Learn More: How To Stop In Roller Skates.

If you have started learning skating and are struggling with how to stop in roller skates perfectly, let me tell you that you are at the right place and here you will learn about some easy methods that you can use for stopping while skating.

Falling off or crashing is what happens when you are inexperienced and are trying to stop suddenly while skating. This even happens with experienced skaters but with newcomers, you get to see this lot.

There are lots of queries that newbies ask regarding how to stop roller skates for beginners and how to learn tricks to control over skate in a short period. The simple trick is to master the skills and conquer your fear. This makes you confident while you skate.

If you have already picked your skate from a skate shop with a brake specially designed for beginners then you must follow a couple of braking tricks for different circumstances. In this article, we will help share with you the best stopping skills on skateboarding with brake.

how to stop in roller skates for beginners

How To Roller Skates Stop Easily?

Just to inform you, roller inline skating is a recreational sport in which the roller skaters use a special type of shoes fitted with small outdoor wheels to skate around on skating rinks, concrete, or paved surfaces.

There are various branded companies but among them, Moxi skate is one of the best brands.

A roller skate usually consists of a boot, plate, skate wheels, bearings, and last but the vital one that is the toe stops or jam plugs or heel brake whatever you may call them. The adjustable toe stops are also a part of the Roller Derby skate which helps us to stop in a roller skate.

Learning how to stop in roller skates or inline skates is no doubt the biggest challenge when you finally decide to use a quad skate. Learning and becoming an expert on stopping roller skates is much harder than riding.

First of all, you need to roll forward. Then take one of the feet and turn it to a 45° angle and drag your jam plugs or toe-stops across the ground. Next, create pressure to the toe stop and try to lessen your speed and there you are in a stopped position.

How To Stop Roller Skates Downhill? Beginners Guide

This completely depends on your roller skating skills and speed. This is extremely dangerous for beginners who desire to start skating downhill as it may cause injuries unless you can stop at the right time.

You need a couple of equipment as safety tools before you step towards downhill skating. You must wear a helmet along with a knee pad, elbow pads, thick socks, wrist guards, skate boots and the skate must have protective gear.

Along with the easy steps or skills as described below you need to practice regularly to master how to stop in roller skates to be confident.

There are many braking techniques you can adapt for different situations some of which are described below.

Rubber Braking

This braking mechanism may already be present in your skate. This is very useful to slow the speed while skating downhill or for a sudden stop. But you must be aware of the bends and turns on the way downhill.

T-Stop Braking

To apply this trick bring back one foot behind the front one and gently create pressure on the toe of the first foot.

Snow Plow Braking

This is a very intensive skill for both dry and wet roads with zero risk of falling. It requires maximum space between your skates with either inner side or outer side pressure of the skate. It’s a bit tough but effective.

Learn how to stop before learning how to move

Passionate beginner skaters make mistakes to start outdoor skating without knowing basic skills which cause serious injuries due to crashing. Thus you must know the stopping skills before you start.

  • One of the easiest methods to stop is by dragging your knee on the road to decrease the speed.
  • The usage of brakes is another way. Make sure your skates have heel or toe stopper when you are a beginner skating on a roller rink. It makes the control easier. It also helps to plow stop and ice skate.
  • Maximize the gap between two skates and gradually pressure on feet to slow down.
  • You can also close your skates. This is a bit risky but surely is an effective trick. Make sure you maintain the balance of your body.
  • Sliding your foot forward followed by the second foot towards the direction makes you slow down the speed.
  • Dragging the back foot followed by the first foot straight towards the direction. This is the opposite position of the previous one. As per the circumstances, you can apply them.
  • Bending knees forward together will help to decrease your pace. Don’t forget to maintain your body balance.


Is it easy to stop on roller skates?

Yes, it is easy to stop on quad roller skate or roller blades while you got a great speed. Maybe you had a bad experience stopping your skate and failed to stop at the right moment earlier but that should never stop you. You must get up and start afresh because you are a champ.

Let’s know how to grip over stopping techniques even you are skating on downhills.

  • Applying the right skills to stop for different circumstances will help you to conquer fear and to be confident to grab the speed.
  • Equipping with safety gears that will protect you from unfortunate situations.
  • Mastering skills takes time thus you must practice regularly with these easy methods mentioned in this article.
  • Use the heel and toe breaks at the beginning as necessary that will assist you to step forward and face challenges

How To stop On roller skates without brakes?

Many ways are fairly easy to stop roller skates without brakes once you understand the particular technique. Among many ways of stopping a roller skate without a break, we have enlisted a few easiest ways for you to check. Follow the steps as mentioned below.

  • Learn how to Balance properly on One right Skate
  • Begin Without Moving your body
  • Slowly increase your speed and get faster little by little and apply pressure.
  • Select the right foot which will lead skating.
  • Decrease the stance for increased stability
  • Do not shove the roller hockey skate down forcefully or hard, do it step by step.

If you follow these steps regularly, in no time you will become a pro in stopping the speed skate without a brake.  With these tips, you can also guide someone asking you how do you stop roller skates without brakes.


Even if you have bought an advanced-level new skate, don’t panic. To be safe begin your skating in the skate parks.

No matter how much speed you skate, if you know the correct way how to stop on roller skates quad skates then you are the pro.

At the end of our discussion, we would like to let you know that now you don’t have to struggle on how to stop in roller skates while skating as we have enlisted the detailed information for you.

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