How to Fold a Razor Scooter| Here 10 Proven Easier Ways.

Before using a razor scooter it is important to know how to fold a razor scooter. Many people mistake it to be a hoverboard but it is not the same.

Razor scooter is a type of folding scooter that is mainly manufactured to target the kids group as a toy.

While toddlers are not recommended to use it but kids’ above 5 years can use it as a recreational toy.

You also need to know how to fold a razor scooter to store it properly and avoid any damage.

There are different types of these foldable scooters available in the market like the Razor A5, Razor A2, Lux kick scooter, Razor kick scooter and many more.

These vary according to age and have different prices.

If you are wondering how to fold a Razor Electric Scooter, a detailed folding guide follows ahead.

Basics of how to Fold a Razor Scooter

To fold a kick scooter or an electric scooter it is important to be careful with the folding process since excess pressure or forceful application can cause the scooter parts to break.

If you can follow and fold the three basic parts of a mobility scooter like Razor A2, you can store the electric razor scooter anywhere you want.

First of all, grasp the T-tube and press down gently the grip on the foldable electric scooter.

Next, the T-tube has to be pushed down by the release lever.

Finally, the main and the most careful step is to fold the whole bike system. Here, push the joint release lever to fold the T-tube along with the help of gravity.

Following these simple yet basic ways can help you fold your razor electric scooter safely and comfortably.

A Razor Scooter’s Detailed Folding Mechanism

A smooth ride on a foldable scooter is something that kids, as well as adults, enjoy these days.

A ride on an urban scooter like the Razor A2 is timeless and easy. But storing a scooter can be a bit problematic if you do not have the proper knowledge.

Here we have discussed a detailed folding mechanism of a razor scooter that would help younger riders keep it in a proper manner that saves you space too.

Again, if you have a new adult kick scooter or you own it for some time but do not know the process of folding it, follow the steps below.

Removing the Grips

The grips which are the parts of the handlebar need to be removed first from the scooter.

This can be done with the designated release buttons present over the T-tube which when pressed, releases the grip.

Modern electric kick scooters come with adjustable handlebars that have a better mechanism of releasing the grips.

Folding the T-tube

The T-tube or the handlebar, known to be the longest component in the scooter is the key component of the scooter which helps you balance on the board and steer across places.

Usually, a quick release lever is present that helps you collapse the handlebar and compact the size of the scooter exponentially.

Disconnect the Joint Lever

When the connection between the joint levers is released, the scooter folds in half to save space.

Start by putting a generous amount of pressure on the lever. During this time grasp the steering column properly to avoid any slips.

The wheels too need to be under pressure so that the scooter does not move.

Now you know how to fold a razor scooter in detail and hence can perform it properly.

How to Unfold a Razor Scooter

Now that scooter riders have folded the razor scooter, you need to know how to unfold it for the next day’s use.

Unfolding the razor scooter too needs some steady hands as the urethane wheels are very delicate and can be damaged with the slightest of touches.

Throttle Contortion

The whole process of unfolding a razor scooter begins with contorting the throttle which is responsible for the normal or stunt scooter’s speed.

The half-folded scooter can only be opened after twisting the throttle. Do this carefully and with moderate power.

Free the Handlebar

Freeing the handlebar along with the scooter wheels can be done by pressing the discharge button.

This releases the T-tube or the handlebar from the constricted state to the normal state.

Final Completion Process

With enough power press the middle button to launch the complete scooter from the half-folded state.

Only then would it be activated for proper use. Keep in mind to open it on flat ground to check for any damages done while folding or unfolding.

Also, it is crucial to maintain some distance from the scooter since you can get injured during the unfolding process.

Stable Mechanism for Unfolding your Razor Scooter

There is always a steadier and more comfortable way to unfold a scooter but the under mentioned process, too, needs you to be careful and slow.

Take Proper Grip of the T-tube

Keep the proper distance from the scooter and then grip the T-tube or the handlebar to release it from the constricted state.

Larger wheels of the scooter ensure that you can do this process more easily.

Apply Pressure to the Footrest

Apply a generous amount of pressure on the footrest or the foot stand to open up the folded scooter.

This would make the scooter partially ready to activate.

Raise the Discharge Pedal

This is the final step before you can launch your scooter. Pull the discharge button upwards and your vehicle would be ready to launch after a clicking sound.

Razor Scooter Folding- Additional Information

There are some key things to keep in mind while you start folding your razor scooter. In this section, we will be detailing about some essential points that you must keep in mind.

So, let us begin now.

Freeing the Steering

To set the steering of the scooter free, you need to move the designated latch to a position where it does not point downwards.

This ensures that your steering is free to move in any direction without any hindrance or locking.

Clean the Levers

The levers are responsible for the various operations that occur in a razor scooter.

Use a moist cloth to clean the steering column and the joint release lever.

You can also install some rear fender brakes that prevent unnecessary dirt accumulation in the scooter and its adjoining parts.

Clean the Movable Parts

The movable parts like the wheelie bar and the rear wheels need regular cleaning and the best thing to do is with an oil-based lubricant.

WD-40 is one of those lubricants that would work best for your scooter.


A razor scooter is a very delicate vehicle and requires proper handling and caring by the rider. Knowing to fold the scooter is always a bonus to the caring process.

Unfolding is also something that you need to learn or else you might damage a part while trying to unfold it by force.

Now that you know how to fold a razor scooter, quickly buy yourself one. In case you want to avoid this folding thing, you can opt for a micro scooter which is comparatively smaller in size.

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