Complete Guide Massive 8 Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising.

After doing a few years of research and development and testing out gear and trying new stuff, the time has come to present the best skateboard wheels for cruising and every style.

The research will grow and evolve as more wheels need testing but right now we will discuss getting the right wheels for cruising.

After doing many kinds of research, we picked up a few premium wheels and added some suggestions for beginners as well as non-beginners.

If you want to go for a long run, premium softer wheels are best to opt for as they are always upgradeable when you’re ready. Let’s proceed towards the discussion of the best skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks.

choose the best skateboard wheels for cruising
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Why choose the best skateboard wheels for cruising?

If you think it’s fine to fit any type of cruiser wheels on your skateboard, then definitely it’s not a good idea as you should be very selective when it comes to the wheels. You cannot just put skateboard with longboard wheels to get the best results.

Cruiser wheels are of different sizes and shapes, possess certain characteristics which make them better for different types of skating. If your goal is to simply cruise around the town or your neighborhood then you need softer wheels that are built with better tricking skills.

Selecting the wrong wheel size can be tough to push which will lead to feeling sluggish and heavy. You must be confused about which will be the best wheels for a cruiser skateboard?

We have gathered all the information and put it together in this article about the best skateboard wheels for cruising, which will help you to get a better experience by riding down the street, cruising along with the town, or riding short distances on hard or rough roads.

best skateboard wheels for cruising
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What wheels are best for cruising and carving?

It’s quite confusing as there are so many great options available in the market which makes it difficult to choose. Wheel size with great wheel diameter is best for crushing and carving as it comes with great top roll speed. You can also use a skateboard with longboard wheels at the beginning.

Big or large skateboard wheels accelerate slowly which is a disadvantage. But they possess a great top speed than the small wheels. So if you are going for a race then the top speed will win you races.

A cruiser skateboard or longboard wheel which has a diameter of 56mm to 80 mm is better for crushing and carving as the superior balance and reflex depend upon the width of the wheel.

If you see, sharp and slightly angled edges keep the wheel stay railed in tough carves, rough roads, and downhill runs but a thick and solid strong lip profile gives a predictable drift with smoothness when kicked sideways and are one of the best skateboard wheels for cruising.

What wheels are best for cruising and commuting?

As of now, we know that skateboard wheel size between 56mm to 80mm is the best longboarding wheels for cruising, now we will check the perfect wheel size for commuting and from where you can get them.

The wheel size of 80 mm is the most commonly used for commuting as this will give you efficiency and ensure smoother rides on rough surfaces.

 If you are looking for an expensive one then the Fulcrum Racing Quattro DB is a good choice that offers improved quality performance and is the best skateboard wheels for cruising.

What should I look for if I want to go cruising?

Crusher boards are typically the best boards for this type of skate style which generally occurs on the hard surfaces, rough terrains, and other bumpier terrains but not much on smooth surfaces.

Cruising skateboard has a wide cruiser deck and wheelbase which helps skaters to ride faster and are easily controllable than normal skateboards.

There are 7 things you should keep in mind while going on cruising are choosing the right board, picking the perfect stance, learning how to brake, wearing safety gear, mastering the turn, following the rules, and practicing a lot.

Top 8 skateboard wheels for cruising

Picking the right board is one of the important things, the other is selecting proper skateboard or longboard wheels as per your board and skating style. So we have shared the 8 best cruiser skateboard wheels for cruising which will clear your confusion and can have an enjoyable longboard cruiser ride.

List of the best skateboard wheels for skating

Best for long distances – Sector 9 Race cruising wheels

Best for rough roads – Sector 9 Nine Ball cruising wheels

Best for Sliding on rough roads – Sector 9 Butterball cruising wheels

Best small wheels for cruising – OJ Mini Super Juice Cruiser Wheels

Best for hard carving – Orangatang 4 President Cruising Longboard Skateboard wheels

Best for dancing & cruising – Skateboard & Longboard of Fireball Tinder wheels

Best long-lasting wheels – Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard Wheels

Best for speed and acceleration – RICTA Chrome Clouds Skateboard Wheel

best-skateboard-wheels for cruising and tricks
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Sector 9 Race Cruising Wheels- Best for Long Distances.

Sector 9 Race offers the best quality Skateboard Decks, best skateboard wheels for cruising, skateboard Trucks, Tools& Accessories for skating style.

The wheel diameter possesses a hardness of 78A which makes them softer on the scale of longboard wheels. Skate wheels that have the mentioned durometer range are encouraged to travel longer distances with a smoother ride and good grip.

What bearings does Sector 9 use?

Sector 9 uses superb quality Blaze ABEC-5 bearings which are manufactured using high-quality stainless steel making them resistant to speed racing. There are no inner shields present which make it easier for cleaning. It also comes with built-in spacers to allow users to tighten the axle as per their choice.

What are Sector 9 longboards good for?

Longboard as the name suggests should be bigger & wider and that is exactly what this product offers you without any compromise on the build quality being made of strong bamboo. This will enhance your carving abilities. The best part is the larger wheels which roll over rough terrains with ultimate smoothness.

Amazing Features Of These Cruising Wheels

Size :

The skateboard wheel size of 72mm is quite small, unlike bigger wheels that are usually used for cruising skateboards.

Type of sport :

These skate wheels are typically prepared for only one type of sport, and that is cruising. Once you have them you can cruise to skate around the city with your friends.

Contact patch :

The contact patch basically defines the part of a vehicle’s tire which is in actual contact with the rough or smooth surface of the road.

This is also sometimes referred to as the wheelbase size and is 53mm for this product is 53mm which is actually very good to avoid wheel bite. One can also use riser pads.

Durometer :

This wheel has a durometer rating of 78A which is quite soft and good for racing. This also provides a smooth ride at a higher speed with a good grip.

Weight :

The weight of the wheel is around 1.55 Lbs and is quite strong with a hardy build.


  • Best for racing with high-quality wheels
  • Offers smooth rides
  • Good at absorbing unwanted vibrations


  • Not preferable for indoor purposes
  • Very costly
  • not preferable for a short trip

Sector 9 Butterball Cruising WheelsBest for Sliding on Rough Roads

The Sector 9 65mm Butterballs are smaller in size but give bigger experience in cruiser setups and easier sliding.

The pre-ground surface and circular edges of these bigger wheels let you bust into slides on the drop of a dime. The butter-based smooth urethane wheel keeps the fatty thane lines behind in such a way that when you are doing bigger slides it will clearly show who the real champ is.

We would like to throw these urethane wheels on the street boards and longboard cruiser boards. Once these wheels are completely broken in and worn down, they tend to slide amazing on smaller decks

Are 70mm wheels good for cruising?

To be fair in our opinion, it must be accepted that 70mm is quiet but a fairly average wheel size. The ones recommended for cruising boards are somewhat larger ranging between 80mm – 90mm in size. The larger your wheels are, the more you will benefit from them while skating downhill.

Can you put 70mm wheels on a skateboard?

Although the recommended size is between 50mm – 60mm but wheels with 70mm can also fit your skateboard but remember not to opt for something beyond this range. You also got to do some adjustments to your skateboard like installing hard bushings and riser pads to avoid wheel bites.

Amazing Features Of These Cruising Wheels

Size :

The size of the wheel is 65mm which is also a bigger size and provides a smooth ride on hard surfaces also.

Type of sport :

These wheels are generally prepared for only one type of sport and that is skating.

Weight :

The skateboard wheel size weighs only 0.9 pounds which is quite lightweight and provides a light feeling while riding.

Contact patch :

The contact patch for this product is 38mm which is basically fine to avoid wheel bite, you can also use a riser pad to avoid this.

Slide :

It provides light and smoothly controlled slides which are easily predictable.

Durometer :

The hardness rating of 80A offered by the wheels is good for racing.


  • Perfect for easy sliding on vert ramp
  • Provides buttery ride on smaller cruiser decks
  • Lightweight; facilitating transportation


  • Noisy with a smaller contact patch
  • Smaller wheel size is not good for a smooth surface

Sector 9 Nine Ball Cruising WheelsBest for Rough Roads

These are soft wheels that are good for rough surfaces on longboards, or street boards but not good for smooth surfaces like a vert ramp.

They are typically designed to achieve smooth rides, for cruising, hills, and irregular hard surfaces. Nine balls are a skater’s favorite brand for its quality and compatibility in the long run.

Are these round lipped or square?

Let me get that straight for you. The Sector 9 Nine Ball cruising wheels have a round lipped edge which enhances the skater’s ability to cruise at high speed. This enables it to transit smoothly while breaking the locking and allowing it to slide from the grip and is therefore preferred for free-styling.

Do these pick up speed fast, or go really fast after a longer period of time?

Speeding somewhat depends on the skater’s abilities but the wheels also have a major role to play. These are cruising wheels mainly meant for free rides, additionally allowing you to carve smoothly over rough surfaces. When it comes to speeding, this will get you going fast after a longer period only.

Amazing Features Of These Cruising Wheels

Size :

This wheel has a size of 70mm which is definitely a bigger size and the best part about a bigger wheel is they roll fast on rough surfaces and offer better speed.

Weight :

The size of the wheel might be bigger but the weight of the wheel is quite less which is 0.3 pounds. This means you will feel lightweight while skating even though the wheel is bigger.

Wheel type :

They generally offer soft wheels with a hardness rating of 78a which helps riders to roll over bumps and cracks while maintaining grip.

Contact patch :

It also has a contact patch of 38mm which offers a smooth slide to the riders.

Control type :

The interesting thing about this wheel type is it provides extra control override which is very helpful for skilled riders.


  • Lightweight wheels with ease of transportation
  • Soft wheels for a smooth riding experience
  • Good for rougher surfaces, hills, and hard terrain.


  • Not ideal for racing or long rides
  • Might be a little rugged

Orangatang 4 President Cruising Longboard Skateboard wheelsBest for hard carving

If you are riding through a woody jungle or maybe downhill, the Orangatang kegel wheels will always be the best choice.

The offset bearing seat with a smaller race structure helps the rider in hard carving and pumping with quick acceleration. The Orangatang kegel wheels are great for sharp turns.

Can this fit a penny board 27-inch board?

We would recommend you not to try this as penny boards demand smaller wheels and these are way too bigger. However, some skaters try such things to add some stability and efficiency to their push but with these adjustments, you are sure to face a lot of wheel bites.

Can i use them in a sector nine longboard that has 74mm wheels??

These wheels have a diameter of 70mm and therefore to opt for these for your longboard where the ideal wheel size is 74mm is not recommendable. However, you won’t be facing any issue with the fitting and these would act properly on your longboard but surely will cause performance issues.

Amazing Features Of These Cruising Wheels

Size :

The bigger the size, the longer run it will go, and thus the size of the wheel is 70mm.

Weight :

Compared to other cruiser board wheels it has a little more weight, almost 1 lbs, depending upon the company.

Carving :

Has high wheel traction which helps in acceleration, hard carving, going downhill, and preferably in general cruising and commuting.

Type of sport :

This wheel is made in such a way that it is completely fit for skateboarding. They have been designed by the company to fit in with particular few boards and not all depending upon the length and size of the board.

Hard core :

The enclosed hardcore maintains a smooth ride and supports the lips for excellent traction and crisp slides.


  • Best cruising wheel for commuting over rough roads
  • Provides smooth riding experience
  • Urethane skateboard wheels


  • Not ideal for racing or long rides

Skateboard & Longboard of Fireball Tinder wheelsBest for dancing & cruising

The size 60mm is not big or small cruising wheel size but it offers a great skating experience. They are generally hard wheels and are perfect for park and street skating.

The wheels roll fast which helps to absorb vibrations, and are perfect for sliding on slick surfaces. These wheels are great for cruising, dancing, free ride, and a few of the tricks if you are having the skill.

Do these come with bearings?

No, you don’t get bearings with this product. However, it is highly recommendable that you should invest in some good quality bearings. A standard 608 bearing with an axle of 8mm can be a good fit. You can opt for Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings which comes in a pack of 8.

Can these be used on a street skateboard?

Well, you can do that but be aware of wheel bites as they can impact your board’s health and also your performance. It is advisable to add some riser pads to avoid these conditions. This will save your board during sharp turns and carvings.

Amazing Features Of These Cruising Wheels

Size :

The 60mm width which is nor big and nor small, cruises over the bumper and crack roads, rocks, and other debris smoothly and quickly whether cruising, dancing, or free riding

Hardness :

With a hardness of 81A, these wheels are best for mini cruisers and provide a comfortable riding experience.

Center core :

This means we can predict the slides and wear patterns early while riding. The giant blackish urethane fiberglass core provides the highest strength and predictable slides for the wheel throughout its entire life.


  • Easily predictable slide
  • Provides smooth ride
  • Absorbs vibrations
  • Great for cruising


  • Not preferred for beginners
  • Not preferred for all types of tricks

OJ Mini Super Juice Cruiser WheelsBest Small Wheels For Cruising

OJ makes the best highest quality wheels for cruising or skateboarding. Whether you’re cruising to the nearby store, skating around the park or city, or hitting a crack street spot, OJ urethane skateboard wheels have their own set of advantages.

The wheels with a hardness rating of 78a are great for tricks. On rough roads just like rough terrain cranes, they enable you to slide over cracks but despite being small wheels.

Are OJ wheels soft?

Yes, these are softer wheels with a durometer reading of 78A. That is quite soft in terms of hardness scale rating and allows skaters to ride their skateboard at lightning speeds. They are also in-built with a newly designed chip-resistant shape in the core which enhances your performance.

What does OJ wheels stand for?

OJ’s appeared in limelight in 1977 and have been operational for the past 30 years. They are a trusted brand in the skating world manufacturing some unique shaped orange colored wheels. They have varied wheel shapes for every genre of skating like free-styling, casual skating, professional skating.

Amazing Features Of These Cruising Wheels

Size :

The 55mm wheel size is quite small but they possess great energy to do tricks and skills like rough terrain cranes. Small wheels are best for park and street skating.

Weight :

Since they are very small, they have a lightweight of 0.01 pounds which is not at all felt while skating. This feature if the wheel allows the skater for easier control of the skateboard or longboard.

Sport type :

This wheel has been particularly designed for only one type of sport that is skateboarding.

Wheel type :

The wheels are not only lightweight but also have a smooth feature that offers a slickly and quality ride for the skaters.

The quality of your ride totally depends upon the type of wheel you are selecting for your board.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth and fast wheels
  • Good grip
  • Perfect for any kind of terrain


  • Smaller wheels
  • Not good for smooth surfaces
  • Not ideal for racing

RICTA Chrome Clouds Skateboard WheelBest for speed and acceleration

55mm to 56mm are definitely the best all-rounder if you want to skate on a big variety of terrain. It has been seen that this size provides most skateboarders the exact blend of speed and acceleration.

This is utterly the Goldilocks zone of wheel size choice.

What are ricta clouds made of?

They are composed with “NRG” which the brand tags as a high-energy urethane formula. These soft wheels with a 78A durometer rating are well known for precision and speed racing. The compact size also allows skaters to perform tricks while rolling at speed.

What bearings are included?

Yes, the bearings are included in the pack. However, they are not installed, rather put in a different package allowing the users the option to think if they want to get them installed or try something different. The bearings are 8mm n size and come in a pack of 8.

Amazing Features Of These Cruising Wheels

Size :

The wheel size we are talking about for this product is 55mm to 56mm which is comparatively smaller than other wheels.

Weight :

Since the size of the wheel is small, the weight of the wheel is also less which is 200 grams.

Sport type :

Skateboarding is the only type of sport where these wheels are fitted.

Wheel type :

Since they are very small, they offer lightweight which gives faster responsive pop and is very good for technical and street skating.


  • All-rounder wheels
  • Gives a proper blend of speed and acceleration over a rough surface
  • Gives smooth ride
  • Preferred for road and pavement ride


  • Smaller wheels surface
  • Preferred for beginners
  • Not preferred for a long ride

Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard WheelsBest Long-Lasting Wheels

The spitfire wheels are fast enough. They offer much more authentic riding than most of the other plastic-type wheels.

The spitfire wheels are definitely very popular as they offer long-lasting wheels with a good investment. You can also check the latest spitfire death wish wheels which is a limited edition.

Are Spitfires good wheels?

If you are looking for wheels that provided high resistance to flat spots with some good grip, then you have to opt for these. They are designed for a higher rebound allowing you to speed up. The durometer rating of 101A makes them the hardest wheel in the market.

Amazing Features Of These Cruising Wheels

Size :

This wheel also has smaller size ranges between 52mm to 54mm but the spitfire death wish wheels are a pro in skating despite having a small size.

Hardness :

The hardness of the wheel is 101A which is perfect in proportionate to the wheel size. These wheels are very hard though very lightweight. A hard wheel with a lightweight combination is best for park and street skating.

Weight range :

Depending upon the company,  these wheels weigh 200grams and above to maintain the whee Size- weight proportion. Wheels with lightweight are genuinely preferred for beginners.

Wheel type :

This has smooth and soft wheels which are very good for rougher surfaces, street boards, or longboards. They possess lots of grips which helps to easily roll over cracks and bumps.

how to choose skateboard wheels for cruising

What to look for while buying a cruising skateboard wheel?

buying a cruising skateboard wheel
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When it comes to choosing your skateboard wheels for cruising you must consider looking for these 3 parameters.

Hardness of wheel

The durometer scale is used to measure the wheel’s hardness. This durometer scale is used by most manufacturers which is a 100-point scale that quantifies the hardness of the wheel.

The wheel hardness depends on the higher count on the durometer. The hard wheels have a durometer rating of 99a.  Many manufacturers use the B Scale, which measures 20 points lesser than the A Scale, and thus allows an extra 20 points for the harder wheels.

Softer wheels are generally preferred for street skating, while harder wheels are preferred on smooth surfaces.

Size of wheel

Wheel diameter must be proportionate with the deck size. A larger deck needs larger wheels & a smaller deck needs smaller wheels.

You might select a cheap skateboard wheel within the range of 70-75mm for boards 40” and above. Wheels within this range will preferably be a good choice for longboards.

Wheel shape

Choosing the right wheel determines the best cruising for your longboard or skateboard.

The “Sharp-lip” Shape of the wheel is greatly preferred for general cruising, carving, and also in some cases slalom. The “sharp-lip” on the wheel are preferred more than “round-lip” wheels in terms of grip as they facilitate hard turns.

“Round-lip” wheels are usually harder wheel sand is a great choice for people willing to perform surf-inspired slides and carves.

Durability and smoothness

The durability and smoothness of wheels depend on the product material and the person using the product. It has been said that you must handle a product with care if you want it in the long run.


The price of the wheels for a skateboard will certainly depend on the quality and type you want to opt for, also depends on what size skateboard you are going to fit the wheels into.

Sometimes products may seem costly but it is always advisable to stay away from low-quality & cheap skateboard wheels because they are not going to stand up for long.


Cruising is very exciting, and a great skill on a skateboard which makes you happy and to have some fun.

Choosing the right wheel that expresses your unique style will help you a lot while skating. Choosing one from our recommendation list will definitely save money from damage in the future and will also be a wiser investment for you.

If you are unsure of what size skateboard wheels you need, you can check the ones from Bones wheels and cloud ride or the ones from Bright wheel shark tank as they provide wheels that fit almost every board.

Before making your purchase decision you must choose the best skateboard wheels for cruising with great quality because every set of wheels has different advantages and disadvantages.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What’s the right size skateboard wheel for you?

Skateboard wheels and skateboard trucks are the most important part of the skateboard. There are different types of wheels, sizes, and textures. But I prefer to use large wheels. It takes me to ride faster than using smaller wheels.

  • What wheels are best for dancing and tricks?

We can use skateboard for dancing moves and doing a lot of tricks. To do that there is a lot of wheels like fireball wheels, cloud ride, bright wheel shark tank, bones wheels, and many more. But for dancing Orangatang-65mm wheels are best.

  • How to make skateboard wheels faster?

It is very hard to ride faster with small wheels. So we have to use big wheels as well as high-quality wheels, harder wheels, smooth and steeper roads, or else you can go with an electric skateboard.

  • What size skateboard wheels are best for street?

Choosing the right skateboard wheels for roads, it is depending on the experience of the rider. If the rider is a beginner then he or she should use mid-sized which come in 52mm-54mm size wheels. You can also check the modern electric skateboard for beginners.

  • Don’t know what to look for when buying skateboard wheels?

Skateboard wheels are the most crucial thing in skateboard and also for skateboard riders. There are different types of wheels – a bigger wheel is for going faster and smaller wheels for going slower.

  • What is the best size of wheels for a longboard?

The size of around 74-82A will be perfect for most of the longboard. On rough roads, softer wheels of around 75A will have more grip, while harder wheels of 85A will be hard to control although sliding well.

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