Important: You Need To Know How Much Does A Skateboard Cost.

In recent days, skateboarding is becoming one of the most wanted sports amongst the youth. With the likes of top skateboarders like Tony Hawk and Andrew Reynolds, people are looking forward to this sport more. But someone new to this sport must be wondering how much does a skateboard cost.

Well to find a quality skateboard one does need to spend some bucks. But various local skate shops are selling cheaper skateboards.

While using a high-quality skateboard helps you master the sport better, cheap or old school boards might help you to strengthen the basics well initially.

Experts suggest beginner skateboarders should opt for differently made beginner skateboards to learn the basics well and faster.

Also, according to specific riding styles and size, skateboards differ in their prices and hence thorough research should be done on the cost of a good quality skateboard before buying.

How is Skateboarding as a Sport?

As a beginner, before buying a skateboard, it is important to know what skating is all about.

Skateboarding is a sport or recreational activity where a person rides a longboard, skateboard or electric skateboard to perform various tricks and apply it as a source of entertainment.

For beginners who do not have much experience in this sport, it might be difficult for them to find skateboards within affordable prices.

But with the correct assistance, they just might achieve a good skateboard and other skateboard accessories.

For picking the right skateboard, newbie can find skateboard buying tutorials on YouTube explaining the right kind of skateboard or get some assistance from skate shop owners.

How Much Does a Skateboard Cost for a Beginner?

A good skateboard costs around 350 USD to 600 USD and is good for a beginner to start with.

On the other hand, it is better not to use a cheap skateboard at the very initial level since the deck may be faulty and hinder the process of learning.

You can also use specially customized skateboards which can work equally well.

What is the Ideal Spending on a Skateboard for a Beginner?

Not only would a beginner require proper protective gears like knee pads and elbow pads, but they would also require a proper skateboard with a quality deck.

As a newbie, it is better to get your skateboard from a skate shop. They would rightly assist you with a good skateboard.

Ideally, a beginner skateboard should cost you between 200 USD to 600 USD if it is not a custom skateboard. Customizing a skateboard may cost you more.

What are the Constituents of a Good Quality Skateboard?

Various parts constitute a quality skateboard. From the skater deck to the wheels, every part is crucial and has to be in a good state for skateboarders to perform stunts and flip tricks properly.

Here some of the parts of a good quality skateboard are discussed.

Sturdy Deck

A blank deck that is sturdy, is the most important part of a quality skateboard. It is the place where the skateboarder rides on and puts the maximum pressure on.

Skateboard decks are usually made out of plywood, but many manufacturers use wood for the deck.

Free-flowing Wheels

Wheels are the part that helps the rider make the skateboard flow. The skateboard wheels need to be hard and free-flowing.

Soft wheels are something that skateboarders should avoid since they cause accidents.

Nowadays, the best material available in the market to make wheels is polyurethane. This material is not only sturdy but also long-lasting, justifying the skateboard cost.

Quality Bearings

Properly oiled skateboarding bearings ensure that the wheels of your skateboard never stop. It is very important to take proper care of the bearings to avoid mishaps.

Bearings are usually made up of steel. It is advised to invest in quality and expensive bearings that would keep your skateboard wheels healthy and last you long.

Metallic Truck

A truck is an essential component that keeps the deck and wheels together. Sturdier the truck, the better grip it offers for your skateboard.

Modern skateboard trucks usually use aluminum as their main component since it is rust-resistant and lasts you long.

Apart from that many manufacturers use iron as the component for the truck. The only problem with iron is that it rusts very quickly and can break the skateboard system down.

Firm Grip Tape

Griptape is an essential component of a proper skateboard. It is usually attached to the top of the deck.

The main use of grip tape is to provide a safe foot and skate shoe placing to allow you to perform tricks better.

The friction that a grip tape offers you is solely due to its main component. It is usually made up of silicon carbide and is currently the best material to produce a quality grip tape.

Assembling a Skateboard

If all parts that constitute a skateboard are readily available and you have enough expertise in assembling a skateboard, it should not take more than 2 days to assemble a skateboard properly.

But one important fact is to be kept in mind that assembling a complete skateboard requires a lot of focus.

Diverting from the process of assembling a skateboard can be costly as a badly built skateboard can cause unwanted accidents and hamper the process of learning or practicing.

Price Range for a Quality Skateboard

A skateboard can range anywhere from 100 USD to 2000 USD. It solely depends on your usage to buy the right one.

But someone who performs skateboarding as a recognized sport and on the professional level can opt for skateboards in the below-discussed ranges.

Average Skateboards

These would cost you around 250 USD to 400 USD and can be used for daily practices.

Good Skateboards

These have pricing in between 400 USD to 700 USD and are generally used by semi-professionals. They also are quite long-lasting if used properly.

Best Skateboards

These skateboards are quite expensive and cost above 700 USD and as far as 2000 USD. These are used by experts and professional skating personnel.

How Much Does a Professional Skateboard Cost?

If you are a professional and wondering how much does a skateboard cost for a professional, let me tell you it depends completely on the materials used and the brand along with its size.

Some of the best brands in the market would use quality raw materials to create their skateboards.

A skateboard used by a kid may be somewhat less in price. Whereas, a professional skateboard used by an adult may be priced higher.

A variety of skateboards with varied prices are found in the market. A professional and good quality skateboard may cost between the ranges of 800 USD to above 2000 USD.

What are the Expenses for a Homemade Skateboard?

Though it takes some time to make a homemade skateboard, you also need precision and perfect measurements to make the skateboard glide like a professional one.

Also, making a skateboard at home can be a bit expensive for you. The expenses are discussed below.

Skateboard Deck

The deck can cost you around 100 USD to 200 USD.


A double pair of wheels can cost you around 50 USD to 100 USD depending on the quality.


Trucks being a crucial part can cost you up to 200 USD for the good quality aluminum make.


The ABEC 11 bearing category is the best in the market and can cost up to 150 USD.


This component is comparatively cheaper than the other parts and the good quality ones cost you around 40 USD.

Overall, the process of making a homemade skateboard can be a costly one and rack up your expenses around 600 USD to 700 USD if you use the best materials.

Now that you know how much does a skateboard cost you can decide whether to buy it or make it by yourself.

What is the Price of a Professional Longboard?

A good quality and complete longboard is something a professional longboarder would ask for to flaunt their skills.

Recent market rates suggest that longboards cost less than traditional skateboards. For a beginner, a longboard that ranges between 60 USD to 300 USD is enough depending upon their choice.

But when it moves to the professional level, longboards of the range 300 USD and above are suggested for precise use.

The costlier ones are not only sturdy and well-built but also they last you long and provide enough balance and grip needed on a professional level.


Be it skateboarding or longboarding, both these sports are gaining equal fame around the world. A lot of organizations have come forward to host worldwide competitions in these sports.

It is reported that skateboarding would also be a part of upcoming Olympic games such is its popularity.

Hence buying a proper and professional skateboard for yourself would be a plus point and also serve your recreational needs.

So why are you waiting? Now that you know how much does a skateboard cost, on your own and start practicing.

You never know that you too might have a chance to represent your country in the Olympics or at other world stages.

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