Is Skateboarding Good Exercise. Proven Way To Lose Weight.

If you are a skater and want some exercise then you must be wondering – is skateboarding good exercise option? Skateboarding is believed to be a rigorous cardio workout. Believe it or not, sports scientists have accepted the fact that skateboarding in itself is a complete workout.

It helps to function properly the cardiovascular system and at the same time builds muscular strength. The fundamental of a skateboarder plays an important role.

If you are wondering is skateboarding a good way to lose weight, then let us tell you that skateboarding is a good way to lose weight as it develops key muscles like glutens, lower back, quads, and especially abs.

Let’s check out some more health benefits of skateboarding.

Is skateboarding good exercise?

Whether you are practicing skateboarding tricks or cruising down the hills, skateboarding helps to improve your body fitness and health by burning a lot of calories which is also beneficial for losing weight.

So, to answer your query ‘is skateboarding good exercise’ in a single phrase, we must say surely it is a good option.

As per exercise science and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, skateboarding like roller skating, ice skating, and inline skating proves to be an intense aerobic exercise or workout.

If you are a skater then you do not have to go to a gym or go running to gain fitness.

If you are willing to do good exercise in the form of skateboarding then you must choose the type of board according to your fitness goal and take safety precautions like wearing knees and elbow pads to avoid skateboarding injuries.

Let’s check in which ways skateboarding is beneficial for our health.

Does skateboarding help you lose weight?

If you are willing to lose some weight, then roller skate is the best idea to go for. This workout will provide the same result as running or jogging with much less harm to your joints and leg muscle.

If you skate for at least 60 minutes then it will help you lose 300-500 calories, depending you’re your metabolism and weight. If you skate for a longer period, then it will help to burn the fat cells and assist you to sweat it out.

Like every other exercise, skating concentrates on burning fat on areas like belly fat, legs, and mostly the lower part of the body.

Most of the part of skateboarding depends on balancing your body on your legs which also helps in toning and strengthening your leg muscles.

This is the reason why people who skateboard have toned, slim legs. Not only toned legs, they even have a greater leg & lower body strength.

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How good a workout is skateboarding?

Nowadays kids or teenagers must maintain a healthy lifestyle by involving in some kind of workout. Roller skating is one of the best ways to have good exercise and at the same time have some fun.

Researchers concluded that moderate skating or skater jump increases heart rate or heartbeat to 140-160 beats per minute and if you increase the pace then you can top 180 beats per minute.

This activity helps in strengthening the heart muscle and improves blood circulation, one of the best cardio workouts.

A study was conducted at the University of Massachusetts which states that skating causes less than 50 percent of the impact shock to joints.

For folks looking to exercise regularly but suffering from chronic joint pain, those roller skating will be an excellent choice to consider. Compared to other mainstream exercises like skipping, running, or jogging, roller skating is a great option, as it supplies the same aerobic benefits while causing less joint pain.

is skateboarding a good way to lose weight

How many calories does skateboarding burn?

We all know that skateboarding is an effective way to lose weight but how much weight you will lose that depends on how aggressively and how much you skate applying your core strength. If you skateboard regularly then you can lose enough weight.

In an hour, you can burn around 400 calories just by pushing your skateboard at a moderate speed. If you skateboard aggressively then you can burn almost 800 calories in an hour depending on your body weight. Skateboarding is the perfect way to train your legs and increase your core muscle strength.

If you skate once per day for a long time, within a week you will burn almost 2,100 and 3,108 calories, respectively.

We see that one pound of fat comprises 3,500 calories in the form of stored energy, you can lose around 1/2 and 1 pound per week, depending on your metabolism and workout level.

Can you lose weight by skateboarding?

You can lose weight by skateboarding as this is one of the efficient ways to reduce some weight while having fun.

There are many styles in skateboarding for weight loss but 2 of the most effective styles are transition and downhill.

If you are overweight then you must avoid Ariel and street tricks as they will add more weight to your knees or lower body which will lead to misbalancing.

Skateboarding adds various other benefits to your anatomy which helps in keeping a healthier body. A healthy body will help you live your life freely and skating helps you achieve that easily and entertainingly.

How is skateboarding good exercise?

Exercise helps you not only in improving outer physic or body fitness but also helps you in many other ways like stress relief, pain tolerance, mental growth, maintaining abdominal muscle, cardiovascular fitness, and many more.

Let’s see what else makes skateboarding a good exercise option for fitness freaks.

Like our body, our brain also needs a good exercise to make our body work, hence skateboarding is a good exercise to have cardio exercise, relieve stress, and improve the concentration power of your brain.

Skating is one of the best exercise regimens for your mind, body, and soul.

Skating helps to improve the coordination of your body parts. When you are skating your eyes, hands, lower leg and feet has to work or function together, hence your body coordination develops day by day.

Perfect body coordination helps to take reflexive action in any kind of required situation.

Reasons for skateboarding good exercise choice

There are many reasons to support why is skateboarding good exercise option. Skating is one of the best exercise and strength training, however, we will go through some more important reasons on how skateboarding works.

People who have ever pushed a skateboard will understand what a tedious task it is to make the board move. In the course of moving the board, your body will go through many body movements which is beneficial for health and physical fitness.

Some of the other good reasons are a skater knows how to fall properly and at the same time get up and start all over again. It signifies that skateboarding is building your mental health to adjust to any downhill situation. It increases your confidence.

Many studies have expressed the potential of skateboarding for exercise or workout as a mode of upgrading physical activity with fun, quality of life and self-esteem, improved mood states, reduced anxiety, resilience to stress, or improved sleep.

Now you have all the detailed information about the benefits of skateboarding regarding your health, weight loss, burning calories, and many more.


The answer to the question is skateboarding a good workout or not is simply ‘Yes’. During skateboarding, the whole body posture keeps on changing which directly engages many muscle groups. Also, the fast movement increases heartbeat which keeps our cardiovascular system good.

If you want to stay fit, then skateboarding can be the right choice. Skateboarding also engages the core, hence it built the overall strength of our body. Skateboarding increases the coordination & agility of our bodies.

Mind & body movement coordination is increased to a great extent. Skateboarding nurtures creativity. We have seen so many stunts & tricks done by many people. One can be creative in developing his tricks.

Apart from all these, skateboarding teaches us how to fall properly. We can minimize the impact by knowing how to fall. Hence, skateboarding is considered not only a muscle-building exercise but also good cardio & core workout. We hope it is clear to all that is skateboarding good exercise or not.

People Common Question Answer

  • How to start skateboarding to get fit?

If you want to lose weight, you need to set a routine before you start skating. If you are skating just to become fit then regularly 30 minutes is enough. You need to skate aggressively to burn excess calories.

  • What muscles does skateboarding work?

Skateboarding engages a few groups of muscles, especially below the torso & also has effects on the abs. Going below the torso, skateboarding engages the hamstrings which are the thigh muscles. Also, it engages the calves & quadriceps.

  • What parts of the body does skateboarding exercise?

Skateboarding helps to exercise almost all the parts of the body as most of the body parts are used while skating but it focuses more on key muscles like glutens, lower back, hamstrings, quads, and most importantly heart.

  • Is roller skating a good workout?

Roller skating provides a complete aerobic activity and calls for all your body muscles, mainly the heart. This type of skating has a lot of health benefits such as reducing caloric consumption, leg strength development, and weight loss.

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