates|| Best Unisex Roller Skates

Just like the name, the roller skates are themselves quite fancy. Adjustable across all ages, they are a unisex model and are made for high performance and safe riding for kids.

A great-looking roller skate is loaded with features. They are quite affordable too, considering the features. Here are some of them

  • The 2.13-inch wheels are specifically made for inline skating. The size of the wheels makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor riding. The wheels are made for heavyweight skating and have a high level of endurance.
  • The wheels are fitted with LED lights that light up when the skate is rolling. The best part about these lit wheels is they do not need any sort of batteries to run.
  • The Speed ABEC 7 bearings make riding hassle-free. It provides ultimate comfort and high-end safety while keeping the rollerblades healthy and in constant flow.
  • Comes in a range of intriguing color combinations suitable and attractive for both boys and girls of all ages. It provides adequate service that a kid needs to practice and master the art of roller skating.
  • The adjustable quality of these skates enables them to be worn by kids of all ages and kids with different foot sizes. The sizes range from small and medium. Something that is quite suitable for kids.
  • The 8 wheel structure provides maximum stability, comfort, and safety for kids while they start to learn or are already a master in this sport.
  • The nylon and aluminum frame of these skates make it a very tough model. It can withstand high pressure and a lot of weight.
  • The comfortable inline and buckle-type closure makes it one of the safest and coziest skates in the market.
  • Comes with excellent after-sales services.
  • The upper material of the skate shoe can get damaged easily and scrape off.
  • The LED lights in the wheels blow off quickly after a few full uses.

Kuxuan Adjustable Roller Skates|| Best Adjustable Roller Skates

The Kuxuan Adjustable Roller Skates are quite fun and fancy manufactured specifically for girls.

The one-click adjustable feature makes it a quality product alongside the exciting color it is available in.

Here are some of its features.

  • The adjustable shoe size can fit all foot sizes including little kids to big kids. It only takes a click on the button provided at the side to change the size of the shoe for a comfortable fit. There are four different sizes that the rider can choose from.
  • The 8 illuminated wheels provide the best rides with maximum comfort, balance, and stability, something very crucial for kids and especially girls.
  • The 54mm x 32mm polyurethane wheels are made for heavy performance and endurance. Matching them with the ABEC 7 bearings, these skates are a beast when used.
  • The manufacturing team promises 100 percent satisfaction regarding after-sales services. The 1-year warranty includes verified refunds or replacements for defective products and maintenance for defective parts.
  • Easy to clean upper material which is not only comfortable but also durable for harsh terrain and climate. It comes with a proper cleaning guide that says it should be cleaned with water and mild soap.
  • Minimal lubrication is required for the wheels to run smoothly over a long time and long distances. The quality of bearings aids the health of the roller blades.
  • The buckle type closure system along with a triple secure lock ensures that the skates do not fall off while riding providing maximum safety.
  • The lights are long-lasting and do not need any sort of battery to light up.
  • The plastic and polypropylene build of this product does not last long and can develop cracks over time.
  • Cannot support a lot of weight with a maximum load limit of 20 pounds since the product itself weighs around 4.2 pounds and has a high chance of breaking down.

Gonex Adjustable Roller Skates|| Best Indoor/Outdoor Roller Skates

Quite an intriguing product for the kids, the Gonex Adjustable Roller Skate is unisex and suitable for kids up to 11 years of age.

The build of this product enables you to do indoor skating as well as outdoor skating without any hassle.

Let us take a look at some of its features since it is one of the best roller skates for kids available currently.

  • The adjustable feature of these kids’ roller skates makes them perfect for use up to 11 years of age. The four different size settings help the kids stay comfortable and find maximum stability.
  • The 8 wheel arrangement has lights fitted in them which starts shining once the wheels roll. It indeed looks cool and fancy and gives it a cutting edge.
  • The upper material consists of PVC leather and EPE foam that lasts for a long time and the durability makes it different. Both these materials can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and ample soap.
  • The triple-layer protection and tear-resistant buckle system provide ultimate locking solutions, preventing the skates from falling off while riding and causing any injuries.
  • These quad skates make a perfect and enriching gift for your kids and motivate them to participate in sports even more.
  • The PVC leather and EPE foam upper is a durable material and can resist a lot of wear and tear. It also happens to be resistant to excessive dirt and mud.
  • The ABEC 7 bearings are smooth and quiet. It requires minimum maintenance and lubrication to run smoothly over long distances.
  • The high-quality PP material used for the skates makes it impact-resistant and can carry a lot of weight and pressure.
  • The lining of the shoe is quite comfortable and breathable, preventing the development of sweat and bad odors.
  • The PP material of build can crack over a long time of use and effects of weathering and pressure.
  • The color on the upper material fades out very quickly luring its look away.

Cifaisi Adjustable Roller Skates|| Best Affordable Roller Skates

A perfect kid’s skate, this adjustable roller is suitable for kids within 6 years of age. This adjustable roller skate is packed with features that many high-end roller skates do not offer.

The best part about this product is it comes at a very affordable cost.

Let us get a sneak peek of the features it has

  • It contains 4 different adjustable sizes for kids who have different feet sizes, depending on their age. Ranging from 10C to 13C US sizes, the size can be changed with just a click and this roller skate is something a kid would want.
  • The wheels are a total of 8 in numbers, all fitted with exciting LED lights that glow up when the wheel starts rolling. The lights do not need batteries to run, instead display a plethora of exciting colors.
  • The sneaker-like shoes come with extra comfort lining and sponge padding that ensures the feet are safe and comfortable. The lining inside is quite flexible, helping the feet to move all along without restricting movement.
  • The ratchet buckle, safety strap, and laces provide maximum fittings, triple-layer safeguarding, and safety ensuring that the whole thing does not slide off while in transit.
  • This is one of those adjustable skates that is built specifically for cross-training exercises. The product is manufactured in such a way that it excites and trains your kid at the same time.
  • The performance this roller skate provides is just perfect for beginner and intermediate skaters. The materials used in making this skate are top-notch and very durable.
  • The ABEC 7 bearings provide enhanced safety for the wheels as well as the rider and it needs minimum maintenance and lubrication.
  • The polyurethane wheels used in these skates provide ultimate balance, stability, and safety with minimum chances of breaking down or skidding.
  • The adjustment switch can be malfunctioning since it is made up of plastic.
  • The color can fade off since the quality of materials used in the upper part is not up to the mark.

Zuwaos Adjustable Roller Skates|| Best Inline Roller Skates

The Zuwaos adjustable inline skates are one of the best roller skates for kids available in the skate market currently.

This roller skate is loaded with high-end features and is suitable for girls and boys alongside adults as well.

Here are some of the features

  • With a single click of a button, these roller skates are open to four different sizes including small (S), medium (M), large (L), and extra-large (XL) depending upon the child’s foot size and age.
  • The 8 polyurethane wheels can light up since they come with high-quality LED lights that do not need batteries to operate. The lights are white and when the wheels roll rapidly, it looks amazing.
  • The wheels are fitted with ABEC 7 bearings, providing extreme comfort and stability. They are also built within an aluminum frame, thus chances of them breaking down are nearly nil.
  • These are one of the finest speed skates as it also provides three-level foot lock security with buckles, strap, and laces. The roller boot is extremely comfortable due to the inner lining and padding.
  • The whole product is built on materials that are resistant to extreme conditions like difficult terrain, rain, dust, and excessive pressure. It withstands all calamities to stay tough and on point to last you long through its durability.
  • The roller skates come in an aesthetic blend of black and white or red giving them a sleek and attractive look.
  • The 82 A polyurethane wheels are best suited for indoor skating rinks as well as outdoor skating.
  • The ergonomic design offers a smooth ride every time the rider needs to go for some cruising.
  • This roller skate lacks a toe stop, hence stopping it at a roller rink can be challenging and risky.
  • The PVC leather upper can be uncomfortable while riding in extreme heat.

Candi Girl Adjustable Roller Skates|| Most Fancy Roller Skates

One of those roller skates that are built just for girls, the Candi Girl adjustable roller skates are quite fancy and attractive from the outside.

They are quite affordable compared to what features they provide.

Let us go through some of them

  • The adjustable twisting knob can adjust the whole unit depending upon the foot size and has a range of 4 different sizes starting from small to extra large.
  • Built with extensively high-end materials making it a rink roller skate as well as a skate for outdoor cruising simultaneously.
  • The padding and inner lining provide maximum comfort and support from the bottom of the feet up to the ankles alongside extensive safety.
  • The polyurethane wheels are attached to a high-impact chassis that enables it to absorb the excess shock to protect the legs and give a smooth ride.
  • There are some exciting color schemes that the Candi Girl adjustable roller skate models follow that are sure to intrigue your kids’ curiosity and make you want to ride it.
  • The skates are quite lightweight but are capable of carrying a lot of weight along with massive pressure.
  • They contain laces like traditional shoes for customized fitting and grip through the foot.
  • The synthetic faux leather upper does not attract much dirt but is easy to clean.
  • Safety in these skates is less since the only line of defense is through the custom sizing laces available.
  • The Bevo Silver 5 Race chrome cast bearings lose their shine and strength over long uses thus increasing chances of accidents through breakdown.

Woolitime Adjustable Roller Skates|| Best Derby Roller Skates

The Woolitime adjustable roller skates are an exciting product suitable for both boys and girls.

With adjustable features, these skates can fit all ages and all foot sizes. Coming at quite a pocket-friendly rate, these derby skates are full of features that are sure to churn your curiosity.

Let us have a look at them

  • With just a click of a button, the skates can change up to four different sizes. The sizes range from S to XL considering a child’s foot size, making it exceptionally comfortable and convenient to wear.
  • There are 8 polyurethane wheels in the roller skates offering maximum balance and comfort. The best part is all of them light up in exciting colors when the skates start to roll and it does not even need a single battery.
  • The shoes in the skates are made from performance fabric that are immensely breathable and increase your performance automatically. The soft lining is given to cushion your feet against injuries and damage.
  • The shoe itself has triple-layer protection consisting of a buckle, strap, and lace that hold onto the foot. This ensures some added safety for perfect riding.
  • Woolitime is a company that is known for its after-sales services. Any sort of manufacturing defect or malfunctioning will be treated with the utmost care from the company’s end.
  • The adjustable size feature can make it a long-lasting product and your kids can enjoy this up to 12-13 years of age.
  • The product itself is quite lightweight making the ride immensely comfortable.
  • The solid structure and frame of these skates can carry a lot of weight without a chance to snap or get damaged.
  • The ABEC 7 bearings in these skates keep the roller blades functioning throughout without any hindrance.
  • These skates cannot be used as rink roller skates due to their build material and structure.
  • These skates come with plastic stoppers which can get damaged very quickly.

Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skates|| Best Derby Skates

These particular roller skates are manufactured by the company named Roller Derby, one of the pioneers in manufacturing roller skates for kids.

This adjustable roller skate is made specifically for boys and the rugged design gives your kid an elated feeling to ride it.

Let us have a look at all the features

  • A simple twist of a lever can adjust the size of these skates. Coming with four different size units it ranges from small (7J-11J) and medium (11J-2).
  • The boot itself has a comfortable yet solid material of build that would prevent the kid from having injuries but at the same time sit well on the foot to offer maximum stability for a smooth ride.
  • One of the only roller skates in the market that comes with an in-built center of gravity area. It lowers the center of gravity that makes it nearly impossible to down and have a safe ride.
  • The polyurethane wheels make it suitable for riding in skating rinks as well as at any outdoor location with equal safety and smoothness.
  • The triple-layer locking system makes it stick to the foot no matter what the foot size is. It has a buckle lock, safety strap, and additional laces for maximum security.
  • These skates come in exciting colors and patterns made especially to attract kids.
  • The polymer frame makes it quite hardy along with the non-marking brakes present on both sides for smooth rides.
  • The specialized G-Force 608ZB carbon bearings make riding smooth and safe along with maximum protection for the rollerblades.
  • Though manufactured by Roller Derby, the after-sales services and defect correction services are not up to the mark.
  • Chances of the frame dislocating completely from the wheel frame are a common problem.

WiiSHAM Adjustable Roller Skates|| Best Adjustable Roller Skates

The WiiSHAM adjustable roller skates are by far one of the best roller skates for kids currently available in the market.

Not only is it one of the best but also it is quite an affordable product. It comes with a lot of features and other specs.

Let us take a look at them

  • By turning a simple knob, these skates are open to adjust to a kid’s feet and change their size. The size ranges from small (10-13) and medium (1-4).
  • The 54 mm polyurethane wheels provide maximum comfort as well as stability while riding. Off-road skating is quite easy with these roller skates.
  • The whole unit is quite lightweight. Made with a hardy and patented torsion beam frame, it can withstand difficult terrains and a lot of pressure.
  • The 608Z accelerator bearings are modern and solid, making regular rides easy for kids. It also keeps the wheels and blades healthy with a minimum requirement of lubrication.
  • A suitable product to use at roller rinks as well as difficult terrains in the outdoor world.
  • The material of the build is quite durable and is sure to last you for a long time alongside its adjustable nature making it last long already.
  • Unlike the Roller Derby skates, these skates come under a proper warranty with the company entertaining all sorts of problems.
  • The frame tends to change its size due to excessive weathering.
  • The brakes are not properly fitted with high chances of falling off while riding.
Things to Consider Before Buying Roller Skates

Things to Consider Before Buying Roller Skates

If you are buying a roller skate for your child, there are certain things you should check and consider before buying a roller skate. The quality of the materials that the skates are made with should be a key point to check.

Apart from that, you should check for the safety measures the skates offer since safety and comfort are crucial points that should not be forgotten.

Alongside these points, here is a list of points you should consider since some of the best roller skates for kids contain a lot of features while some of them do not. Hence, a thorough check is mandatory.


These are by far the most important part of a roller skate. The most suitable material for the roller skate wheels is polyurethane. This is the most modern material used to make wheels for roller skates, skateboards, and much more.

The quantity of wheels is a factor too. More the number of wheels, the better and safer the ride is. Like in quad roller skates, the four-wheel arrangement across the sole of the skates makes it a safe riding option for kids. 

Again, the bigger the wheel, the better is the ride. Bigger and wider wheels provide more comfort and stability. Hence check the size as well as the quality for complete assurance before buying.


The shoe is the part that is worn on the feet. It is an important part and needs thorough checking. The hard and uncomfortable material of the build makes it difficult to wear and move in.

The shoe should be made of soft yet durable materials which last long as well as are comfortable on the feet, something in which the feet can breathe and move comfortably.

The inner lining should also be soft and properly padded to prevent any sort of injuries while falling. It also protects the overall unit from major damages. The best materials for the inner lining are sponges or foam. Any one of them would work just fine.


Bearings are a crucial part that looks after how the rollerblades and wheels perform while riding. Using cheap bearings can prove to be costly and hazardous while riding.

Instead, bearings like ABEC 7 bearings, G-Force 608ZB carbon bearings, or the 608Z Accelerator bearings are some of the best bearings available in the market at affordable rates.

Some of the best roller skate manufacturers use these bearings to create the best product; safe, secure, and comfortable for kids and adults alike. Having quality bearings also means that you do not have to lubricate them regularly.

Lubricating them once in a while serves perfectly and the rollerblades would operate completely well for a long period.


The frame is the part that keeps the wheels and the upper shoe together. The frame makes an important component of roller skates.

Metal frames like the ones made with aluminum are something very durable, hardy, and last you for a long time. While aluminum frames can be a bit expensive, most manufacturers use polymer frames or patented torsion beam frames.

Both these frames are good, but the only problem is they get damaged after a certain period due to the action of heat and water.


Every kids’ roller skates should be appropriately adjustable. Since kids keep growing all the time including their feet size and adjustability feature is very crucial for roller skates.

Usually, the roller skates can be adjusted with a click of a button or a twist of a knob. Both these methods are convenient and easy like in a rhythm skate.

For the adjustable roller skates, it should have at least four different sizes ranging from small to medium or large if possible. Not only length-wise, but the shoe should also fit width-wise accordingly since many kits have disproportionate feet.


Brakes are an important part of a roller skate. Without them, it would be very difficult to stop. Ideally, brakes should be made out of metals like aluminum.

Since aluminum is a bit expensive, most manufacturers use polymer brakes. Toe stops are a good option to install for braking.

Plastic brakes should be completely avoided since they have the tendency to fall off which can be hazardous. They also crack very quickly due to the action of heat and water over long periods.

Toe stops are a very good option. Consider buying roller skates that have toe stops made out of rubber since they last long and are an efficient way to halt the roller skates.


The market is full of some of the best beginner roller skates for kids. As a parent, your job is to select one that serves all purposes including how the kid learns, how long it can be used for, the safety measures, and other important factors.

It is also important to keep in mind the various safety measures a kid should take before roller skating. Everyone including a beginner as well as a professional should wear proper safety gear while riding a roller skate.

Helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and mouth guards are some of those gears that everyone should wear to stay safe while riding an inline or a quad roller skate. If you are into skating in the skating rink, make sure you wear the right clothes to safeguard yourself.

Also, the quality of the roller skates matters a lot so try to purchase the best roller skates for kids available in the market which are also affordable at the same time.

People Common Question Answer

  1. Is it possible for a child?

With the correct training and practice, roller skating is pretty much possible for a child. Keep in mind that your child should be at least 4 years old. Below that age, roller skating can be very difficult to grasp.

  1. What is a good age to start roller skating?

4 years is the most suitable age to start roller skating. At this age, the kid understands and can balance properly. Below 4 years, understanding the basics of roller skating alongside balancing can be very difficult.

  1. How do you choose rollerblades for kids?

The best rollerblades are made out of metals. For kids, choose rollerblades that are durable and provide maximum safety. Good rollerblades do not need regular lubrication but run smoothly for a long period without any hassle.

  1. Is this safer for your young kid?

With the right training, roller skating is quite safe for kids. Keep in mind to use proper protection and safety gear to avoid unwanted injuries, since kids are prone to having injuries. Safeguard yourself as much as possible.

  1. What is the right way to clean the wheels of roller skates?

The wheels of a roller skate should be cleaned with water and a bit of soap. Use a brush to scrape through the accumulated dirt and then pour the soapy water. Scrape any excess dirt and wipe clean the wheels.

  1. How do you not fall when roller skating?

Falling while roller skating is pretty much evident. It would be very difficult to balance initially. But with proper training and constant practicing, you would develop the necessary bit of balance that can save you from falling.

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