How To Remove Bearings From Roller Skate Wheels.

If your skates gradually start moving at a low pace, creating vibration even on a plain surface, or the wheels are not moving smoothly and get stuck, then it’s time to take care of the wheels bearings or replace them. For this, you must know how to remove bearings from roller skate wheels.

It’s not at all a complicated task once you know the steps explained in this article on how to change roller skate wheels and remove bearings. You just need skateboard tools, lubricant, and a rag.

The instructions in this article will explain how to take care of the wheels, how to remove and reinstall or replace the bearings even without dedicated tools.

We will also know about how you can remove bearings without a dedicated skateboard tool.

How To Remove Bearings From Roller Skate Wheels?

If you experience some grinding and vibration from your roller skate wheels or the wheels are not spinning well then it’s time for cleaning the sealed bearings. Use lubricant int0 the shielded bearings which will allow a great smooth ride.

Here are the steps to follow to remove the wheel bearings from the roller skate wheels and allow skate maintenance.

  • At first, gently apply the Allen wrench or other skate tool to unscrew the nuts on the wheels.
  • Place the skate wheel at the edge of the truck axle and gently pressure downward to separate the skateboard bearings from the wheels.
  • Apply oil or lubricant onto the bearings after cleaning the dust.
  • Replace the cleaned or new skate bearings inside the wheels.
  • Place the wheels onto the axle and tight well.

If you follow these steps on how to remove bearings from roller skate wheels properly then no doubt your roller inline skate wheels will have greater longevity.

Why To Take Care Of Your Skateboard Wheels And Bearings?

Wheel bearings play a major role in a great smooth skating experience. Without the smooth friction of bearings, no one can have a great speedy skating experience.

The more you take care of the bearings the more you will have the entire great skating experience. This will help you to save money without replacing new bearings frequently.

Caring with lubricants for the bearings will increase the life of the bearings without being corroded.

During the ride, the wheels along with the bearings come in contact with water or moisture, and being the metallic part it gets corroded. Thus you must take care of the wheels over a period.

How To Remove Roller Skate Bearings Without a Tool?

Yes, you can remove the roller skate bearings without a dedicated remover.

 Here are some simple steps to follow.

  • Use a socket wrench or pliers to remove the wheel nut outside the wheels.
  • Then pull the wheels along with the speed ring, ball bearing, and bearing shield outwards using a bearing puller.
  • Now remove the inline skate bearings from the wheels by pushing the bearing out from the axle using a screwdriver or any metal object.
  • After cleaning the old bearing spacer and bearings keep the outside of the bearings on any plain surface like a table.
  • Then put the wheels on the ceramic bearings and press the wheel. The bearings and the outer race will come to their position. Swiss bearings and rubber shield brand bearings are very easy to take out.
  • Attach the skateboard wheels on the axle and screw the nut rightly.
  • Make sure before riding to spin the wheels.

Why will you remove the bearing in the skate wheel?

Every passionate skater like you loves smooth-riding using their quad skates.

Though it depends on the wheel diameter as per the purpose of your outdoor skating, maybe you love to skate off-road or indoor or in a skate park to maintain your fitness or you have a dream to win any competition on skating.

In these cases, you should learn how to remove bearings from roller skate wheels so that the wheels can enhance the skating experience and you feel more comfortable while riding.

In specific manner skaters like you who love skating, they must take care of the serviceable bearings attached inside the old wheels. The advantages you will get after replacing the steel bearing or cleaning the dust and applying lubricant.

 If you want to increase the speed of your skate you must clean and apply oil into the inner race bearings.

How often should I clean your skate bearings?

If you are a beginner looking forward to having a great skating experience or if you have found your skate or roller blade wheels are not spinning well for not using for a period, this is the perfect time to begin caring for your skate bearings.

In poor situations, you can feel your skates are not moving smoothly or are experiencing vibration while skating on roads or indoors. You may have a sudden experience of decreasing speed than previous.

These are all because of the dust inside the bearing. Once you feel that uneasy skating experience, do not wait a minute and start to clean the bearings.


There are different types of skate wheels and bearings of various brands, but when it comes to cleaning the wheels and bearings, the way is very simple.

You must take care of the wheels and bearings and must learn how to get bearings out of roller skate wheels to run them in the long term. You do not have to spend much money in order to clean them. Very few tools and items are required to give them a cleanser.

You can purchase the tool online as well as from your nearby skate shop. Once you feel a little uneasy while skating, it is time to clean the wheels and bearings.

No matter how good the skate wheels are, a time will come when you need to clean them and must know how to remove bearings from roller skate wheels. Now that you know the process, go ahead and begin your caring routine.

Audience Common Question Answer

  • When should I replace your skate bearings?

While skating, the bearings start getting into poor form, and soon they get cone-shaped because of uneven pressure. It is advisable that you change your wheels and bearings around every 2 -3 months.

  • What if your bearings fall apart during the cleaning process?

You should be very careful during the entire cleaning process so that they don’t fall apart. But if that still happens, you have no option but to invest in a new set of bearings.

  • Why should you buy such a tool?

Skateboard tools like a 1/2″ socket wrench, brush, etc are needed to separate the wheels and bearings from the skate. After cleaning is done, the tool will help you reassemble the parts quickly. You can easily get these tools online.

  • How to clean longboard wheels and bearings?

At first, remove the wheels, bearings & shields. Now, soak the bearings in a solvent to clean them. Once done dry them and re-lubricate them. Now you are ready to re-fit them back to your longboard.

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