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Is roller skating harder than rollerblading?  An immediate answer to this will be ‘Yes’, although there is not much difference between roller skating and rollerblading.

But then people continue to ask – is roller skating better than rollerblading? To know this answer, we have to first understand the difference between these two types of skates. Basically, there are two types of skating – quad roller skating and rollerblades skating.

Research says, many children and adults find rollerblading more suitable. But in our opinion, roller skating is much better for beginners to start with.

In this article, we will discuss more the differences between roller skating and rollerblading, so keep reading till the end.

Is Roller Skating Harder Than Rollerblading For a Beginner?

When it comes to skating for a beginner you would definitely want to know which is the easiest one to start with. Beginners often ask – is roller skating harder than rollerblading? To comment on this, will require some discussion. So let us proceed with sharing our thoughts on this.

Skating is a recreational activity with 2 popular forms being roller skates and rollerblades. Now, this brings us to the next question – is roller skating better than rollerblading? Some people find roller skating easier while others prefer rollerblading.

Both of them have their own features. It’s really not possible to compare these two skating forms. We usually see skaters using quad rollers skate or rollerblades and the main difference between them is in their wheel structure.

Rollerblades are usually used for speed skating. So, if you have chosen rollerblades for yourself, then you must use protective gear.

Get ready to explore the roads with safety gear like helmets, elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads.

Indoor and Outdoor skating

Skating can be classified on a high level as outdoor & indoor skating. Indoor skates and outdoor skates are differently designed, outdoor skates cannot be used for indoor skating.

A roller rink, a hard surface designed for indoor skating, consisting of concrete or hardwood, includes the sports like roller hockey, roller derby, & speed skating.

Indoor wheels are harder than outdoor wheels and allow them to roll faster on a roller rink.

The outdoor wheel provides grip and also shock absorption on uneven surfaces. Outdoor skate wheels allow to roll over small cracks in the sidewalks. Safety concerns are quite higher when it comes to outdoor skating.

Both quad roller skates and inline skates are used in roller hockey but have different equipment and rules. More specifically, inline skates are used in ice hockey while quad skates are used in roller hockey mainly.

Rollerblading Vs Roller Skating

Rollerblading Vs Roller Skating

Is it easy to roller skate? Well, although the answer to this is highly debatable, most of the newcomer skaters have voted roller skating to be a much easier ion.

Rollerblades are better for long distances because One can go faster on rollerblades than roller skates and roller skates are perfect for beginners. Inline skates are used in most of the skating competitions.

Roller skate wheel

Roller skates have a pair of front wheels and a pair of rear wheels. Quad skates provide wide wheelbase and helps to overcome stability fear-that’s make roller skates easier to start with.

Roller skate has smaller wheels than inline skate wheels. Roller skate and inline skate has different wheel structures.

Rollerblade wheel

In rollerblades or inline skates there are four or five wheels arranged in a same line. In most rollerblades there are high ankle space for ankle support and a heel break that helps to stop quickly.


Is Rollerblading like ice skating?

Yes, rollerblading is very much similar to ice skating. Rollerblading is done on normal dry surfaces while ice skating is done on the ice surface. This is main difference between them.

Both are almost same, like rollerblading ice skating is also good for our muscle development. Ice skates are differently designed for ice skating while inline skates are specifically designed for rough surfaces.

Rollerblades vs Roller skates reddit

As stated in reddit, the main difference comes out to be in the position of wheels when we are comparing rollerblades to roller skates.

In roller skates, two horizontal hangers are there, one is at toe and another is at heel. Each hanger carries a pair of wheels. In roller skates the wheels are wider and the diameter of the wheels is smaller than that of rollerblades.

Rollerblades are better for speed skating as it provides break on one or both of the rear skate wheels so that skater can manage the speed easily.

Inline skates Vs Roller skates For Beginners

Inline Skates Vs Roller Skates For Beginners

Both roller skate and inline skating require balance, strength, energy, and most importantly patience. But roller skates are more flexible to handle than inline skates. A beginner can start with indoor roller skates also.

Inline skate has 3 – 5 wheels in one line which sometimes makes it difficult to balance for beginners while quad skate has 2 pairs of wheels one in the front and another under the heel which makes things easier for beginners.

In inline skates, the wheels are arranged in a single line that takes extra effort to balance on the skate for the very first time.

Is it hard to learn roller skating?

It completely depends on the person who is going to learn. The main challenging thing is to balance the skates. For beginners, roller skates are better than rollerblades.                                                                      

Roller skates have 2 pair of wide wheels that provides stability. Skating develops our muscle and also keeps our heart healthy one should practice skating. It seems to be difficult at first but by practicing one can master the skill.


Roller skates or rollerblades for 7 year old

Generally, roller skates are better for kids. It has 2 pair of wheels – one under the toe and the other under the heel that wheel structure helps kids to balance on skates.

But kids can start with either inline skates or quad skates as kids have undeveloped muscles and they can manage in both skates.

Many experts suggest Impala Quad skate as a perfect choice for the new learners.

Roller skates vs rollerblades for exercise

Both roller skates and Rollerblades have their own benefits. But in terms of exercise, rollerblades are better than roller skates as they give more aerobic benefits.

Roller blade is more effective for physical fitness as it takes more effort to balance on rollerblades for which different muscles are used. one can get stronger and healthier muscles by practicing skating every day.

It is also known that roller skating burns 573 to 1069 calories per hour of skating while roller blading burns 350 to 575 calories per hour.


Skating is a good exercise it keeps our muscles healthy and strong.

We have tried to portray a clear idea of the mostly asked question “is roller skating harder than rollerblading?” by discussing various facts about roller skate and inline skate (also known as rollerblade).

Though it may vary from person to person but generally inline skates are a better choice for long distance as well as speed skating. Quad Roller Skates are easier in terms of learning to skate.

Now, this is clear that if you are a beginner and want to learn skating then obviously you should start with roller skates and if you already know skating then you can go for inline skates or rollerblades.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Which is easier roller skating or rollerblading?

Beginners may find roller skating easier as it has 2 pairs of wheels, one is under the toe and another is under the heel. Children can find roller skating easier than rollerblading but for adults, rollerblading is preferable.

  • Which is better rollerblading or roller skating?

Rollerblading or inline skates are better for long distance and roller skating is better for beginners to start with. Rollerblades has breaks on the skate that help skaters to manage speed.

  • Which skates are better for beginners?

Roller skates or Quad skates are better for beginners because their wheel structure makes them stable. In quad skates, there are two pairs of skate wheels that make balancing easier.

  • Is it easier to skate or roller skate?

Roller-skating may be found to be difficult at first but it’s just a matter of time. If one has an interest in skating then he or she can start at any age. generally, quad roller skates are suggested for beginners.

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