Top 10 Best Skateboard For Beginners In 2021.

If your kid is fond of skating, he is already into one of the top sports. But you should also plan the best for him by providing a top-quality skateboard. The best skateboard for beginners is what you must be looking for.

In this article, we are going to cover various aspects related to the best skateboard for beginners and how you should analyze your choice while buying.

There is no age bar for beginning your skating experience. You can be an adult too who is willing to start skating. No worries! We have covered beginners skateboard for adults as well.

With the best skateboard as your tool, your skating experience is going to be great and full of fun. So, let us explore the world of best good beginner skateboard now.

Choosing The Best Skateboard For Beginners Based on Riding Style

A beginner although is expected to have very little knowledge about skating and its types but there might be a particular style that you could be fond of. So, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself about your purpose in buying a skateboard.

You can buy it for transportation purposes or maybe to learn some skateboard tricks. Some also buy skateboards just to cruise around their locality with their friends.

Knowing your style of riding will help you choose the best complete skateboards for beginners, making your riding experience awesome.

Let us now know what kinds of skateboards are available in the market for beginners.

Best type of skateboard for beginners

Best Type of Skateboard For Beginners

Skateboards are usually meant for tricks and freestyles. However, with the demand for cruising and other activities rapidly rising, the models have been tweaked to fit the user’s choice.

Let us now explore some of the types of skateboards.

Cruiser Skateboards

Not everyone will want to perform tricks. Some riders would simply love to explore the neighborhood or the city on their skateboard. For them, it is important to have a board that is very comfortable for commuting. This is where cruiser skateboards come into action.

Double Kick Skateboards

You must have heard about skateboards facilitated with kicks, but what about a double kick? Well, it is basically 2 kicks on either side of the deck. This is great when it comes to skateboard dancing, allowing skaters to perform all kinds of flip tricks.

Carve Skateboards

Want to perform some stunts and tilts, then you need to carve a skateboard which is facilitated with special skateboard trucks which allow you to tilt and change directions instantaneously. This is also known to be one of the best surfing boards.

Popsicle deck Skateboards

Another skateboard type that is widely preferred by beginners is the one with a Popsicle deck. Are you confused with the term ‘Popsicle’? Well, it simply refers to the tail and the head of the board being alike which allows riders to have a 360 turn of the skate deck while riding.

Longboard Skatebaords

Some riders are worried about being able to balance on the skateboard and the usual size of a skateboard is not so big. This is where longboard skateboards come to the rescue, offering wider & longer decks for stability and balance. They are a good choice for transportation purposes.

It is totally upon you, regarding the type of skateboard you choose to buy. But whichever, you buy make sure to invest in the best products from the best brands in the market.

Best skateboard size for beginners

Choosing an appropriate size skateboard is absolutely necessary as it will determine your grip on the board while skating. The best skateboard decks are somewhat similar in sizes but with a variety of types now available in the skate shops, the size differs from board to board.

To start your skating experience, you should choose a board that is proportional to your shoe size as well as your height. 

You can have a look at the below table to find out the right skateboard as per the various determining factors.

Age Shoe Size Height Deck Size
Up to 5 years US3 or smaller Below 3.5ft 6.5” – 6.75”
6 – 8 years US4 – US6 3.6ft – 4.5ft 7”
9 – 12 years US 7 – US 8 4.6ft – 5.2ft 7.3”
13 years or older US 9 or above 5.5ft or above 7.5” or larger

If you are buying a board for your kid and you are not sure about his exact height, the above table will help you with some reference to choose the best size skateboard for your champ.

Best Skateboard Brands for Beginners

The best skateboards are often delivered by the top brands in the market. As it is your first skateboard, it is highly recommendable that you do not opt for something cheap and low in quality as that would certainly degrade your skating experience.

There are so many brands that would offer so many stunning features at a cheap rate, but you should not fall prey to these traps as the board won’t last long and it might break quite early.

Even if the products from the top brands are slightly costlier, but it is always worth it when it comes to your best skateboard for beginners.

Choosing a product from the best brand will ensure that your board has a longer lifetime and obviously gives you the smoothest experience while skating.

Best Skateboard For Beginners In Buy 2021

  • Best portable skateboard for kidsMagneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Kids
  • Best premium cruiser for beginner girlsLandyachtz Dinghy Complete Skateboard
  • Best beginner longboard for girlsZed Pintail Longboard Skateboard
  • Best beginner skateboard for heavy adultsKPC Pro Complete Skateboard
  • Beginner skateboard with best graphicsKrown Rookie 7.5 Complete Skateboard
  • Best beginner skateboard within affordable rangeKrown Rookie Checker Skateboard
  • Best Complete skateboard for beginnersPOWELL Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard
  • Best beginner skateboard for tricksPOSITIV Team Complete Skateboards
  • Best durable beginner skateboardWhite Wave Longboard Skateboard
  • Best skateboard combo kit for beginner kidSKITCH Complete Skateboard for Kids

If you are buying a board for your kid and you are not sure about his exact height, the above table will help you with some reference to choose the best size skateboard for your champ.

Beginner’s Skateboard based on Age Group

As you are searching for the best skateboard for beginners, the biggest confusion that arises is to find the skateboard according to the age of the rider.

Not all beginners will be kids and not all skateboards will be fit for everyone. The main differences are although in the skateboard size when it comes to age but there are some more attributes which add to it.

We will be discovering all those as we proceed through the extensive research done by our team to classify skateboards under various age groups. Let’s find out now.

best skateboard for beginners kid

The Best Skateboard for Beginners Kid

Your kid is very lucky to have chosen skating as a sport and therefore you must gift him the best board in the market. Although finding the best skateboard for beginners kid is quite a matter of effort, with our exclusive research in place you will soon meet your choice.

Not making you choose among too many, we have kept it simple by finalizing the list of up to 2 products from where you need to choose your type.

Let us explore the products now to know more about them.

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Kids| Best portable skateboard for kids

Cruisers are always fascinating as your child can simply toil around the skate park by possessing one of these boards. Once he has learned the basics, he can cruise through the streets in his neighborhood even.

Undoubtedly a best-in-class product from one of the top brands, Magneto takes a keen interest while designing mini cruisers.  Not all kids like it to be fancy, some want it to look mature and therefore the woody look, this board is superb in texture & graphics.

What are the vital specs of the wheels and what is durometer?

The key specifications that you should keep in mind while choosing your skateboard wheels are the wheel diameter, wheel shape, contact path, wheel bearings, and hardness. Durometer is a scale of 0-100 which is used to measure hardness of the wheels based on the material used for build.

Is this good board for beginner 4 year old child?

Although 4 years is quite a young age to begin but if you 4-year old child is interested in skating, mini cruiser are the best option due to their compactness. This product from Magneto has a strong build is quite light in weight offering great option to learn to balance on a skateboard.

Let’s know about its features now.

  • 5” x 7.5” deck made from a combo of maple wood & bamboo
  • 60mm soft wheels made of polyurethane
  • Skateboard trucks made of aluminum alloy
  • Can bear up to 280Lbs of weight & not gender-biased
  • Double kick tails along with free skate tool
  • Highly portable & lightweight


  • Pre-assembled product
  • Value for money product
  • Sturdy build with great durability


  • Poor bearings making it prone to wheel bite
  • User control not so good

If you want to buy a mini skateboard for your kid but having a tight budget, then this skateboard is perfect for you to buy for your child. Magneto gives the skaters a feeling of pro skating with the boards designed in a highly professional manner.

SKITCH Complete Skateboard for Kids| Best skateboard combo kit for beginner kid

If your child is fond of colorful boards, this is what you should get for him. The graphics on the board are fabulous and colorful, something that will surely attract your child’s attention. SKITCH is said to deliver one of the coolest graphics for skateboards available in the market.

A beginner kid would always demand some flexibility while learning to skate and this is an ultimatum for a product for the cause with its wider board offering a very stable skating experience.

Can I get the best performance using ABEC-11 bearings?

The highest count of the scale of ABEC which is used to measure the bearings is 9 and to be honest with there is nothing such as ABEC-11 available. So, if you have told about a skateboard with ABEC-11 bearings installed, simply don’t believe or buy the product.

How good is it for kids in terms of weight?

If you gift a skateboard to your kids, they would obviously like to carry it whenever they are going somewhere. This is where the weight of the board plays a vital role and in this case this product has a perfect balance lightweight board with a durable build which makes them a perfect choice.

Let’s explore the features now.

  • Lightweight plastic skateboards with high flexibility
  • Retro trucks with rebound bushings which are very smooth
  • Board length is 22 inches making it perfect for kids of every age
  • Customizable steel ABEC 9 bearings
  • 82A high traction polyurethane wheels


  • A pack of skate tools is present in the box
  • Bearings can be customized
  • Superb speed controls with auto-adjust


  • Awesome but limited colors
  • Plastic skate deck

There is always demand for some extra benefit apart from having just a good skateboard.

SKITCH has given attention to this fact as well. Your kid gets a cool backpack along with a tote bag absolutely free with this product. Also, skating tool kits which will help you tighten various skating parts for his skateboard.

So, why wait? Go and grab it soon to gift your child an awesome birthday present. He would certainly enjoy this gift from you and it will allow him to have some physical activity rather than engaging in video games in his leisure hours.

best skateboard for 6 year old beginner

The Best Skateboard For 6 Year Old Beginner

Now, that is a pretty tender age, but there is always a way to skating provided you invest in the best skateboard for 6 year old beginner.

But is it possible to determine a good skateboard for a kid of such small age? We know it is tough but never impossible. We have left no stones unturned while doing our survey and here we are with the top 2 products in this category.

You may choose to compare any product with the below-listed and you would yourself find why they are the best.

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards| Best beginner skateboard for tricks

If you want to gift your 6-year-old child with a skateboard having fantastic graphics, go for this. The board is said to be moisture-protective perfectly and has the ability to run safely on wet roads even.

Your kid would definitely enjoy the graphics as they will help him stay attracted to the board. The key to quick learning is to practice more and more and spend more time with the board and once he is in love with the board he would obviously engage more into skating boosting his learning abilities.

Can a person with 160-180 lb weight use this board?

As we already know that user weight and the board’s weight bearing capacity is a major factor, this is quite a serious query from most of the newbie skaters. Well, it is quite a good choice for anyone with the body weight within the mentioned range.

Can I perform tricks on this board?

Not recommended for professional free-styling skaters, this board is designed for the basic skating experience wherein skaters can perform the basic tricks but if you are just buying a skateboard for tricks, choose a more appropriate one.

Let us explore the features of this board now to know how much worth it is in practicality.

  • 8” Best skateboard wheels with a wheelbase of 14.5 inches
  • The board is concave in shape and is nearly 32” in length
  • Wide and sturdy metallic trucks are present
  • Superbly built MiniLogo bearings installed
  • Little heavier but has a very good grip tape


  • Fantastic graphics
  • Easy to learn pro skateboard tricks like Ollie
  • Smooth wheels rolling easily on a hard surface


  • Slightly heavier than usual ones
  • Trucks make the mobility poor

As your child is quite small, your concern regarding balancing & stability is quite obvious and this board will perfectly assure you that having a superb quality skateboard grip tape installed.

However, the board is a bit heavy which might be an obstacle to your choice.

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete| Best durable beginner skateboard

When it comes to skating for a beginner of very minor age groups, parents prefer to opt for longboards than skateboards. This is because the balancing criteria are benefitted with these super broad boards.

White Wave boards are high in quality as they deliver each product after they pass a series of tests in the production house. The brand designs every product based on the current market trends and the demands from the newbie skaters. So, you can be sure to get the best out of it.

Can a below 5 foot person ride a 40 inch longboard?

Although it has a lot to do with the skater’s height and weight but 5 foot is not that a short height for not being able to ride a longboard. The person might find it difficult to master the balance but once done everything is going to be very smooth.

How much flex does it have?

To be honest with you, there is not much flexing options available with this product. Although the flex is quite good but you cannot simply categorize it among the best. However, the best part is that you won’t experience wheel bite with this board.

To know more, you need to explore its features.

  • 28 inches big-sized skateboard with a deck width of 8 inches
  • The deck is made with a combination of maple wood & bamboo
  • Ultra-rebound bushings with solid aluminum trucks
  • Urethane wheels of size 60mm with Hellion ABEC 9 bearings
  • It has a big kicktail and very smooth performance


  • Very durable and big-sized soft wheels
  • Very flexible and high on stability criteria
  • Smooth-rolling bearings


  • Cannot glide very far
  • Grip tape not good

The board gives you a feeling as if you are gliding freely on the water. It is important that the new skateboard functions smoothly for a newbie as it will help them focus.

If the board breaks down early, it can simply turn down your child’s motivation. So, if you want your child to enjoy some smooth rides, obviously this is your option.

Both of them are a top choice for your beginner champ. Now, all you need to do is quickly decide the best-suited one out of these two listed products. Do not think much, with the product from these professional brands listed here, you are sure to offer your child the best board for learning.

best skateboard for beginners teenager

The Best Skateboard For Beginners Teenager

Well, this is an age where your child has quite grown up and the desire of having a board will therefore be very high. All his friends might already be in the skate park learning skills on their brand-new skateboard. So, you must get him the best skateboard for beginners teenager now.

How to determine which is the best when you have so many choices available in the market? I know it is not that easy as you might think it to be, but with us, it is pretty cool. Just like other categories, we have kept the choice between the 2 in this segment as well.

So, all you need to do is go through and decide. Let us begin now.

POWELL Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard| Best Complete skateboard for beginners

Teenagers are very fond of mystical things and then you have this awesome skateboard from the house of POWELL. You would certainly fall short of words for praising the graphics once you see the board yourself.

The best part about this board is that it is also good for advanced learners besides beginners. So, the real advantage of having this skateboard is that your teenage child can continue using it even when he crosses his teenage.

How smoothly do the wheels roll?

Well, the board is installed with wheels which have a high durometer rating and therefore categorized as hard. If you want to roll over rough surfaces is a smooth fashion, I would advise you to get some softer wheels installed.

Can you turn easily using this board?

Since you have chosen this board which is a superb value for money product, I would definitely recommend you to not bother much about the trucks. If you face difficulty in turning you can always adjust the trucks to make yourself comfortable.

Let’s go for a ride with its features now.

  • Metal trucks with highly rebound bushings
  • 55m polyurethane wheels with hardness rating 99a
  • Inward Concave plastic deck of 32 inches length
  • ABEC-4 skateboard bearings are installed
  • The wheelbase is 14 inches


  • Comes as an assembled product
  • Cheap and cost-effective product
  • PGD Super Rebound formula used


  • Plastic skateboards are less sturdy
  • Prone to wheel bite for having low-quality bearings
  • Wheels are of poor quality making sharp turns difficult

Teenagers would want to cruise and then perform tricks as well. So, the board should be well facilitated to support all of those acts. Basically, a teenager needs a complete skateboard and this board has all the features that a beginner might look for.

Once you get this product for your teenaged child, he will be a fan of it being able to use it in a complete fashion.

Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard| Best beginner skateboard within affordable range

Now that your child is in his teenage, there is something about showboating as well. This is quite normal at this age. This Krown Rookie skateboard has checker graphics at the bottom making it one of the coolest boards in this segment.

All the parts in this skateboard are professionally assembled by skilled technicians and the final product is thus delivered in a best-in-class in terms of durability.

Krown Rookie Checker are girl based skateboard?

Well, the product is not mentioned to be a unisex one from the company but the checker design would certainly fascinate anybody irrespective of their gender. Even if you are planning to buy it for your girl, you can surely do so and I am surely she would love this unique design.

Are Krown Rookie skateboards good for Youth?

The built quality of this product is extremely food and the unique design is very much appealing to the youths. As a new generation kid, the look also matters along with the built and this product offers you both thus making it a favourite among the youths.

Let’s know the features to understand the effectiveness now.

  • Wheels are 55 mm in diameter with ABEC 7 bearings
  • 5” concave deck made of maple wood
  • Rubber bushings are installed
  • Black gloss aluminum trucks are present
  • Black colored 80 grit grip tape installed


  • Product within an affordable pricing
  • Very strong grip tape
  • Built is quite durable


  • Wheels neither flexible nor with proper grip
  • Poor quality bearings

You want to buy something awesome as well as budget-friendly at the same time, this is what will fit your choice.

A teenager is very prone to taking up odd things and bad addictions. However, once he is engaged in skating, he will be in safe hands spending a good time in the skate park. So, go and grab your child an awesome beginner skateboard now!

best skateboard for beginners adults

The Best Skateboard For Beginners Adults

Are you looking for a skateboard for yourself? Well, there is no definite age to start skating, so it’s alright even if you are an adult. All you need is the best skateboard for beginners adults and you can start your skating journey.

The adult skateboard should have some additional features in comparison to the skateboard for a beginner kid. The first thing is obviously the deck size. But there is even more to it. Let us explore them through the products listed below.

Hope you will soon meet your choice once you go through these listed products.

Krown Rookie Skateboard Complete 7.5| Beginner skateboard with best graphics

One of the most renowned brands, Krown Rookie skateboards are now in the market for a period of more than 20 years and are leading from the front.

Delivering each product with expertise, they are one of the market leaders when it comes to a beginner’s skateboard. All their products are built with care and special attention is given to make them attractive besides durable.

Can you use cruiser wheels here?

As a skater, you must have heard about wheel biting conditions, something that most skaters have to face with their skateboard while taking sharp turns. Well, there is not much problem in installing cruiser wheels but they would certainly give your board wheel bites during turns.

Are the bearings good enough to spin faster and how fast they spin?

The bearings are quite good but most of the users have reported about it having an issue with the spin. The wheels do not spin faster as the trucks are over tightened. But you always have the option to adjust the trucks using a wrench to make the wheels spin freely.

Let’s explore the features now.

  • 5” concave deck made out of Canadian maple wood
  • 5” Aluminum trucks with rubber bushings
  • Black grip tape installed on the deck
  • 52mm urethane wheels made of
  • Unisex board, can be used by both gender


  • Wide range of colorful graphics
  • Decent wheels with Krown graphics
  • Value for money product


  • Built quality not very good
  • Trucks not mounted correctly

Your search for a complete skateboard for beginners can end here if you are ready to experience a thrilling ride with your friends on your new skateboard.

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete| Best beginner skateboard for heavy adults

If you are an adult, your skateboard should also have the ability to bear your weight. An adult beginner’s board should have a good weight carrying capacity and this skateboard from KPC perfectly serves the purpose.

The brand offers you a lot of cool graphics to choose from, the most preferred one although is the white and black checker. Checker skateboards have always been in the fashion and trending mostly among beginner skaters.

Are the trucks made of plastic?

The trucks are one of the plus points that this product from KPC has. The Havoc trucks are made of metallic Aluminum and are of superb quality. A unique fact about the trucks is that they are available in various colors.

Would your 13 year old girl love to opt for this skateboard?

A 13 year old girl is surely to want to do something more out of her board rather than simply skating around. Skateboards having carbon fiber are the most recommended ones due to the durability and sturdiness. However, this being a unisex board, your girl can obviously opt for this.

Let’s go through the features to know more about this skateboard.

  • 32” sturdy maple wood deck with a width of 8”
  • ABEC-7 high precision bearings
  • Aluminum solid metallic trucks are present
  • Smaller wheels with a diameter of 52mm & hardness rating of 99a
  • 80 grit black tape is installed


  • Good user-weight carrying capacity
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Great for flip tricks
  • Sturdy and durable deck


  • Poor quality bearings
  • Grip tape comes off easily

You get to have a complete skateboard on buying this product and as an adult beginner that is what you would demand the most besides being taken care of your bodyweight.

As an adult, it is not only about cruising but also about tricks and flips. Most of the adult beginners have been surveyed to start getting fond of skating seeing the professional performs several tricks. You too can learn to do some tricks once you have the best board in your hand.

Why make your buddies wait at the street for you? Get your skateboard now and join them for a ride around the city.

best skateboard for girl beginner

The Best Skateboard For Girl Beginner

There are so many unisex skateboard brands available in the market, but to choose the best skateboard for girl beginner out of all those is not an easy task.

However, thanks to our research team, we have been able to find out 2 of the best brands that provide the best skating boards & longboards for girls.

To know more, you need to explore the product listed below.

Retrospec Zed Longboard Pintail Bamboo Long Board Skateboard| Best beginner longboard for girls

Being one of the oldest brands in the market of skateboards and longboards, ZED is a very trusted brand to opt for. They have combined their product with some of the outstanding technologies to make the riders experience a more comfortable skating experience.

As a beginner, stability will be your utmost concern, as once your feel balanced you will be able to focus on your learning. This skateboard will provide you exactly what you are looking for.

What is the length of a Zed longboard?

A longboard as it name suggest should be ‘long’ enough for fulfilling the purpose with which it was designed. Well, when it comes to Zed, they produce one of the longest boards made of maple wood & bamboo whose size is about 41 inches long.

Is the bottom of the board truly flat?

This board has a combination of concave and convex shapes where the graphic side or the side where your foot will actually rest while skating is slightly curved inwards while the outer side curved slightly outwards. But you would only get to feel this while skating as it mostly looks flat from distance.

Let us know more about this product in detail.

  • 41” deck made out of a combination of bamboo & maple wood
  • 70 mm large polyurethane wheels
  • 85A PU rubber bushing installed
  • High precision ABEC 7 bearings
  • Lightweight aluminum trucks


  • Can carry up to 220 lbs of user weight
  • Installed with anti-bite technology
  • Facilitated with reverse kingpin
  • Wheels have a slick grip offering smooth rides


  • Not very sturdy
  • Bearings needs to be replaced soon

If you want to comfortably ride over any surface be it rough or smooth without worrying about damages to your board or getting injured, then this product is what you should opt for. Although you need to replace the bearings sooner that is true for almost all skateboards, so don’t worry about it.

Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete Skateboard| Best premium cruiser for beginner girls

This is quite a unique brand producing cruiser boards with outstanding shapes for all their customers. Not only that they have a cool look, often referred to as the Coffin look, but also a superb product in terms of functionality.

The balance factors are too good with these boars with the perfect position of the foot rails. If you are already excited about it, hold on, since there is more to explore about this beauty once you get to know about it to the fullest.

Is Landyachtz Dinghy a good option for beginners?

As a beginner, one would like to skate quite often. It might be due to the newness of the thing or might be due to an eagerness to learn. With this product from Landyachtz Dinghy, a beginner will get the ultimate cruising experience and can be considered a great option to begin with.

Can you perform pumping with this board?

To be able to pump while skating requires a lot of control and skills. One needs to master the art of skating before attempting such things. However, even if you are confident enough, I would not suggest this board for pumping as it is preferable designed for cruising and not for free-styling.

So, let us begin now by learning the features of this board.

  • 28” deck made out of 7 pile of maple wood
  • Softer wheels of 63mm with a hardness rating of 78A
  • 105mm solid aluminum trucks
  • Foam grip tapes are installed
  • Rubber bushings are present


  • Great choice as cruiser board
  • Wheels are of superior quality helping to glide
  • Carves nicely giving a smooth riding experience


  • Bushings are squeaky
  • Not so smooth bearings

This is one of the premium cruisers that the brand produces in this segment. If you are looking for your first board and want to cruise along the street while you learn, just go for it. The bran has not compromised at all with the build and you can be assured to get the best out of it.

In modern times, girls are also keeping up the standards in every sector, be it in corporate or sports. In the case of skating, the scenario is no different. Girls are dominating in this segment as well. So, it is important for you to choose a good quality board for your girl kid as well.

You must have already made your choice by now. Why wait then? Join the skating world now!

How To Choose The Best Skateboard For Beginners

What Are The Striking Features to Look For in a Beginners Skateboard?

The feeling of buying your first skateboard is always special, but have you wondered what your checklist should consist of while choosing a good quality skateboard.

But no more worries, we have sorted all the factors and listed them periodically highlighting how they contribute to the task of finding the best skateboard for beginners.

All you need to do now is follow this article till the end and get to know all the checkpoints that you should consider while you opt for your first skateboard.

Deck quality

Now, that you already know about the deck size as per your age & height, you must also consider the quality & the build of the deck while buying your beginner’s skateboard.

The deck is a very important aspect as it will be the one on which your foot will lie while you skate, so it needs to be sturdy and durable. The best skateboard decks are usually made of maple wood with a combination of ply to make them stronger.

However, there are also some brands offering plastic decks. In such cases, some plastic decks are good but not all. You must remember that during your selection. It is always advisable to opt for a skateboard with a wooden base.

Grip Tape

The deck as it is mostly made of wood or ply is not capable of providing enough friction to your legs while you skate. You may slip or fall while skating under such circumstances and there’s where the skateboard grip tape comes to the rescue.

It makes the top surface of the deck matte helping you to stick your leg firmly while you ride on uneven terrains.


As we are done with the upper half of the skateboard, now the bottom half needs to be dealt with. The wheels are one of the most essential elements adding to the performance factors of your skateboard.

Usually, the hardness grade for the skateboard wheels is quite high unlike that of the longboards which prefer softer wheels. This is simply because riders engage in a lot of flips & tricks with skateboards and the harder wheels help to resist the shock when the board lands on the ground from a considerable height.

The choice of size on the other hand is completely yours. If you want to opt for speed racing, choose bigger wheels, or else if you are more interested in freestyles opt for the smaller wheels.


The part of the skateboard that seconds the wheels is the skateboard bearings which are highly responsible for the rotation of the wheels.

Now, how to judge if the bearings of your skateboard are good? Well, it is usually done based on precision and in this case, you should always use the ABEC grading standards.

So, a higher number on the grading scale determines the ability of your bearings. Choose wisely!


Wheels are attached to the base of your skateboard’s deck using trucks. So, having a good quality truck is absolutely necessary. Do not opt for anything below the aluminum alloy trucks if you want to get some standard product.

Apart from the build, there are few more attributes of a truck that needs to be analyzed. Let me list them one by one for you.


Bushings are the parts that go hand in hand with trucks. If you do not have good quality bushings then gradually your skateboard will start making a lot of noise. So be careful while you choose.


A metallic base-plate is always the best as this will be the portion that will lie under the skateboard’s deck to attach the truck onto it.


This part is attached to the baseplate and would basically hold the axle of the truck.


The straight rod-like structure that passes through the hanger and responsible for holding the wheels and fixing them onto the skateboard, the axle must be made of good quality solid metal.


The professionals say that the kingpin is the king of the trucks holding the several parts of the truck together. It is important that you choose a good quality kingpin with an appropriate length. Some skateboard brands also offer reverse kingpins in the trucks for better performance.

You can analyze your new skateboard based on these parameters and the one that makes the most out of these is definitely the one that you should opt for.

Do you also need protective gears along with your best starter skateboard?

Every sport is enjoyable only when you are safely performing it. Be it skating or wrestling, you must never hesitate to wear the safety gears.

Let us know what protective gears you need to use while skating.

Elbow& Knee Pads

You must give the necessary padding to the vital parts which would be engaged in the movement while you skate. This includes your elbows and knees. Therefore, it is absolutely mandatory for your to invest in some good quality pads and wear them while riding.


You never know when you may encounter an awkward fall. You must be prepared for it or else you are going to get badly hurt. A pair of well-padded gloves will safeguard your hands from any wear and tear even if you fall off.


Your head is a key asset to your body and therefore must be protected. You should buy a standard skating helmet and put them on while you skate.


Wearing the right shoes while you skate will not only safeguard you from injuries but will also enhance your skating experience by adding some more grip.

It is advisable to wear all your safety gears properly before hitting the skate park. Remember, health is the best wealth that you can have.

In the End!

When it is your first skateboard, it is always special. Every skater must opt for the best to begin their skating journey. We, therefore, understand the urge to hit the roads with the best in hand.

Our research team has done some extensive surveys to find out the best skateboards within various age groups. The products listed here are some of the finest in each of the categories mentioned in the article.

However, as a beginner skateboarder, you must remember that it is also necessary for you to care for your new skateboard apart from using it. Proper caring will ensure that you enjoy the best out of it for a longer period.

Remember to avoid cheap products as the skateboards from good brands pass through a lot of quality tests, therefore, ensuring longevity.

While you buy the best skateboard for beginners from the market also remember to buy some good quality protective gears too. As a beginner, you will witness a lot of unwanted falls and scratches. Proper safety kits will help protect you from serious injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beginner skateboard for kids

It is not so easy to choose a skateboard for a beginner kid. However, considering your child’s age to be below 8 years, you can choose a board with a deck width of 7.5”-8” and a standard skateboard length of 31”.

What are the best skateboards for beginners

The best skateboard for beginners should have a sturdy built along with a high flexibility parameter which will boost the rider’s confidence while learning. If you are interested to learn tricks and have a tight budget opt for Whitefang skateboards

Which one is the best skateboard for 9 year old

The best skateboard for a 9 year old kid should have a width of 8-8.5” along with a standard skateboard length. As far as brands are concerned, the skateboards from the brand POWELL are a good option to opt for.

Best mini skateboard cruiser for youth

There are so many brands available in the market claiming to produce the finest mini skateboard cruisers. However, if you are a young adult, you can choose to buy a complete mini cruiser skateboard from the brand Cal 7.

What is the best skateboard for cruising

When your preferences are for cruising with your skateboard, opt for a specialized cruiser skateboard as they are specially build longer in length as compare to skateboards to facilitate smooth rides. However, they differ quite a lot from the longboard skateboards.

What is the best cheap skateboard for beginners

It is recommendable to every beginner skateboarder that they must opt for a good quality product as well since poor products are prone to breaking easily. However, if you are tight on budget, you may choose the Whitefang skateboards.

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