Knowing The What Is The Differences between a Longboard and a Skateboard

You may be riding for a longtime, but most riders fail to identify the key difference between longboard and skateboard.

So, if you are too wondering what is the difference between a longboard and a skateboard, you are at the right place.

Although there are look-wise similarities between them but the riding style of a rider will make a major difference in determining if that person will be a longboarder or a skateboarder.

Usually people think that the two are the same and only differs by size. Well, there are a lot more than that to point out.

To help you understand the, we have done an extensive study and in this article we are going to share those thoughts with you.

Keep reading this article to know get your conceptions clear.

What is the difference between a longboard and a skateboard based upon their price?

Skaters, especially the beginners are often unsure regarding which should be the best choice of board for them to start their skating journey with.

Going through several opinions, often make them confused with their choice. However, with our detailed study you will be able to make your choice soon.

While making your choice one of the most crucial factors will be price, so let us start by comparing these two by their prices.

If you are fond of skateboarding and want to buy a skateboard, you can find some good boards within $120.

However, if you are looking for a beginner’s longboard, it would cost you somewhere around $200.

Are longboards costlier than skateboards?

The choice of buying your first board is entirely yours, but you might think are longboards costlier than skateboards? Yes, they are costlier.

As you can see that a standard longboard will cost almost a $100 more than a newbie skateboard.

You maybe lured by various cheaper brands who offer a lot within a low budget, but if you want to board to last long always opt for the best brands.

Longboard vs skateboard – Distinguishing Features

When you have decided to buy a board for learning skating but your choice is stuck between longboards and skateboards, it becomes really difficult.

We have done a survey on some newbie rider and most of them have faced this issue.

That is why we have done an exclusive comparison based on certain factors of skating so that our readers can be helped out of their dilemma.

So, let us begin exploring the determinants now.

Purpose of buying

Before opting for the choice of board, every rider must be sure of their purpose of buying a board. This will add transparency to the buying process.

If you are fond of cruising, longboards are the best. They provide more balance and are faster & durable.

Contrarily, skateboards are quite lightweighted and therefore portable. If you want a board for leaning new moves, skateboards are best for you as they move slowly.

Design & Built

If you go for a one-shot look, you might think both of the boards are same and find no difference like most people.

But as already mentioned they do differ. Both of the boards are available in different shapes and designs.

Longboards are narrower than the skateboards. The deck has less wide but when it comes to length they win the race and that is why they are also called long-tail boards. They have a flat surface.

The skateboard on the contrary, has a curved stature and that is why they are beneficial for freestyling. The built is what allows rider to take sharp turns and perform flips.

Size of the Deck

As already mentioned longboards are longer in size and most of them have a deck length of around 40-60 inches. On the other hand, the skateboard size in terms of length is shorter and they have a deck of around 35 inches long.

The freestylers often look for smaller boards for performing tricks on the ramps, and therefore the skateboards are always shorter is size.

On the other hand, with a longboard, you can have a tour of the city with utmost balance under your feet.

Trucks and Wheels

The skateboards have narrower trucks, and always used a traditional kingpin while longboards use reverse kingpins and hangers.

The hangers in the longboard offer more flexibility, in comparison to skateboards, which gives it an upper hand while racing downhill or drifting.

Bearings & bushings are also important factors, and both of these boards have similar quality products which only differ in size.

Longboards are usually for commuting, so they are fitted with longer & softer wheels which help to overcome minor obscatles like pebbles on the rough roads.

While skateboards are fitted with shorter and harder wheels as they often have strike heavily on the ground after a trick like kingflips.

Flexibility & stability

Longboards are installed with softer wheels and the wider decks offer more stability and allow newbie riders to learn balancing.

If you compare skateboards with longboards, the flexibility is greater.

For a beginner, it is always the longboard that gains priority in terms of stability.

Longboards offer smoother handling across varying terrain which is not the case with skateboards.


If you want to use your board for transportation purpose, then certainly longboards favor your choice. You can buy a pin-tail longboard as they are known as the best cruiser boards.

You can also opt for a drop-through longboard, if you want to engage in speed racing.

As far as skateboards are concerned, they are not so good for cruising and are considered an option for dancing.

Speed and stunts

If you have been a pro skater and want to continue with your tricks, you would probably like to buy a skateboard.

With the skateboards you can learn impressive tricks like grind rails & Ollies.

However, if speed has always been a key point for you and you want to freeride along the city or maybe race down the hills, longboards are certainly the choice.

To be specific, it will allow you to enjoy a casual riding on a lazy afternoon.

In Totality

If you are a beginner, longboards hold a superior place while for professional riders looking to freestyle, skateboards are the better option.

However, as long as you are sure about your riding style, you are sure to make the correct choice.

If you are unsure of that, we would recommend you to start with a longboard and then move to a mini  longboard if you are fond of tricks.


In a nutshell, both the boards have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is up to the rider to decide which one works best for him.

The choice as already mentioned would mostly be on your riding style if you are a pro, and if you are a beginner, opting for a longboard will help you learn to balance.

Regardless of whichever way you differentiate between longboard and skateboard, when you choose to buy, never opt for a poor-quality cheap product as they tend to break down easily.

So, now that you know what is the difference between a longboard and a skateboard, stop thinking and go and buy the board of your choice to hit the skate parks with your friends.

Urmi Rudra

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