Top 5 Best Skateboard Wheels For Street in 2021. You Want To Buy.

Are you tired of looking for the best skateboard wheels for street? Let me assure you that you are at the right place as you will meet your destination.

In this article, we have summarized all the details and facts related to the best rated skateboard wheels, making your search easier and smooth.

This article is the result of our efforts by enlisting each product’s pros and cons so that you can understand the type of wheel required for your skateboard.

If you are searching for the best skateboard wheels for cruising, let me inform you that the cruiser wheels are also enlisted here.

A lot of brands and products available in the market, but not all are genuine and best for you. To find out the choice that suits you the best, you need to stay tuned till the end.

What should be the ideal size for the best skateboard wheels for street?

The larger the wheels are, the better choice for riding through various surfaces, making your ride more comfortable and smoother.

On the other hand, if you are looking for some best wheels for tricks, you should invest in the smaller ones.

The perfect size depends upon your height and weight, and also on your personal preferences.

Just like different types of skateboards are available in the market, different wheels are also available widely and can help you in customizing your board.

We will now be exploring the different longboard skateboard wheels based on size and hardness rating.

Based on the Hardness Rating of the Wheels

The hardness rating of the wheels will determine how smooth your will be.

78A – 87A: This is best for you if you are looking for soft skate wheels.

They work better while skating on a rough road with a skateboard.

Their griping is so good that they can easily roll over cracks and bumps.

88A – 95A: If you are looking for slightly hard wheels, this is what you should buy.

They are faster than the soft wheels and are a better choice for off-road skating. However, they have a lesser grip in comparison to the smooth wheels.

96A – 99A: If you are looking for a good wheel for beginners, this can be your choice.

As a beginner, you can learn to skate on streets, ramps, and other smooth surfaces with these wheels.

More than 100A:  Are you into skating races? These wheels are the best option for you as they are the fastest pro wheels.

83B – 84B: Sometimes, skaters look for rigid wheels using the B scale. These are the wheels that fit the cause.

Based on Wheel Size

Wheel size will help to determine if you would feel the impact of minor obstacles like pebbles and small stones on the street while riding.

50mm – 53mm: If you are looking for smaller wheels these are a must-buy.

These wheels are slow and perfect for small riders skating on the street, truck riding, bowls, etc.

54mm – 59mm: If you are a beginner, you can go for these average-sized wheels.

These are best for bigger riders skating on the street, skate parks, bowls, and vert ramps.

More than 60mm: For speeding on a rough road, you must use such wheels as they are specialized for a skateboard with longboard wheels.

Since you are looking for skateboard wheels, you must have a desire to build a skateboard. So, now the question arises, how do I make board from scratch?

Well, it’s not that hard if you follow the below steps.

Gluing the plywood – Use good quality & waterproof glue to attach the  pieces . To build a skateboard, 6-8 layers of ply and needed to be glued evenly.

Pressing the glued plies boards – You should use the pressing machine to ensure they are fixed firmly. You will get several manuals on the internet to help you with pressing.

Drilling required holes – Now, you must to drill holes to install the skateboard wheels and trucks. People often enquire how to measure skateboard trucks.

The truck holes must be 1 5/8” far from each other.

Also, the distance between the front and the rear wheel alignment must be 2 1/8”.

Shaping & Sanding the board – Use a pattern from an old board, and a band saw to give it the required shape.

Once you have cut it, sand the edges to make them smooth.

Doing the graphics – You can customize the board design as per your choice. Use spray paint to give better effects.

The best skateboard wheels for street skating will have some extraordinary features and are from some of the top brands in the market. Let us now know about them.


  • Best for Overall: SPITFIRE Classic Skateboard Wheels
  • Best for Cruising: FIREBALL Tinder Skateboard & Longboard Wheels for Cruising
  • Best for Filming: RICTA Wide Skateboard Wheel
  • Best for Longboards: SHARK Wheel Skateboard Wheels
  • Best for Rough Surfaces: POWELL PERALTA G-BONES Skateboard Wheel

Top 5 Amazing wheels for street skating

Here we have listed few products from varies brands based upon their types and other attributes after doing a lot of research.

Here, we will try to meet your query regarding what are the best skateboard wheels for street skating? Let us explore now.

SHARK Wheel Skateboard Wheels

If you are concerned about how to skateboard on uneven surfaces and are looking for something different, you should go for SHARK wheels.

Now you will think about how a square-looking wheel will give you a better experience? To know the answer, keep an eye on the features.

Why do skaters prefer this wheel the most when thinking of longboards?

To fit longboards, the primary criteria should be that the wheels should be big enough.

In this case, the SHARK wheels are pretty big and to add to that they provide support on all surfaces.

With the deck surface of the longboard being big, you would like to explore places that would be somewhat hard with skateboards, including uneven terrains.

But not to worry, your savior is here as these wheels will perfectly fit the choice which a good hardness rating.

The wheels are long-lasting and the feature that attracts skaters the most is the shape the wheels.

They have a unique square-shaped structure which is also helpful in terms of  skating.

Some people complain that they do not provide proper bearing, but with so many options open to buy bearings online, there is no need to worry.
If you like the wheel, go for it, and you can get the bearings installed as per your choice.


  • Provides a superior All-Terrain performance.
  • It operates smoothly on rough terrain proving friction in motion and long-lasting roll.
  • These wheels are a top choice for various fortune 500 skateboard brands.
  • The size of the wheel is 60mm
  • The wheel has a hardness grade of 8A


  • Beautiful and elegant design with square cut
  • Performs best on rough surfaces
  • Long-lasting effect


  • Too costly
  • No skateboard bearings are provided in the pack


If you’ve been willing to skate in the big bowls and janky pavement but cannot have fun using the little wheels, G-BONES will help you get the ultimate pleasure with its big-sized wheels.

How much reliable are these wheels for rough surfaces?

When it comes to skating wheels, one of the most renowned brands that stand in the market is G-Bones.

They have an excellent record of production that often excels the market standards.
You must wonder why they are tagged as the best for rough roads. Well, let me explain that to you.

Firstly, rough surfaces require hard wheels to be installed and these wheels have a high durometer rating and therefore are a genuine choice for rough roads.

On top of that, the wheel size is quite impressive; therefore, minor obstacles on the road can be easily avoided if you have them on.

The premium quality materials used for the build make them durable and long-lasting. The brand also promises the skaters good stability with these wheels installed. Therefore, when you hit the off-road tracks, you can rest assured of the balance factor.

So, they can be a genuine choice if you are looking for wheels for rough roads.

This is one of the best skateboard wheels for rough road and terrains.


  • The wheels have a durometer hardness of 97A
  • Quite big-sized wheels with a diameter of 64 mm.
  • You can get them in colors like blue, green and white.
  • The weight of this pair of wheels is only 0.9 Pounds


  • Premium quality wheels with a long-lasting performance
  • Highly recommended as an off-road skateboard wheel
  • Good hold on stability and balance


  • Hard to shred on the street with ease
  • Loud noise

FIREBALL Tinder Skateboard & Longboard Wheels for Cruising

If you want to know how to skateboard like a professional, you will require a lot more than just a cruiser wheel; a wheel meant for freestyling.

These wheels from FIREBALL are a perfect solution for you. They are a perfect choice for dancing due to their texture and build, and they are also great for cruising around the city.

Why is it recommended as the best cruising board wheel?

Some people are simply fond of cruising, and that is the sole reason they think of buying a skateboard. Are you also like-minded?

Well then, freeze your search here, as this is one of the perfect wheels for cruising. Let me tell you why this product is tagged so.

The first attribute that we need to mention is the wheel size. Have quite big wheels with enough surface area and are therefore perfect for a longboard.

Soft wheels are always the preferred ones when cruising, and these wheels are pretty quiet as per the durometer rating.

The premium quality urethane used to build these wheels makes them highly durable.
The fiberglass core adds to the strength of the wheels, making them an outstanding choice.
With this kind of build, you can also do speed racing, and they would fully support you without any issues.

Apart from cruising, they give you something extra. Besides longboards, these wheels can also be used in skateboards, and they also support freestyling because of their superb build quality, and there is no need for a replacement to try such things.


  • These wheels are mainly for small-sized longboard skateboard
  • The wheel size of 60mm and have a width of 40mm
  • The urethane skateboard wheels are of premium quality
  • The hardness level of this wheel is 81A
  • The core of the wheels are made of fiberglass


  • Can be used for both longboards as well as skateboards
  • Quite sturdy and best fit for mini cruisers
  • Facilitates speed racing and can be easily installed


  • Wheels do not come with wheel bearings

RICTA Wide Skateboard Wheel

If you wish to ride a skateboard with longboard wheels, these wider wheels from the brand of RICTA can be a perfect choice.

Wider wheels allow you more grip while skating on the roads.

Why is this wheel regarded as the best for filming?

To do some filming, be it of your stunts and tricks with the board or maybe the neighborhood and city, you need to hit the street.

Therefore, the wheels that you would be installing in your skateboard should have a very good build quality.

You would also prefer to have a better balance in this case as if you are holding the camera and making the film yourself, then obviously you would look for stability.

The wheels are quite wide and therefore the contact surface is also bigger which also you to have a better grip to the ground.

The wear and tear factor is also much secured as the wheels are tagged as long lasting and therefore effective for longer rides.

Durometer ratings rate these wheels as hard with a 99A rating which allows you the option to even skate on rough roads.

Now, if you are getting filmed while doing tricks rather than filming yourself, you would always look for wheels which qualify for the same.

These wheels do not require any replacement in this case as they are quite lightweight with a strong build which allows you to do tricks even and that too with ease.


  • The weight of the wheels is 7 ounces.
  • The urethane used to build the wheels make them quite light-weighted
  •  They have a hardness rating of 99A and a width of 53mm
  • Highly recommendable for skating on the streets


  • Enhanced stability and control
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • More grip than usual wheels


  • Sharp turns are not possible
  • Not so good for performance riding

SPITFIRE Classic Skateboard Wheels

If you are a learner then you can go for this wheel from the brand of SPITFIRE as it does not take up much speed when going downhills.

For street or any other transition skateboarding, these wheels will be perfect and they are also good for rough terrains.

What makes it an overall performer?

An overall performer does not excel in any one attribute for if you look at the things that it can offer in totality it surely surpasses all its competitors. So is the case with this product.

The SPITFIRE wheels are a classy product which fits the choice for both beginners as well as experienced skaters.

There are so many features that contribute as the determinant to its performance. One of them is the control.

The wheel is perfect for riding downhill as it offers a controlled rolling in the slopes helping you to maintain balance.

Not only has the shape, the wheel size also contributed to its stability factor.

The wheels are made of urethane and have the ability to bear a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, no worries of them break down easily if you are thinking of a long run.

To add to this, they possess a good hardness quotient making them a great choice to work on rough terrains.

You can use it to race downhill with your friends or simply cruise around the neighborhood.

You would be astonished to know that you can actually perform tricks with this wheel due to the stability and control quotient.


  • The wheel size is 52mm and has a classic shape.
  • Quite harder wheels with a hardness rating of 99A
  • The urethane skateboard wheels are made for long-lasting performance
  • It can withstand more misuse and ill-treatment


  • Stable for child and newbie riders
  • Facilitates trick riding due to its slowness
  • It is one of the best skateboard wheels for beginners


  • Smaller & slower wheels

best skateboard wheels for rough street

What to look for while purchasing skateboard wheels for street?

As there are a huge number of products available in the market, it is not at all easy to get the perfect wheels as per your need.

You must keep in mind about few things before purchasing the best longboard wheels.

We have pointed out few things which you can have check on while purchasing the best skateboard wheels for street skating. Let’s begin now.

Wheel’s diameter

There are varying diameters available for the best longboard wheels. Starting at 50mm, some products even come with 60mm+ diameters.

But how would you determine which size is the best for you? Some may simply buy wheels for cruising while some may use them for tricks. So, it is essential to know your type.

However, if you are into street skating, I would recommend you to opt for smaller wheels due to their ability to control speed.

They are lighter and are more responsive in nature.

Build and Texture of the Wheel

This is a very critical factor and can determine the longevity as well as the speed and performance of your skateboard.

Most of the wheels are either made of polyurethane or urethane.

Don’t get confused as polyurethane is simply a multi-combination pack of urethane and offers the same advantages.

They are resistant to oils and are very effective in reducing noise and vibrations.

The shape of the edges of the wheels is also a deciding factor. Smoother and rounder edges will help the wheels easily roll and facilitate sliding.

On the other hand, wheels with sharp edges allow more grip on the surface.

Durometer rating of the wheel

The durometer rating of a skateboard wheel determines the hardness of the wheel’s texture. The ranges start from 75A which is very soft and are available up to 105A.

There is another B scale of the durometer which is comparatively harder than the A scale with a 20-point rating.

For skating on streets, the ideal durometer grade should be between 88A – 100A, as slightly harder wheels, allow you to speed up.

However, if you are a beginner, you should opt for the soft ones with a durometer rating between 78A – 80A instead

Surface of Contact

The surface on which the longboard trucks and wheels will roll while you ride is a vital element to decide upon your choice.

The surface will determine the griping factor of the wheel and in turn your balance and stability while you ride.

If you are willing to skate on the streets, narrower wheels are preferred more in comparison to wider ones.


Most importantly, you must do homework on your budget as the price plays an important role in the quality and longevity of the wheels.

If you are opting for cheap skateboard wheels then there is a possibility of damage which may lead to accidents. Choose a cost-effective board of good quality

If you have a high budget you can opt for the Freedare skateboard wheels even.

Which street skateboard wheels are the right ones for me?

If you are a beginner, I would recommend you to opt for wheels with a smaller or average diameter because of their speed control features.

Also, you can have control over the turning angles.

For enhanced performance, look for a wheel with a shock absorber facility. You should refrain from buying cheap skateboard wheels.

What size skateboard wheels are best for street?

The wheels with a diameter between 50-53mm are highly recommended for this.

They allow riders to slow their ride as required while skating on a street filled with traffic.

Being close to the ground they offer more control. However, due to height issues, bigger riders sometimes prefer average-sized wheels with a diameter between 54-59mm.

What else?

The most important part of your skateboard is the skateboard wheels and bearings are the 2nd most crucial factor in the list.

If you want to roll your wheels smoothly then you need good bearings

Final Verdict

For street skating, some people prefer roller skates with roller skate wheels in form of quad skate wheels or inline skate wheels.

The inline skate wheels are 2-5 roller skate wheels aligned in a single line.

On the other hand, the quad skate wheels have a pair of rear & front wheels and therefore it is important to check the front wheel alignment and rear-wheel alignment before riding.

Similarly, for skateboards, you must check if the longboard trucks and wheels are aligned, before you ride.

The skateboard wheels are the ones that would carry your weight while you skate, so, make your choices wisely.

We have done a deep research of all the listed products and we can conclude the spitfire skateboard wheel to be the best skateboard wheels for street skating.

You can check out the spitfire bighead skateboard wheels and spitfire death wish wheels for better performance.

Frequently Asked Question

How to choose the best wheels for street skating?

Choosing the best wheels for skating on streets may not be as easy as finding a cheap electric skateboard, but if you remember two key parameters, you can certainly make a good choice.

The two parameters are the wheel size & its hardness. Softer wheels with small diameters are more preferable over the hard and bigger ones.

How much does a decent skateboard cost?

A standard skateboard can be available within $150 – $170. If you want to have a rich experience of skating, assembling your skateboard will be the best option.

However, if you are into techie stuff and want to buy the fastest electric skateboard, it might cost you around $3000. Don’t invest in any cheap electric skateboard while searching for the fastest electric skateboard.

Are 99a wheels good for street?

The answer is a big No. The 99A wheels are not good for the street as they are too hard and rough. They will result in higher vibration & an uncomfortable ride which will also generate a lot of noise.

Wheels with a hardness rating of 82a just like that of Freedare skateboard wheels are the most preferable choices for the street.

Are spitfire wheels good for street skating?

As per the survey done by our highly qualified team, the spitfire bighead skateboard wheel is the best user choice product when it comes to skating on streets.

It is undoubtedly a top brand in the market and offers versatile features which are unmatched. You can also check out the spitfire deathwish wheels with enhanced graphics & quality.

What is the best brand of skateboard wheels?

Spitfire skateboard wheels are the best brand for beginners when it comes to skateboard bearings & wheels.

The brand amazes each of its customers with the outstanding build quality of the wheels and the attractive texture they possess.

The wheels are quite hard and offer varieties in width range.

What are the best skateboard wheels for street?

The best wheels for skating on street must be smaller in diameter. Small wheels allow more control and are good for small riders.

Another important factor is the hardness rating and as investigated by our team, it has been found that the softer wheels are a better choice for skating on streets.

What does 78a means on skateboard wheels?

Durometer is the scale for measuring the hardness of any surface. Therefore, the alphanumeric figures mentioned in a wheel simply denotes its hardness number. The durometer scale measures hardness from 1 to 100.

A wheel marked 78a means it has a very good grip & can roll smoothly on a rough surface.

Why are skateboard wheels made of polyurethane?

You can find the term ’Polyurethane’ inscribed in most of the skating wheels. The wheels made with this material are long-lasting & resistant to wear.

They also provide good maneuvering & handling.

Polyurethane also acts as a shock absorber for the wheels, thereby ensuring a smooth and comfortable riding experience. You can take a sharp turn with such wheels installed.

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