A Complete Guide about Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits.

An electric skateboard conversion kit is a unique device that lets you convert your traditional electric longboard to an electric skateboard. The electric skateboard conversion kits are the new craze in the market.

Since the electric skateboard kit is not so costly, it saves a lot of money as well. Buying an electric skateboard can cost you some healthy bucks. Instead, opt for a skateboard conversion kit to save time as well as money.

If you are interested in buying some of the best electric skateboard conversion kits you can find them at online shopping websites or a local store that sells skateboarding goods.

A conversion kit also includes specific skateboard parts like the truck, wheel, or bushing that helps you change these specific parts.

Choose the best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

If you want a quick yet efficient change from a longboard to an electric skateboard, an electric skateboard conversion kit should be your go-to item.

The best thing about these skateboard kits is that they include even the smallest parts for replacement. According to your need, you can buy one to replace specific parts and not change the whole unit.

The newest skateboard conversion kits come with an option where you can even change the battery of your electric skateboard.

The best conversion kit can be quite difficult to choose from since there are a lot of options that are not only good but also quite affordable.

There are different types of conversion kits available in the market depending upon your need amongst which revel kit is one of the most popular ones that every skateboard rider prefers due to its versatility.

Electric Longboard Conversion Kit

You might need an e-longboard conversion kit essentially because there is a sharp difference between an electric skateboard and an electric longboard.

When you need to convert a longboard to a skateboard you would specifically need a longboard conversion kit since it contains parts that suit the size of the board.

You can use a mellow drive kit specifically for your longboard since that infuses a lot more firepower and torque into the hub motor, a motor that most longboards use.

Before you buy one of those electric longboard kits it would be quite helpful if you can consult a professional who has some experience in riding a longboard or a skateboard since there are a lot of significant changes that go through your board when you use a conversion kit.

It is also possible to make skateboard conversion kits at home. The process is quite simple and is thoroughly discussed below.

best electric skateboard conversion kits

Off-road Skateboard Electric Conversion Kit

Modern-day skateboards are built in such a manner that the riding modes can be easily converted.

Most of the skateboards are usually built for normal riding which includes riding on smooth roads. Many of them can be converted to off-road skateboards with an electric kit specifically designed for the purpose.

While you change a normal electric skateboard to an off-road electric skateboard the main parts which are changed are the rear trucks and the wheels. The wheels are usually converted to PU wheels.

Pu wheels are stronger than normal wheels and the rider can have a smooth ride even on some of the most difficult off-road terrains like sandy beaches or gravel-covered uneven paths.

Again, Onan X2 is one of those convertible dual-motor kits that you can attach to your regular electric skateboard to transform it into an off-road electric skateboard.

Since an off-road electric skateboard needs to be hardy to withstand rough paths, you would need a good quality electric skateboard conversion kit which you can find online or at your local skate shops.

Why go for an Electric Skateboard Longboard Conversion Kit?

There are a lot of reasons why you should opt for an electric skateboard conversion kit. One of them is that it saves you a lot of time.

Since buying a new skateboard can be confusing due to the huge number of options available in the market, opting for a longboard kit or a normal conversion kit can save you that time which goes out for researching the best skateboards in the market.

Another main reason is it saves you a lot of money. Buying a new skateboard can often be costly. Hence investing in a quality conversion kit can save you a lot of money.

Apart from these, you have the freedom to choose your loaded board style. You too have the freedom to choose the battery pack, braking system, wheel bite, and much more when you customize your skateboard with a conversion kit.

You can also install a proper remote control for an all-around control over the system remotely which is quite convenient. You can also easily swap the parts when necessary without any unnecessary hassle.

The convenience these kits offer is pretty much unmatched and every skateboard owner should own a kit like this.

DIY Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

A DIY electric skateboard kit is something that can be easily made at home with the simplest of items that do not even require a lot of time.

There are no complex steps included in making a DIY kit. It saves you a lot of time, money as well as effort. Using a DIY conversion kit is quite close to making a DIY electric skateboard whereby you arrange for all parts.

First of all, you need to create a thorough list of all the items you would need. Thereafter, you would need to start from the base and then the rest of the parts.

You would need to attach the cloud wheels to the deck and the motor, mount the truck with the wheels. The speed of the skateboard depends on the type of motor you use. A powerful motor would result in a high speed skateboard.

You can then attach a special regenerative braking system if you want an optimized braking experience.

You can use a DIY race kit if you specifically want a cruiser skateboard. As part of a conversion kit, you would also find rubber pads for vibration damping and alloy-made shock absorbers.

It is quite convenient for you to make a DIY skateboard conversion kit as all parts are available in the market individually with a proper guarantee as well as affordable rates.

Benefits of Skateboard Conversion Kit

  • Sk Skateboard conversion kits are specifically quite beneficial to freestyle skateboarders. With quick customization of your skateboard depending upon the type of path, freestyles can easily cruise across places.
  • For cruising, a drive kit can be quite helpful. These are some of the particular specifications that your skateboard should have for smooth cruising.
  • Traditional longboards are designed specifically for downhill riding whereas the traditional or electric skateboards with smaller decks are used for street riding purposes.
  • When you have an eye for riding all sorts of terrains, a skateboard conversion kit can be very helpful. It gives you the handy edge you would need for customization.
  • Traditional longboards have 9 inches long trucks. These are long enough for downhill rides but very uncomfortable when it comes to performing tricks and stunts or freestyling on the streets. Hence, the conversion kit trucks are 6 inches long. This is a very suitable size that enables you to cruise on streets as well as ride downhill smoothly.
  • On top of these benefits, skateboard conversion kits are way more affordable than buying skateboards for every type of terrain. They get installed in the minimum time and save you from physical as well as mental labor.
  • The electric skateboard conversion kits come with quality goods including bearings which are necessary for keeping the parts moving smoothly. It has been seen in skateboards that smoother the bearing, safer and smoother the ride is.



For someone who is an enthusiastic skateboard rider, having a skateboard conversion kit is very important. It plays a proper beneficial role while you want to ride on various terrains.

Not only terrains, but an electric skateboard conversion kit also helps you to change the basic specifications of the electric skateboard. If you want to change the hub motor to a more sophisticated ESC motor, the kit gets you covered.

One of the cheapest electric skateboard conversion kits available in the market currently is the M5 kit that gives you an all-around option to customize your board.

Hence keeping a complete electric skateboard conversion kit is very crucial for anybody who finds deep interest in riding a skateboard.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is an electric skateboard conversion kit?

An electric skateboard conversion kit is a device that helps you to convert the appearance as well as the functionality of the skateboard on the go. It contains all the parts that can customize the skateboard.

  • What should you look for in an electric skateboard kit?

An electric skateboard conversion kit has the sole purpose of changing or customizing the skateboard. It should contain all the parts necessary for skateboard conversion. On top of that, those parts should be of high quality.

  • How much weight can a lucid DIY electric kit handle?

A lucid DIY electric kit is the best e-skateboard conversion kit in the market and can handle up to 220 pounds. As the weight increases, the performance goes down due to the pressure.

  • What is the best electric skateboard kit?

If you have no budget issues, the Esk8Club skateboard kit is the best. On the other hand, if you want a quality and affordable kit, the XCSOURCE electric skateboard kit is the best one available in the market.

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