Proven Ways: How Many Calories do You Burn Skateboarding.

Recent studies have found that skateboarding is a great sport to help you burn down your calories and lose some weight.

If you are into skating and you are health conscious too, you would certainly want to know how many calories do you burn skateboarding.

Well, it depends on your body weight and the time for which you skate around the park.

People often get impatient to know how quickly and how many calories do you burn by skateboarding?

Apart from your body-weight, your metabolism rate and the quality of diet you follow and maintain is also a factor to determine this.

A scientific study suggests that you can lose almost 5-7 kg weight in almost 2 months and burn around 150-200 calories with a 30 minute training period.

Skateboarding is also said to be great cardio helping you keep your heart safe. Let us move ahead to know more about skating and burning calories.

How much should you weigh to start skating?

It is good to start any sport with normal body weight, and for skateboarding a certain limit will help you balance well.

BMI or your Body Mass Index is a key factor for you to start with any sport. Having an appropriate BMI will help you to develop a better grip.

If you have some extra weight, do not worry! You can soon reduce the extra part by skating regularly.

What is the perfect weight Limit for skateboarders?

Well, as for the body weight of a skater is concerned, it is good to be weighed within the upper brackets of 270 pounds.

However, several surveys have proved that a perfect skateboarder should have a bodyweight of around 140-150 pounds.

This is also a reason some people choose longboards over skateboards as the upper limit extends to 300 pounds for longboards.

How Many Calories do you Burn Skateboarding based on your body weight?

As already mentioned, your body weight is the key factor in deciding on how many calories you can reduce.

Various studies have also answered the question of how much calories does skateboarding burns similarly.

A person weighing around 125-150 pounds would lose at least 150 calories. A person with a bodyweight of 151-180 pounds would lose at least 180 calories.

Whereas, a person who weighs 180 pounds and above would lose around 200-215 calories per 30 minutes of skateboard training.

Also, proper form during skateboarding will help you reduce excess weight by accelerating the process of calorie burn.

Want to reduce your bothering body weight?

Scientific researchers say people with obesity are more prone to being affected by various diseases than the ones with a fitter and healthier physique.

The key to this is exercising and maintaining a proper and proportionate body weight to stay confident.

The good part about losing weight and burning calories is that you do not need to go to the gym every day and pull weights.

There are various exercises that you can perform and different sports that you can play to control your weight. One of the most effective sports is skateboarding.

It is a highly recommended sport by experts for losing extra body fat. If you want to know how many calories do you burn skateboarding, you need to stay tuned.

Can you shred belly fat by Skateboarding?

Like every other sport and generic exercise, skateboarding helps in cutting your calories down.

Belly fat is deposited only when the calories excess than the normal body maintenance calorie is accumulated in the body.

This fat or the excess calorie is burnt when the body goes through extensive labor or exercise.

Skateboarding is an effective sport that is capable of toning down your body and making you look fitter and healthier.

Skating m provides immense pressure on the core and regulates fat accumulation

Hence belly fat reduction is an easy and effective process through the constant practice of skateboarding.

Can skateboarding serve you as a good exercise?

A recent study by some researchers showed that out of a hundred skateboarders, 78 people considered skateboarding as good exercise, which is well above the normal average mark.

Hence, it is no harm to consider this sport as a good method of putting your body through some work.

Though it takes time, skateboarding can make you look shredded or at least keep you fit for the longest since it targets different muscle groups across your body.

An average skateboarder can burn around 150-200 calories every 30 minutes by performing rigorous practice.

Burning these calories also mean that you can regulate your body weight and keep it fit.

Can Skating be an alternative to Cardio?

We had recently conducted an extensive study on the benefits of skateboarding as a sport as well as an exercise and it was found out that this sport is capable of being an effective alternative for various cardio-vascular exercises like running, cycling, brisk walking, and many more.

We also found out that skateboarding can burn up to 400 calories if an intense shift is done in just an hour.

Not only it helps you to keep your body processes on point but also keeps you fit and healthy physically as well as mentally.

Again, many do not like to go through the process of cardio exercises since they can be highly exhausting.

It races your heart in such a manner that even breathing normally becomes difficult and painful.

How can you turn skating into a useful exercise?

The main muscle group that is targeted while skateboarding is the hamstring and calf. Since legs are used the most while skateboarding, toning these muscle groups is easy with skateboarding.

It gives you relief from generic exercises like squats and lunges.

Skateboarding provides the medium where you can enjoy the sport to the fullest, as well as give your body rigorous training that can help you keep fit and healthy.

Apart from the legs, your core and even your back muscles are worked out since the body goes into alternative modes of stiffness and relaxation while balancing on the board.

Even your heart is worked out since the adrenaline while playing this sport serves as a good basis for cardiovascular exercise.

Here Is A Statistics Of Burning Calories:

The weight loss that can be obtained with regular skating differs with individuals. As you are concerned with how many calories do you burn skateboarding, we have tabled down some awesome statistics related to weight loss and skating.

Let’s have a look at the stats now.

Rider’s bodyweight Time (in Hours) Calories Burnt
120-125 1 330
145-55 1 370
170-180 1 450
180 – 250 1 530

For an average-weighted rider, the calorie burn count can be as below.

Type of Effort Calories Burnt (in 1 hour)
Below normal effort 270
Normal effort 330
Extensive effort 450

Match yours from the table and set your targets now.

How to plan your skating sessions?

Whenever you are going to opt for something new, you must draft a strong plan.

Before starting to skate, arrange for your safety gears and you must do a final check for some loose screws and nuts before you hit the road.

Let us now know which muscles you can train while skating.

Know Which Muscles to Use while Skateboarding

Several types of research on biomechanics about the sport of skateboarding say that the various muscle groups in the legs are the most important and should be used extensively while skateboarding.

The three main muscle groups from the legs are used and explained below


The calves are like fuel to your legs while flowing on a skateboard. Not only are they exercised while skateboarding, but they should also be extensively trained for strength and agility.

Hence a strong calf is what you need to glide on a skateboard like a professional.


One of the largest muscle groups in the posterior of the human thigh, these help you to balance while skateboarding.

They also provide strength during the run-up and keep the board accelerated.

A strong and robust hamstring will give you just the right amount of thrust to launch and maintain your speed throughout.


Quads or the quadriceps make the anterior of the human thigh and are responsible to provide strength, support, and balance to the legs which constitute the main body part responsible for skateboarding.

Can skateboarding be considered superior to other sports?

Nowadays, skateboarding has developed as a very unique and competitive sport on the global stage. More and more youngsters are participating and enhancing the reputation of this game.

It would be an injustice to mark skateboarding as a better sport without mentioning the reasons.

So, let us know how this unique sport makes its place high up the rank.

It is thoroughly the individual’s choice to practice and give importance to any sports they like. The main idea of playing a sport is to love that and stay fit and healthy through it.

But when it comes to involving in a sport that indulges aerobic linkage, skateboarding is a better choice.

Not only aerobics but also a perfect weight buster, this sport is a favorite to so many people who try to stay fit.

Not only that it helps to burn calories, but also it is quite fun to skate around the city or parks and perform various tricks with the board on wheels.


If you are constantly being concerned with your excessive weight and are planning to reduce it, skateboarding can be at your service.

Experts suggest that you take up a sport in your daily routine. A sport like that of skateboarding is an effective one as it helps you cut your weight systematically.

Not only would you enjoy the process of being a skater but you would also observe the drastic changes it brings to your body in a few days.

Since skateboarding is a sport, it instills a method of discipline as well as regular health checkups in a person. The more you practice, the more you stay healthy and enjoy it.

Now that you how effective it is and how many calories do you burn skateboarding, why wait? Go get your skateboard now and hit the road. With regular training, you would soon be able to have a lean physique.

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