Best 8 Easy Ways How Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane.

Traveling with a skateboard on an airplane is pretty much allowed everywhere if it does not cross the normal limit of the luggage. Wondering can you bring a skateboard on a plane? Yes, you can do it since it is not considered a hazardous material.

Some of the airlines that allow you to bring a skateboard on a plane are American Airlines, European Airlines, and many more. It is one of those that do not get stopped at a security checkpoint.

An airline company may have regulations only when the weight exceeds the checked luggage. Otherwise, it is pretty much allowed since it falls under the category of sporting equipment.

But keep in mind that you cannot store it in an overhead compartment to avoid problems with other passengers.

How can you bring a Skateboard on a Plane?

It is pretty much allowed by all airlines to carry a skateboard along with your checked baggage regardless of the reason, though you cannot include it in your hand luggage since it may exceed the hand baggage allowance.

But there are certain rules that you need to follow while carrying it on a plane since it can be one of the prohibited items if not carried properly.

You need to properly pack that item if you want to store it in the overhead bin. A poor-quality plastic bag would not work. Instead, go for a strong and hardy plastic or bubble wrap.

To bring a skateboard on an airplane make sure the general aircraft weight limit is not compromised.

Can You Take an Electric Skateboard on a Plane?

Some of the airlines like Jetblue Airlines allow electric skateboards to be carried on the plane. Again, it is the company’s discretion and many of them may not allow you to carry one.

Since it is an electric skateboard, it generally goes in with the carry-on luggage to avoid having excess baggage on board.

The general regulations of carrying an electric skateboard on a plane, state that if it has a lithium-ion battery within 100 WH, it will be allowed on the plane.

Anything within 100 WH to 160 WH needs the approval of the airline company. But anything above 160 WH is firmly prohibited.

But in cases of excessive need or emergency, the approval of the concerned company is final and can be allowed in some cases.

Unfortunately due to having a bigger wattage of the lithium battery, airline companies do not allow the carrying of electric skateboards on a plane. Unlike electric skateboards, power banks are allowed on the flight since they have lower power.

Even if you are carrying an electric skateboard, make sure to carry a spare battery in case of emergencies.

bring a skateboard on an airplane

How Do You Carry a Skateboard on a Plane?

Most airline companies would let you carry a skateboard of regulated weight and length as part of the checked bag. Wherein, you need to buy a differently designed smart bag to carry it.

If only carried properly there are fewer chances that you would need to be paying a baggage fee.

Again, if you need to carry it with your general carry-on baggage, you can simply detach the wheels from the skateboard. Thereafter, wrap the deck properly in a solid towel or cloth and settle it safely within the normal cabin baggage.

It is good to know that all international and domestic airlines allow you to carry a skateboard until it falls in the category of dangerous goods like knitting needles, sharp objects, and many more.

3 Top Tips about a Skateboard Carry in an Airplane

There can be various reasons behind carrying a skateboard on a plane from a particular place to another. Regardless of the reasons, airline companies allow you to carry a skateboard if all the rules are followed properly. Here are three tips about what you should do to avoid problems.

Go Through the Airline Policies

Airline companies have a detailed explanation of their policies regarding the carrying of sports equipment on their flights. Among those skateboards is one of the equipments that can be carried.

Certain rules and regulations are present that every passenger carrying a skateboard must abide by. If not followed properly they along with their baggage can be detained with hefty punishments.

Hence, keep your information updated before taking any steps.

Dismantle the Parts Properly

Make sure to open up the skateboard thoroughly and properly to make it as small as possible to carry it without any hindrance.

Keep the dismantling process in mind, so that you can easily reassemble it when needed.

Dismantle it systematically by removing the trucks along with the wheels. The trucks can easily be carried in a backpack as hand luggage. But the deck needs to go in the cargo as it can take up some space.

Opt for a Mini Skateboard Instead

At times it can be a very hassle-full process of carrying a full-size skateboard on a plane. Dismantling it and then reassembling it again can be tiresome.

Instead get a mini skateboard. As the name suggests it is a miniature version of a traditional skateboard that is quite easy to carry.

Specifically built for the people who have to travel with a skateboard from place to place, you do not need to disassemble this board and carry it as a full system easily with almost no restrictions at all.

How Do You Pack an Electric Skateboard on a Plane?

Can you bring a skateboard on a plane, that too an electric skateboard? Yes, you can if you follow the regulations. There are certainly different methods of carrying an electric skateboard on a plane. But remember to detach the battery and inform the airline company about the special baggage you are carrying. Some of the methods of packing the electric skateboard are described below

Bubble Wrap

It is by far the safest way to wrap and pack an electric skateboard to store it in the standard checked bag. If packed in bubble wrap, it minimizes the chances of damage and hazard and keeps all parties safe.


This too is a safe option but is not that feasible. It would give a good cushion to the board and keep it safe while at the airport checking counter. Again, it does not make sure to not be a hazard over long journeys.


Not a very good option if you are carrying an electric skateboard. It is good for wrapping but not for packing. There will be no damage control whatsoever and constant ramming of the board can destroy it. At the same time no surety that paper will prevent the skateboard from being a hazard overall.

Can You Take a Skateboard Onto an Airplane to Travel to Another Continent?

Most of the international airline companies would allow you to take the skateboards if within the regulated weight and length. You are not allowed to carry it as hand baggage since storing them in the overhead bins is difficult.

It is even better if you are carrying a mini skateboard that has almost no restrictions to carry, be it domestically or internationally.

Since skateboards do not fall under the category of mobility aid, airline companies usually instruct them to be carried with the carry-on bag to avoid crowding, somewhat similar to what they do in case of bigger medical items.


Carrying a skateboard via air is never a problem until you start violating the policies. Domestic as well as international flights have given enough relaxations to carry skateboards across states, countries, and even continents.

Again, before you plan to carry a skateboard on a flight, make sure to go through the policies set by the airline company in advance to avoid confusion and problems later on during the journey.

When carrying electric skateboards specifically, be ultra sure and careful about the steps you take, and never forget to carry a spare lithium battery.

Now if you are still wondering can you bring a skateboard on a plane, then your answer along with a detailed explanation is given above for your ready reference and smoothness of the journey. Just keep in mind to abide by the general baggage rules by the airlines’ company and airport authority.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you carry a skateboard delta?

Delta Airlines, one of the biggest airlines operating across the United States, does allow you to carry a skateboard but under verified regulations. Before booking and traveling with a skateboard, check details on their website.

Did anyone try carrying a skateboard as cabin baggage?

 It is usually not allowed to carry a skateboard as cabin baggage. Most airlines allow it to be carried as carry-on luggage to avoid overcrowding of the luggage in the cabin or compartment.

What electric skateboards may be allowed to be carried?

An electric skateboard with 100 WH power might be allowed to carry without any issues. On the other hand, skateboards with 100-160 WH power may need permission. However, anything above 160 WH is completely prohibited on flights.

Can you bring your skateboard in your hand luggage?

Only if it is a mini skateboard, it can be allowed in hand luggage. Otherwise, normal-sized skateboards are not allowed to be a part of your hand baggage and need to be boarded as cargo luggage.

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