How To Make a Skateboard Deck DIY?

Skateboarding these days has been an exciting sport especially among the users.

But before starting with skateboarding, a complete skateboard with a steady deck is what you would need.

In this article, we will know about the different ways on how to make a skateboard deck at home.

Now that skateboarding is a world-famous sport, making and creating your skateboard deck is not a big issue.

A skateboard deck is by far the most important component of the skateboard.

While modern skateboards are made out of various materials, skateboards in earlier times were mostly made up of wood.

To start with a DIY skateboard at home you would certainly require some essentials which we will be discussing as we progress with our topic regarding how to make your own skateboard deck.

How to Make a Skateboard Deck on your own?

Making real skateboard decks takes a lot of time and precision. But once you follow the steps properly and make the measurements precisely.

Making a skateboard deck is easy and hassle-free.

There are some highly precise steps included in the process of making a professional skateboard deck.

One can also take examples from the old skateboards that are leftover and cannot be used anymore.

With perfect examples from older skateboards, one can perfectly carve out a new skateboarding deck.

Once you know how to build a skateboard deck, you can also add skateboard designs and other features.

It is important to keep one fact in mind that regular and long-drawn rides can result in the skateboard getting damaged and having the tail look like a razor blade which is mainly the thinning of the board end.

How to Make Custom Skateboard Decks?

Making a custom skateboard at home is indeed a time-consuming process, but it is worth engaging in.

The first and foremost advantage of making a deck at home is the process is a very exciting one.

The steps to build a custom skateboard deck at home are given herewith.

Step 1

Arrange for the adequate number of plywood pieces according to the required thickness, flexibility, and strength that would constitute the main deck.

Step 2

Use quality glue to properly press across the sheets of plywood together. Check the strength and press the required number of sheets.

Step 3

To solidify the pressing process, use tape to stick the pieces properly.

Step 4

To create a mold for the deck you need to use Styrofoam as it would ensure that your mold stays in place and attains a compact shape thereafter.

Step 5

Let the skateboard mold dry and measure the shape of the deck. Cut the deck out with a saw and sand the edges for a smooth deck.

Step 6

It would be better to use an old deck to measure and drill the holes for the skateboard wheels.

Step 7

Attach the skateboard truck and the skateboard bearing accordingly with the measurements from the older deck.

Now that you know how to make a custom skateboard deck, you can always use painters tape to make skateboard art.

What Skateboard Hard Goods Needed to Build a Skateboard?

While learning about how to make a skateboard deck there are a certain set of components that are essential to building a custom deck.

Let us now find out which skate tools you would require for this.


This will be used for building the base of the deck. 8-ply is one of the most preferred choices.

Wood veneer

This is essential to use a wood veneer to increase the strength of the deck which is a vital element.

Wood glue

Good quality wood glue will be needed as you progress to stick the pieces together.

Grip Tape

To offer additional support while riding and also to ensure that the wooden pieces are stuck tightly you will need a grip tape.


The foam mold used should be of better quality to give enough support to the cardboard deck


You must opt for polyurethane wheels only as they are the best. Alternatively, you can choose simple urethane wheels also.


The wheels need to be attached to the base of the deck and that can be achieved through installing trucks.

Bearings & Bushings

You would certainly need some ball bearings for the wheels and bushings for the trucks to affix the wheels to the base of the deck.

Nuts and bolts

To attach the truck and wheels to the deck you would require adequately sized nuts & bolts.

What kind of Wood is used for Skateboard Decks?

Most of the skateboard manufacturers use maple wood as the main wooden construct for the skate deck.

Apart from that Baltic birch is also used which is a modernized version of the traditional birch wood.

It is a sort of plywood that is quite suitable and strong to make the wooden deck of a skateboard.

The wooden decks are preferred over the metal decks as they are long-lasting ones that are lighter.

Similarly, decks made of fiberglass or nylon are also not recommended as they break off easily.

How to Make a Skateboard out of Cardboard?

To be honest, there is not much guarantee that a longboard or skateboard deck made out of cardboard can be a long-lasting one.

But there is no issue in trying to make one and bring that to use.

It is quite a similar process to making wooden decks and the main difference is that a lot of cardboard pieces and veneer would be needed to make the deck strong and long-lasting.

Apart from that, it would be easier to drill the truck holes and fit the wheels and various bearings since cardboard is softer than regular plywood.

Try the cardboard skateboard numerous times with various weights on it to check for its strength and capability to carry a human body on it when in motion.

How to Make a Paper Tech Deck?

A paper tech deck is also known as a fingerboard which is a toy. There are different types of tech decks based on their size and strength.

They are mainly made out of solid and good quality paper. The steps to make one are discussed below.

  • Draw out a template that resembles a skateboard and cut around 20-25 pieces of solid paper.
  • It is better to use industrially accredited PVA glue to stick the pieces of paper together. This would give them a solid shape and enough strength to perform flip tricks with the fingers on them.
  • While wet, bend the corners around to give it a shape of a skateboard.
  • Let the whole thing dry properly and once done, it takes the shape of a fingerboard.
  • Finally, attach the wheels and the truck after creating holes and you would have your paper tech deck ready.

Check properly for its strength by putting adequate weights on it. You can also decorate it with paints and create art on it.

Remember to use painter’s tape to keep the fingerboard safe from over-wetting.


While making a DIY deck is easy and exciting, a skateboarder must keep in mind the safety issues related to it.

Since making at home, most makers would not be experts. In that case, a good rule of thumb is to make a wider deck than normal that would avoid breaking down and injuries of the skaters.

One of the most dangerous faults that can happen with a DIY deck is wheel bite so you must be careful while making your deck.

To have a good idea regarding how to make a skateboard deck, you can use some old and uncut decks to learn to build it from scratch.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you make a homemade skateboard deck?

Making a homemade skateboard needs various components like plywood, veneer, ball-bearings, wheels, and much more.

Accumulate them, stick them properly according to the measurements and plan, and have your skateboard.

How do you make a skateboard deck from scratch?

Stick the plywood sheets and drill holes, and then attach the wheels and truck. You can also use riser pads to elevate the overall height of the skateboard.

You can also decorate it and make an uncommon magenta skateboard deck.

How do you build a complete skateboard?

Building a skateboard from scratch takes time and precision, but by putting together the right components and measurement, you can have a professional skateboard.

Referring to some old and complete skateboard decks can give you an idea about the designs.

How skateboard deck length comes into play?

Larger and longer skateboards often provide you with better grip and balance. For using a smaller deck, you need to have a good practice.

Also, the elevation matters, which can be increased with riser pads.

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