6 New Ways How to Charge a Scooter Battery without a Charger.

It might be quite weird to hear about how to charge a scooter battery without a charger, but it is possible if the proper steps are followed.

There might be several reasons behind the battery charger not functioning properly. It might be damaged due to excessive usage, it might get damaged due to no use at all or the charger may misbehave suddenly.

In all these cases you should know how to charge a electric scooter battery without a charger. Charging an electric scooter is not very big of a task. All you need is some focus and confidence.

Here we have discussed how you can charge your electric scooter battery when you do not have a charger.

How to Charge a Scooter Battery Without a Charger Efficiently?

Since a razor scooter has a lithium-ion battery there are a lot of ways you can charge it safely if your original charger or the charger port is damaged by any means.

Depending upon the proper voltage supply you can charge a scooter battery efficiently as well as effectively.

Charge electric scooter without charger? Is that what you have been hearing lately and something that has put you in dismay? It is quite possible to charge modern electric scooters if you are able to provide them with a variable power supply to charge just in time.

Here we talk about the effective ways to charge the battery when you are in an emergency, depending upon the battery type.

Can You Charge an Electric Scooter Without a Charger?

It is pretty much possible and safe to charge a mobility scooter battery without a charger. There are certain methods that can be put to use while charging the scooter battery when the charger is unavailable or damaged by any means.

But keep in mind to follow these steps before charging it. Charging the lithium battery is quite easy and safe when these steps are followed in the right manner.

Remove the Actual Battery

Check your manual for the process of electric bike battery removal. Then slowly and carefully remove the battery after switching off the main power supply.

This would ensure that there is no excess heat built up inside the removable batteries while in the scooter which in turn can severely damage it.

Unscrew the Battery

Most of the scooter models have their battery pack attached with a screw to the compartment. They also have a plate that holds it up. For you to charge the electric scooter’s battery, you need to remove the screwed battery from the plat.

Disconnect it From the Socket

A battery is generally connected to a socket inside the scooter. You need to disconnect the positive terminal wires and the negative terminal wires to remove them from the compartment and charge it externally.

These wires are connected to the battery terminals with metal clips that need to be removed to avoid any damage or accidents.

Placing the Battery

You can either charge it with a normal jumper cable or a universal power adapter. Either way, you need to find a suitable place and position the battery in a dry and dark place to avoid accidents and charge it to the required battery capacity.

How Can You Charge Your Razor Scooter Without a Charger?

There are two general methods to make your scooter battery charge without the use of a charger.

Universal Power Adaptor

An adaptor is a small storage house of charge and can help you charge your scooter with a charger. The steps to use it are

Connect the Battery and the Adaptor

Connect the battery terminals with the designated electrical outlet of the adaptor to start the charging process.

Mark the Voltage

You need to set the voltage depending upon the type of battery. In general, a Li-Ion battery for a scooter needs around 4.20 volt of voltage. There is certain other lead-acid scooter battery that may require more than 4.20 volt of battery voltage to get recharged.

Mark the Required Current

If your scooter’s battery is marked as 9 amp hour, the required amount of current should not be more than 1.8 Ampere.

Excess current can damage the workings of a lead-acid battery.

Wait Until Complete

The current automatically drops when the motorcycle battery has reached being completely charged. Disconnect the universal adaptor when you find your battery fully charged.

Portable Car Jumper

This is a smaller version of a car battery, able to hold a lot of charges and high voltage. The process is described below

Connect the Battery and the Jumper Cable

Make sure to check leaks or breaks while connecting the jumper cable and the battery. Connect the required ports and the setup is ready.

Switch on the Jumper

After you switch the jumper on, it takes around 20 minutes to completely charge the SLA battery. For an acid battery, it takes around 30 minutes.

Frequent disconnecting of the battery while charging can result in accidents and damage.

Disconnect When Complete

Disconnect the jumper from the battery terminals carefully. In case overcharged, the battery tender comes to work to control the excess charge.

What Kind of Charger Does an Electric Scooter Take?

Depending upon the size of the charging port a battery is determined for an electric scooter. Generally, a 48 volt and 24 amp-hour charger is suitable for an electric scooter.

These chargers are found online as well as local shops selling goods related to electric scooters or razor scooters.

Keep in mind to buy and use the correct charger for your scooter. Otherwise, it can be seriously damaged and pose other risks as well.

Can You Charge Your Scooter Battery With a Car Charger?

If you are wondering how to charge a scooter battery without a charger, a car charger can help. Although it is mechanically not wrong to charge your electric scooter battery with a car charger, it involves certain risks that cannot be avoided.


Since car chargers have a higher intensity and more power compared to an electric scooter’s charger, they can inject excessive charge into the lead-acid battery.

If that happens, the charger can face extreme damage along with the battery. It can also burn the entire battery.


Even if the battery survives overcharging somehow, it faces the danger of getting extremely heated due to the high-intensity charge from the car charger.

Overheating may cause enough damage that cannot be controlled or repaired. Worst-case scenarios tell that you might have to replace the charger completely, which is costly after all.

How Often Should I Charge Your Scooter Battery?

Given the amount of charge a scooter battery can hold at one single session of charging, you can charge your scooter battery every 30 to 35 days depending upon the extent of usage.

A quick tip regarding charging is when your scooter is dysfunctional for a long time, leave at least 40 percent of charge in it. Draining the charge completely can result in a dead battery.

Again, repairing or replacing a battery can be costly.


Since technologies are evolving, electric scooter chargers are getting more modern. Not many, but a few companies manufacturing electric scooters have enabled solar panel charging which is quite sustainable in the long run.

The above-discussed methods are quite safe and pretty much tested and checked. Hence, trying them at home should not be a very big problem if you do not have a proper electric scooter charger with you.

If you still are not confident with these processes you might ask a professional mechanic, or buy a charger to take the safer and stable way.

And, now that you know how to charge a scooter battery without a charger you can easily deploy these techniques for a quick boost of charge at home and rock with your electric or razor scooter.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can you start a scooter without a battery?

If the scooter does not have a battery installed, it is not possible for you to start your electric scooter. The battery provides the running power to the motors and without it, nothing can be done.

  • How can you charge your bike battery without a charger?

There are various ways to charge your scooter. One way is by using a universal power adaptor or portable car jumper to give it an adequate amount of charge to keep it running and working smoothly.

  • What do you need to recharge a motor scooter battery?

Ideally, a proper charger is required to recharge the battery of your electric scooter. If it is missing, there are other methods or components that you can use to charge the battery properly.

  • How do you know if your electric scooter is charging?

 There is always an indicator present along the side of the scooter’s battery. Once the scooter is lit up you can understand if the electric scooter’s battery is charging or not. It will also indicate when you need to recharge.

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