Can You Do Tricks On A Longboard? Best 5 Tricks.

If we talk about tricks then you must be thinking – can you do tricks on a longboard? We will be discussing the various possibilities related to tricks with longboard in this article.

A longboard is a little longer than usual skateboards and has different kinds of shapes. Longboards are faster than skateboards because of their wheel size and more precise hardware.

Longboards are mainly used for traveling, cruising, and while racing downhill, known as longboarding. You can do a few tricks on longboards, but you cannot apply skateboard tricks on longboards as they are not completely similar.

You can also do tricks on the longboard depending upon the type of longboard. There are varieties of longboards you will get to use for different types of tricks.

Let’s check some of the other features and longboard tricks for beginners.

Can you do tricks on a longboard?

Can you do tricks on a longboard or not that depends on your skill level but if you are a pro then some longboard tricks are there which you can perform.

There are many freestyle longboard tricks and longboard surfing tricks available and the best part about these tricks is riders can perform them on any board, just like skateboard tricks.

After having great fun performing tricks or riding your longboard, when you want to stop it then you have to make sure that you need to have enough space. It is very obvious that to stop the longboard you need to stop pushing it and ride it out.

If you want to become a pro in longboard tricks then you must first learn how to minimize injury and maximize progress on these beginner longboard tricks, then only you can move on to more difficult ones.

Some of the few beginner tricks are listed below.

  • Pivot
  • One foot balance
  • Foot brake
  • urf trick
  • Cross step
  • Ghost ride
  • Downhill tuck
  • Stand up heel side check, etc.
  • Kick flip
  • Dancing trick

You can perform these tricks on an everyday basis, but do not forget to take safety precautions like slide gloves, riding pads, etc. as there is a chance of getting injured.

 If the board has larger wheels then the trick will be a smooth one. Gripping is also essential in a longboard as grip tape helps to keep and maintain the balance between the right foot and left foot.

longboard tricks for beginners

Can you do tricks on a drop through longboard?

The drop-through longboards usually have a shorter tail, small deck, a little bit cheaper, and platform which is very small and makes it harder to apply longboard tricks. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to ride or do any tricks, if you have a good skill level and riding style then you can.

Performing longboarding tricks on a drop-through longboard requires enough skill level and experienced skaters. You will be unable to try different types of tricks on the drop-through longboard if you do not know how to ride properly with freestyle.

A drop-through longboard is a good option for beginners if you are not performing any tricks. You can start your longboard career using this board and once you become a pro you can start doing tricks instead of thinking can you do tricks on a longboard.

Can you do tricks on a pintail longboard?

A pintail longboard is designed in such a way that the boards and wheels are prevented from wheel bites. Also, the top-mounted trucks help in keeping the board high and help to change directions very easily while riding on it. Hence they are very suitable for carving and cruising especially if rkp trucks are attached.

Normally, on a pintail longboard free ride tricks are not the best to perform, but there are a lot of tricks that can be performed or practiced for fun on a pintail. Pintails longboard or this kind of longboard works the best on small hills and flatland.

Most of the people admitted that the pintail longboards are one of the best options for beginners. The shape of the pintail longboard prevents the softer wheels or hard wheel from touching the board which means it prevents wheel bite.

Some tricks that you can do on these types of boards are listed below.

•cross step

•peter pan


•ghost ride

Can you do tricks on a free ride longboard?

Longboarders require enough strength and power like surfers. This is a type of sport which really requires lots of stamina and energy to do difficult tricks. The longboarding tricks improve lower body endurance as your legs are in continuous use.

Though free ride longboards are usually used for downhill cruising or rolling but doing tricks with them is still possible. The free ride Longboards are a little longer than the regular skateboards, but still, awesome tricks can be performed with it such as flips, Ollie’s, handrails, and airs.

Doing slides, jumps, and turns on your free ride longboard is also very doable. Admittedly, it can be a bit difficult for those who have not rolled on a board before but as you continue to learn it will get easier.

We should remember that there are varieties of skateboarding tricks that cannot be performed on a free-ride longboard as they are designed differently.

Instead of thinking can you do tricks on a longboard, start to perform some tricks like the ones listed below.


•walking the plank

longboard dancing



•Shove it

•Drop in, etc.

Can you do tricks on a cruiser?

Cruiser generally means “mini longboard skateboard“. It is generally a type of plastic skateboard with a desk, cruiser-type smaller wheels, and longboard trucks. It is used for cruising short distances as the longboard deck is small. Most of the cruiser boards have a kicktail, which is a portion that curves up at the end on the backside.

These boards are not specialized for doing tricks like skateboards decks are. Cruisers skateboards also cannot go fast or downhill as they are designed in that way. It is quite difficult to perform tricks with a cruiser as their architecture is not preferred for tricks. They are a little heavy which makes them harder to get the board off the road.

Do not get upset as now you know they are not made for performing cruising tricks. You cannot perform all the tricks with them that you can do with a normal skateboard but the kicktail on the cruiser allows you to perform several tricks like an Ollie, pressure flip, pressure hill, etc.

Some more tricks that can be performed on a cruiser are listed below.

•flip on

•fakie kickturn

•staple gun

•nose revert

•power slide

Can you do tricks on cruiser wheels?

As we know that cruiser board or cruiser wheels are not made for performing tricks like skateboard wheels but still you can do some of the basic tricks. The cruiser wheels can be of a softer wheel or harder wheel type depending upon the size.

The designs of cruiser wheels are made in such a way that they can provide a comfortable ride as they tend to be softer than other types of skateboard wheels. They roll on streets, skate park or rough surfaces smoothly and resist rough pavement better than other types of wheels

Tricks can be definitely done with a cruiser or longboard wheels but you can put on risers to avoid the wheel bite.

Some tricks that can be done with cruiser wheels are listed below.

•board slide

•hippie jump

•ollie pick up

•bean plant


You can do many tricks with your longboard. If you have the best longboard for tricks with a kicktail then you can do so many stunts. You can easily perform 180s or 360s with your longboard with proper practice & consistency

You can juggle, do a handstand or you can do a hang 10. You can also perform powerslide with your longboard.

Cruising on a longboard is fun. Not to mention, the downhill slide is a very common stunt with a longboard. It is very similar to skateboarding only some tricks cannot be performed like a skateboard.

Trying things that are not obvious and which have the maximum percentage of losing the balance is not a correct decision.

Lastly, the only thing you need to focus on while riding a longboard and doing tricks is that you should not lose your hope and should be confident of what you are doing or going to do. That’s all on how can you do tricks on a longboard. Now, go hit the skate park with your longboard for some tricks.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What tricks can you do on a longboard?

There are many tricks that you can do on a longboard and for beginners, we have selected a few of the tricks like the kickflip, Ghostride flip, No-comply 180, Shove-it, and Pivot.

  • Can you do tricks on a mini longboard?

The mini longboard is a kind of small longboard in which some of the tricks can be performed. You can perform slides, do 180s or 360s, and do other short tricks as a beginner.

  • Can you perform grinding tricks on a longboard?

You can treat your board like a shorter one to perform grind tricks but you must remember that your deck needs to be strong enough and the kingpin must be rightly placed.

  • What type of longboard is best for tricks?

Among many boards, the basic longboard is the best starting point for beginners as it can be used for cruising or simply skating in the skate park with friends. But for a trick, you can choose a drop-through longboard.

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