Top 10 Best Longboards For Beginners In 2021

Best Longboards For Beginners

It is quite amazing how the world is storming with the craze for longboards. Do you wish to own a longboard too? As a beginner you should start your journey with the best longboards for beginners.

In this article, we have covered all the facts related to longboards and have also listed some top skateboards for newbies. So, this makes your search easier and the only thing that you need to do is to read this article till the end.

We often find the beginner surfers being confused about longboards. Let me clarify that the longboard surfboard is different to the longboards that we will be discussing here. These products and are used for surfing and not for skating.

There are huge number of products available in the market and that is why it becomes hard for riders to choose the right product.

We have done a comprehensive enlisting of the advantages of disadvantages of each of the products to help you judge their qualities and not depend only on what we say. So, let us begin our voyage now.

Why should you choose the best longboards for beginners over normal skateboards?

At first, you must determine the purpose of buying a skating board. If you want to get a board for commuting around the city, cruising longboard is the best option for you. For a beginner, skateboard might not be a good choice, as one would find more balance with wider longboards.

Also, a longboard wheel is quite bigger and would let you dominate even on the rough roads.Once you have learned skating, you would wish to gyrate which is possible only with longboard, skateboard with its design are good for flips. So, longboards can be considered best for the beginners.

What is the best type of longboard for beginners?

A lot of varieties of longboards are available in the market, however as beginner longboarder you must be wondering which kind is be the best for you. We have conducted various opinion polls and have talked to professionals to determine the results.

The drop through longboard has been identified as the best type for newbies as they have a low height which allows beginners build their balance on the boards.

However, for professionals looking for the best type of longboard for dancing and doing tricks, the pintail longboard can be of good use. Due to its large deck space facilitating easy turns and flips, this kind of board is also referred to as the dancing longboard.

Now, it is time to revisit the main purpose of this article, that is to know which longboard brand you should opt for. We have put up the top 10 products for you after filtering them based on various categories. So, let’s begin now.

best size longboard skateboard for beginners

How to ride a longboard?

As a beginner longboarder, you must be curious to learn riding a longboard. The best longboards for beginners is what will help you learn as a newbie. But remember not to compromise with safety, put on your safety gears before riding.

Skating shoes and helmet are must along with elbow and knee pads if you want to ride at speed.

Firstly, determine if you are a left or a right footer, regular riders are usually left-footed. Now take you stance by placing your feet in between the longboard truck and spreading it a bit more than your shoulder length.

Align your hind foot sideways while making a 45° angle with your foreleg. Start movements by pushing on the ground through your hind leg. Your first lesson as a newbie should be to try balancing.

After learning how to skateboard the next concern that you might have is how do you stop on a longboard? The obvious options are jumping off the board and applying brakes with your feet.

You can also choose to slide the board to stop it while riding. Some people also ask, is longboarding good exercise?

Yes, certainly they are great way to cardio. Besides this, skating can also involves activity of various muscles like the biceps & triceps, abdomen muscles, deltoids, etc., therefore a great means to stay fit.

Top 10 Best Longboards For Beginners To Buy in 2021

The top 10 longboards listed here are from varied brands and have different attributes contributing to their type. Being a beginner rider, you might think, what longboard should I get? You can search for your answer among these products below.

Remember, the best longboards for beginners will vary rider to rider depending on the riding style, so make your choice wisely.

The best longboards For beginners are listed below

  • Best For Overall: VOLADOR 42” Longboard Complete Cruiser
  • Best Freestyling Longboard: MAGNETO Freestyle Longboard
  • Best For Cruising: SEETHING Freestyle Longboard Skateboard
  • Best Complete board: PLAYSHION Freestyle Longboard Skateboard
  • Best For Dancing: JUNLI Freeride Skateboard Longboard
  • Best For Girls: HAWKEYE Freeride & Freestyle Longboard
  • Best Drop-Through Longboard: VOLADOR Maple Longboard Basic Cruiser
  • Best Pin-tail Longboard: ATOM Pin-Tail Longboard
  • Best For racing downhill: MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard
  • Best For hassle-free assembly: FISH SKATEBOARDS Longboard Skateboard

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard: Best For racing downhill

MINORITY has some extraordinary longboards stalked under their brand name, one of which is this downhill longboard. As the name suggest, it great for racing down the slope of a hill with maximum control, a perfect longboard for beginners to buy.

Deck : 

The build is very sturdy as the deck is made up of solid cold pressed 9-ply maple wood of 4-inch thickness adding to the durability of the board. The size of the deck is of 40 inches with a width of 10 inches.

This is really superb for a newcomer as they can easily maintain their balance while skating down the hill. The design is also very explicitly done with vibrant colors.

Truck : 

This board comes with a 7 inches reverse kingpin truck made of good quality Aluminum which helps to promote performance. The skateboard trucks are highly maneuverable as you can adjust them up to 40 – 50 degrees which makes versatile in operation.

To  add to the compact design, a longboard grip tape is already attached to help you have control while skating.

Wheels : 

The wheels with a dimension of 70x51mm are made of Polyurethane adding to its long lifeline.  The wheels are rebound with ABEC-9 speed bearings installed to enhance performance.

The board also comes with 78A PU bushing to support you at speed and a wheelbase clearance of more than 35 inches helps you to ride smoothly.

Which longboard is best for racing downhill?

Racing downhill requires a lot of control and this product along with its attributes are a perfect option that fits the category. The product has a very compact design with a wide deck which also comes with a good quality grip tape enhancing your grip on the board.

What else do you get?

With this skateboard you get some extra-ordinary low-gravity support which help you in skating efficiently. It has the capacity to bear 220 pounds of user-weight which is great in comparison to how light the board actually is.

Made out of completely natural materials gives the option to the user to carry it anywhere due to its lightweight.


  • Durable & cost efficient
  • Colored in a fascinating style with a tough build
  • Steady & suitable for speedy rides
  • Good for beginners


  • Not a good choice with riders having too much bodyweight
  • Nuts and other metallic parts soon become rusty

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FISH SKATEBOARDS Longboard Skateboard : Best For hassle-free assembly

The FISH SKATEBOARDS is a highly reputed longboard brand which produces some amazing longboards. Do you want to avoid the hassle to build a skateboard? Well, then this product is perfect for you as it comes packed with the assembly done and no extra efforts are required.


The deck is made up of grade A hard wood, to be specific, 8-layer Canadian maple making it quite sturdy and durable.

The  surface of this board has a specialty to offer for its users, that is its slip-resistant feature which allows newbies to skate with confidence without the fear of slipping off.


This is one of most amazing things about the board which boots the strength of the board. The longboard truck is of 7 inches and made of an alloy of Aluminum making reactive.

The axle that passes through the trucks attaching the wheels is made up of stainless steel, so you need not worry about rusting. The OS780 grip tape is abrasive in nature helping users to have full control.


The dimensions of the wheels are of 70x51mm and are made up of PU HR82A making them very soft in texture. The SHR95A bushing and the speed bearings are also soft in nature. The SHR90A is made of ABEC-0 highly precision chrome steel providing smooth riding experience.

Can you quickly assemble this longboard?

Most of the high performance boards require to be assembled after they are delivered. If you are looking for such a board but want to avoid the labor of assembling it, then this is your chance as this product comes assembled. Also, this is designed for high speed skating so you can enjoy speeding.

What more do you get?

This longboard is specially designed for attaining higher speed while skating. The shape of the board promotes push-power generation and helps you with some added balance thereby helping you on the rough rides.


  • The design is great, and the colors are vibrant
  • Quite flexible and good for beginners
  • A thick deck in comparison to other wooden boards


  • Has a poor weight-carrying capacity.
  • The longboard trucks and wheels come pre-installed making it hard to take tight turns with it

VOLADOR 42” Longboard Complete Cruiser : Best For Overall

Looking for a complete longboard for a beginner? You are at the right place and this is the right name for you. The products from VOLADOR are always classy in their approach and user’s find their unique design quite attractive.


The deck is made up of sustainable materials like 8-ply maple wood and the inclusion of epoxy glue adds to its lifetime. It has a very symmetric pattern and an artistic look.

The deck size is of 42 inches in length and 9 inches in width and has the capacity of bearing up to 250 pounds of user-weight. The deck is designed in such a way as to provide users with rich skating experiences.


The 78A wheels are of 70x51mm in dimension and are made up of polyurethane helping it to operate smoothly. Besides the longboard wheel, the ABEC-9 speed bearings are also smooth with an extraordinary ability to work more efficiently under heavier weight.

The wheelbase clearance is of 37 inches makes the rider smoother.


A reverse kingpin truck of 7 inches along with an adjustability range of 45 – 50 degrees offer the users with a rich experience of maneuverability by providing a shock absorbing ability at 45 degrees. The trucks of this longboard are made of up Aluminum alloys.

Is this longboard effective in terms of overall performance?

Yes, a very effective board when it comes to overall performance. The quality of build makes the board long long-lasting and durable and the trucks along with the wheels installed enhance the its operative abilities thereby making it one of the best in terms of performance.

Other things to look for?

The bolts are made up of steel and therefore you will not have to replace them easily due to rusting. If you are a beginner and looking for a longboard to start your skating experiences with, this is truly the best choice as reviewed so far.


  • Adjustable baseplate angle for the board’s truck
  • Durable & designer deck with shock-absorption quality
  • Fair ground clearance under the deck


  • Poor-quality bearing installed and the longboard grip tape easily comes off
  • Poorly build and often the board edges chip off

ATOM Pin-Tail Longboard : Best Pin-tail Longboard

If you have a desire to learn how to learn besides learning how to commute using a longboard, pintail longboard is what you should look for and this is one of its kind.

But why should you buy a product from this brand? A very simple reason is that it is a value for money product and that too from a reputed brand like this. To be precise,  this is one of the leaders in the market for longboards with its outstanding features. We will know more about this longboard as we proceed.


The size of beck is a bit smaller compared to the other similar products and is of only 39 inches in length and 9 inches in width.

The board is made up of maple wood and is concave in shape which makes it quite close to the ground providing a controlled ride to the users. The upper portion of the deck is laminated with fantastic designs and the shape prevents wheel bites.


These longboards have soft 78A wheels which are made of urethane. Just like the deck size, the diameter is also small and is of 65mm only, however with this size you can have easier turns while skating.

The ABEC-5 bearings help the axle to rotate quite smoothly but are slower than usual ones.


The trucks are quite taller than the usual ones and are of 8.5mm in height. Made up of aluminum alloy, the skateboard trucks add to the sturdiness of the board.

The skateboard grip tape although provides full coverage is however a bit coarse and does not benefit the users by much.

Does this product classify as one of the best pin-tail longabord?

When you are thinking of buying a pin-tail longboard, you should go with the market leader and this brand is one of the best when it comes to such longboards. They come with fair sized wheels and high trucks which help the wheels rotate very smoothly.

Other features

As already said, the board is a value for money product and come with awesome designs underneath the deck. The deck height is of 6 inches and weighs around 1 pounds.


  • Quite big wheels facilitating smooth rides
  • Deck designs are very elegant and attractive
  • Very durable and a value for money product


  • With constant usage the deck tends to warp
  • Bearings are not so good and needs to be replaced soon

VOLADOR Maple Longboard Basic Cruiser : Best Drop-Through Longboard

Are you searching for a cruiser longboard but also want to get a drop through board? This one can be an option for you and as far as the brand is concerned, VOLADOR is quite a reputed brand and therefore you can be assured to get what they promise.


The deck is rock hard as it is made of premium quality maple wood. The length of the deck is 40 inches with a width of 9 inches and weighs up to 7 pounds. This longboard has a capacity of carrying user weight up to 250 pounds and wit the cutting-edge design helps the users to skate at a high speed.

No reports of wheel bite due to the deck’s design has been reported for this board till date.


Good quality Aluminum alloy has been used to make the trucks which have a height of 7 inches. The longboard trucks on skateboard are also adjustable in nature allowing up to 50 degrees of adjustment using the kingpin provided with the board.


A pure polyurethane wheel of 70mm diameter with a hardness level of 80A. The wheels are quite big in size and are harder than usual longboards of this kind. They are also rebound PU in nature which basically adds to its durability.

The ABEC-7 Precision Bearings are of high quality and help you to take firm turns. Similarly, the bearings also boost performance and are made of steel.

Which is the best drop-through longbaord?

Drop-through boards are brilliant in terms of shock absorption and if you have started skating just now you can always opt for such a board. This product comes with a reverse kingpin which allows an adjustment of about 50 degree, therefore making it superb flexible and one of the best drop-through longboards.

What else?

The graphic design that these boards come with are quite geometrically done. One of the advantageous features of it are the rust-free steel bolts and the chrome steel bearings. 


  • Very sturdy build with maple deck
  • High-end design with intrinsic artwork
  • Adjustable trucks with good weight-bearing ability


  • Requires good amount of maintenance
  • Additional bearings are not of good quality

Best Longboards For Beginners kids and adults

PLAYSHION Freestyle Longboard Skateboard : Best Complete board

Are you looking for a complete longboard? You can end your search here as this product from the brand of PLAYSHION gives you all the features that you expected in a complete board.

The exciting package that it comes with have been the center of attraction for every user. Let us explore it now.


The deck is a bit shorter and has its length as 39 inches unlike other longboard which are really long. But there will be no compromise of control with this board as it is quite wide, almost 9.2 inches.

The deck of the board is situated at a height of 4 inches from the ground allowing you to have more control. The most exciting thing about it are the material with which it has been made, a mix of bamboo and maple wood.

The 8-ply maple wood used in this case makes it quite sturdy and durable. The deck has the flexibility to behold around 250 pounds of user-weight.


The trucks are very strong and solid having a size of 7 inches and are made of pure Aluminum. The bushings attached to this are very soft to let the user have a very pleasant experience while longboarding.

The support that the truck provide is quite amazing and you will never feel shaky while skating with it.


When you are on the road, the only thing that you will care most regarding your longboard is the speed that you can attain. In such situations, the wheels come into action and this board has perfectly fair sized 70x50mm PU wheels to offer you a great speed while riding.

The ABEC-9 bearings provide the extra factor to boost the speed and comes with nylon cages to reduce friction while operation.

Why do people choose this product while looking for complete longboard?

A moderate sized deck made out of a perfect combination of maple wood and ply with pure Aluminum trucks that enhance performance, what else can one want from a complete longboard like this. Polyurethane wheels of large size and also installed with the product to give you a smooth skating experience.

Other Features

This longboard comes in varied color options and you can choose any of the vibrant shade that you like. The pricing is fair enough in correspondence to quality offered. The astonishing design is another reason why user are crazy about this


  • Good weight-carrying capacity
  • Durable deck with sturdy build
  • Superior wheels with


  • The lightweight makes it hard for riders to balance
  • Squeaky wheels, not good for flips and tricks

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JUNLI Freeride Skateboard Longboard : Best For Dancing

If you now have been skateboarding for quite some time, you might have a wish to find the best type of longboard for dancing. This product from JUNLI is a stunner and you will be amazed to know how fantastically it is built for facilitating freestyle.

You can take sharp turns while still maintaining your balance on the board, all thanks to its anti-slip feature.


The deck is fairly built with 8-ply which can retain a very high user-weight. You will be amazed to know its ability of carrying user weight, its 330 pounds. So, we have got a longboard for you even if you are slightly overweight.

The deck is 41 inches in length and has big width of 9.5 inches.


The 7 inch trucks of this longboard are purely made of Aluminum alloy and the installation of the ultra-elastic PU support pad makes it highly responsive & stable. When it comes to user experience it is always smooth and filled with control.


A wheel size of 70mm X 51mm with a hardness grade of 80A PU makes these wheels a ripper and to make it more exciting the ABEC-11 bearings installed are supra-high speeded.

Is this the best longboard for dancing?

This longboard has quite a long deck and the extraordinary ability to carry huge user weight makes it amazing to many skaters. If you are slightly overweight but are fond of dancing with boards, then this is exactly what you should opt for. An amazing product loaded with speed bearings to enhance performance.

What else to look for?

This longboard although light weighted in nature comes with shock absorption rings which ensures that all your rides are fairly smooth.

The striking thing that is included in the package of this product is the all-in-one t-tool to help you quickly disassemble your longboard parts. It doesn’t end here are JUNLI assures a full refund if you are dissatisfied with the quality of product.


  • Aluminum trucks facilitating extra control and promoting stability
  • Sturdy build with maple wood deck
  • Speed bearings installed for high performance


  • Not so good for heavy-weighted riders
  • Poor-quality skateboard grip tape used

SEETHING Freestyle Longboard Skateboard : Best For Cruising

You search for the best longboard for commuting can end here, once you go through the amazing qualities and features this longboard form the brand of SEETHING has to offer.

This is kind of a all-rounder as the experts say and with a cruiser like this, I am sure no roads in your society will remain unexplored by you.


As already mentioned, this board has been designed for cruising, and, therefore, high-quality maple has been used to build a skateboard like this making it highly durable and sturdy.

The length of this longboard is of 42 inches and it can afford to bear a weight of 300 pounds. Are you having overweight issues? No problem, we got an option here.


Have you always wanted to have a smooth ride while commuting? Well, this can be possible with this longboard having 7 inches Aluminum alloy trucks.  You can adjust the truck using the kingpin present and the speed is also boosted with the 95A bushing installed.


This longboard come with a polyurethane wheel having a diameter of 70mm. The wheels have 80 A grade of hardness and therefore offers stability while you ride at speed. You may wish to slow down suddenly while riding at speed.

For this greater control is required and which is possible with these wheels, but the same thing makes the wheels less durable. No more worries to hit rough roads and the wheels support you perfectly at rough terrains.

Do you want to cruise around the city with this longaboard?

An all-rounder along with a superb cruiser, yes this is what defines this product. The long deck along with the large wheels makes this a perfect choice for skaters who are fond of cruising. They have also got some good quality trucks installed and the best part is that they come already assembled.

What more can you get?

As a beginner rider, you will not want to get involved in assembling the skateboard. No worries this product is delivered pre-installed, so nothing to assemble anymore. This amazing fact allows you the option to even have it as a gift for someone who is interested in skating.


  • Wider deck than usual longboards with a sturdy build
  • Bearing & wheels are of good quality offering speed
  • Weight-carrying capacity is very high
  • Control features are great with top quality trucks


  • The grit cover wears down with constant use

MAGNETO Freestyle Longboard : Best Freestyling Longboard

Another dancing longboard with which you can engage in great carves while you skate, this product from the house of MAGNETO is absolutely outstanding. More amazing things awaits about this longboard as we drill down the various features, so let’s explore it.


As you can find in its name, the deck is entirely composed of bamboo which has a length of 35 inches and a width of 9 inches. Find it shorter? Well, a dancing board is often like that only. It is slightly concave in structure and is highly responsive.

The 3-ply bamboo that has been used to built it makes it highly durable and adds strength to its lifeline.


The SHR – High Rebound Urethane wheels are of 70mm x 53mm in size and comes with a hardness rating of 78A. The wheels are fairly sized to enable users to slide while doing freestyles.


The truck is drop through in nature and attracts the users with its amazing low-gravity control which ensures smoother rides. The 7-inch Aluminum alloy trucks enhance the performance of this longboard and the kingpin allow an adjustment up to 50 degrees.

Medium stiff bushing are also installed, and the fact that there are not very soft helps riders in carving. Twin kicktails are also added to the trucks to allow riders to perform flips.

Are you buying this longboard for tricks?

If you are thinking of buying this longboard for doing some freestyling, you need not look for any other option. This perfectly qualifies as a freestyler longboard with its lightweighted deck and fair wheels size.  You can also get a kingpin for the trucks which will allow you to adjust the angle as per your choice.

Other things that you can get?

The longboard has a high-quality sandblast coated grip tape installed supporting a very tight grip. Riders up to a weight of 280 pounds can try out this board. Besides a beginner skateboard rider, pro-riders can also opt for this board for carving & dancing.


  • Quite versatile with a bamboo deck
  • Aluminum truck & urethane wheels promote high-end performance
  • Extra skateboard grip tape for beginners to feel comfortable


  • Standard not as per the listed price
  • The carbon fiber present is not of a good quality

HAWKEYE Freeride & Freestyle Longboard : Best For Girls

If you are looking for a beginner skateboard which can be used for multi-purpose, this might be an option. With this longboard skateboard you can cruise around the city and at the same time race down the hill.

The options do not end here as you can also use this board for freestyling and carving down the road.


The deck of this board is of a standard size having a length of 41 inches and a width of 9 inches. The board is made up of high-density 8-layer maple wood with an anti-slip surface promoting stability. The deck can also support a very high user weight ranging up to 300 pounds.


The trucks offered by this longboard are of supreme quality and made of pure Aluminum alloy. The size of the trucks are quite standards and are meant for heavy-duty operations.

The axle that affixes the wheels to the truck is made of pure stainless steel. This quality materials used makes the board very sturdy and durable.


The PU wheels are of 70 x 52mm and are super smooth in nature having a hardness rating of 82A. The wheel have a unique feature  of shock-absorption which helps the riders while skating down the rough terrains.

The ABEC-7 bearings installed make the skating experience quite smoother. The bearings are made of Chrome steel and the SHR95A bushing are supra soft in nature.

Are you searching the best longboard for girls?

Colorful longboards attract girls the most and this product is available in multi-color and also comes pre-assembled so you don’t have to put an extra effort to put the parts together. The wheels are quite big with a fair hardness rating making them perform brilliantly on road. The best part is the build which provide superb control and stability.

Other features

This is one such longboard for beginners, girl riders also buy as there is no hassle associated with the assembling of the skateboard parts. The product is packed with a all-in-one skate tool using which you can easy get it tightened.


  • Multi-color available for this product
  • Good for quick turns making it a good value for money
  • Great quality bushings offering smooth ride.


  • To get high-performance bearing need to replaced time-to-time
  • Cannot bear more than 200lbs of weight

How to choose best loangboard for beginner

What are the key features to consider while buying a Best longboards for beginners?

Choosing the best longboard for yourself can be tougher than learning how to skateboard. There are so many factors that you need to consider while decide to buy longboard online. But you need not worry since we have got you all covered.

We have listed down all the factors while comes into play while a newbie rides chooses his or her first longboard. So, let us now about few important parameters that you should keep in mind while making your choice for the best longboards for beginners.

Size of Deck

This is a very important factor for the newbie riders to consider while buying their first longboard.

The longboard length for height of user above 6 feet should be more than 42 inches, while for those with height below 6 ft. and above 5 ft. can use board ranging between 30 – 42 inches.

You must remember the main purpose of a longboard is for cruising, however, if you are into freestyling, then you must opt for shorter boards.

You would also want to carry your longboard to various places you travel and therefore it is very important to opt for a light weighted board. The specialty of longboards is that they have wider space for placing the feet and the wheelbase is also a factor making them stable.

If you are assembling skateboard parts to build your own longboard, you can choose custom skateboard decks of 40 – 41 inches for this purpose. But you must make sure that the custom skateboard decks should be made of hard wood like maple ply.

Wheelbase Clearness

This is one of the vital stats that you need to check before you select your board. This defines a very important since it determines the condition of biting where the base of the board holds a chance of touching the ground while skating.

The longer the wheelbase, the easily you will be able to turn with a wider diameter and enhance control. This is also great for slowing down while cruising downhill.

On the other hand, if you opt for shorter wheelbases, you will get a more reactive board which can facilitate tighter turns. You can pace up with a board having shorter wheelbase. Also, you hold an advantage over the grip and it decreases with the increase in wheelbase height.

Build Of the Deck

The materials which will be used for constructing your longboard will play a vital role in determining the longevity. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for board made of pure maple wood or bamboo.

Sometimes, a mixture of two sturdy materials make your board become more durable, so you need to be very careful with what you choose. If you opt for a longboard made of poor-quality materials, then it will have the risk of breaking easily.

Also, the quality of the materials used will determine the weight carrying capacity of the board and therefore if you are slightly overweight, do focus on the numbers mentioned for the load carrying capacity of the board before buying.

Trucks and king pin

Another important factor is the trucks. The longboard trucks on skateboard are basically the structure that fits beneath you deck and holds the axle and the wheel together affixing it to the deck. So, it is very important to have a good-quality truck, the recommended one is the truck made of Aluminum.

Also, you must be aware of the truck adjustments and the reverse kingpin as this will be the deciding factors towards the turning ability of the longboard while you ride.

The truck on a longboard differ greatly from that on a skateboard and the deciding factor here is the kingpin which decides on the side-to-side rotations of the board.

Support Bushings

The bushings are a factor that associates with the trucks, basically they are the supporting pads made of rubber between the baseplate and the hanger of the truck. Two bushing are installed in every truck, so, as you have 2 trucks per board, there are a total of 4 bushing present.

It is recommended that you choose soft bushing as they allow you to make quick turns while riding, the same is not that easy with harder ones. Also, the softer bushing help to absorb the shock impacts generated while you ride on your longboard.

Wheels: Hardiness & size

This is undoubtedly the most critical factor in determining how smooth your riding experience will be. Longboards usually have bigger wheels, that is what they specialize in, and also another considering factor regarding wheel is the hardness rating of the wheels.

It is recommended that you choose a wheel with hardness grade ranging between

78A – 80A : This is what you should expect as the hardness rating of the wheels.

The wheels should preferably made of polyurethane as it increases the softness. If you are wondering why we are asking you to opt for soft wheels, let me tell you that this will boost your riding experience and make it smooth even when you travel down the rough roads.

The dimensions of the wheels are also a deciding factor and it is recommended to opt for a wheel with a diameter between 70 – 75mm. The wider wheels will have better grip on the road and will help you slow down easily due to the surface area of contact being huge.

Another advantage that you have with larger wheels is that they can easily take over the minor obstacle on the road like small pebbles or pieces of debris lying on the road. The longboard trucks and wheels are a key factor is deciding the effectiveness of your board.

Speed Bearings

The quality of the speed bearing will determine the movement of the wheels and as the name suggest will help determine the speed with which you can ride your longboard.

Now, how will you determine if the wheels have good quality bearing as you require. For that, you first need be sure about the purpose of your buying.

If you want to race downhill, do not go for anything lesser than ABEC-7 as they are the bets. If you want to use for only cruising options, ABEC-3 will be good, whereas freestyling will be favored by ABEC-5.

You must be very serious about the maintenance of the bearings as you cannot just let a wear out bearing stay which will only increase the chances of your accident. The bearing need to cleaned and lubed form time-to-time and if they are no more in a good condition, replace them without a second thought.

Affordable Price

The last deciding factor will be the price of your longboard. If you have a tight budget, I recommend you for waiting for some time, till you a have a good budget to get your first longboard.

Opting for a cheap quality board will only result in a loss as the board will have chances of breaking down soon and you might also have to face accidents while using it.

You will find a lot of products available in the market offering the same quality as the high-end products at a very low price. These a nothing but traps set for you, do not fall for them.

Curtains Down!

The longboards available in the market are not only for the purpose of cruising as you can now also engage into freestyling using the longboards with shorter length.

As you already know now, skating is a good exercise as it works out different body parts and muscles of your body, so, if you regularly skate, you might not be required to hit the gym anymore.

Some of the beginner surfers, also opt for longboards nowadays. Although there are not for skating purpose, but this kind of longboard surfboard is quite trending in today’s world.

Similarly, if you are into skiing, you can look for some excellent snowbaord for newcomer skiers available in the market.

 These are the 2 choice concerning sea and mountains, but what about the land, to be specific the roads. Well, for roads, the best choice for a new rider will definitely be the longboard skateboard.

As we had stated in the beginning of the article, a qualitative analysis have been done for the top 10 products in this sports category and after doing this analysis, we have found out the VOLADOR Longboard 42-inch Complete Cruiser to be the best longboards for beginners.

You might have a different choice though, but this longboard from the house of VOLADOR is simply awesome.

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Q. What is the best longboard for beginners?

A . Undoubtedly, the 42 inches Complete Cruiser Longboard from the brand of Volador is the best product to buy for a beginner.

The ability of the board to carry around 250 pounds of user-weight is outstanding with its shock absorption capacity making it an incredible choice. You can make sharp turn while riding on this board.

Q. What are the differences between skateboards and longboards?

A . The wheels of the longboard are the main contrast for being larger and soft in comparison to the skateboards wheels which are smaller and hard.

Longboards are a type of skateboard only, but they differ in their flattened shape. They are quite a good choice for cruising around the city while skateboards are good for flips and doing trick.

Q. Should a beginner get a regular skateboard or a longboard first?

A . As a newbie, you should opt for a longboard than buying a skateboard because longboards have wider decks allowing you more space to place your feet comfortably and build your balance.

You will not always get a chance to ride in smooth roads and longboards give you the same amount of control even on rough terrains.

Q. Which type of longboard is best for beginners?

A . No doubt in the fact that a drop through longboard is the best type of board for a beginner. The main reason being that the deck height is quite low keeping your feet close to the ground.

As a beginner, you would like to learn the basics and to do that this type is a great choice.

Q. How to choose best longboard for beginners?

A . To choose the best longboard you need to first understand your riding style. Once you have figured it out, match it with the type of longboard that best suits your style.

However, while you buy longboard online you must keep in mind factors like deck length, base clearance, construction, quality of trucks & bearings and wheel quality.

Q. How to distinguish skateboards and longboards?

A . It is not that tough to identify these two boards. The first distinguishable feature is their shape where longboards are straighter and wider having flat tails while skateboards are shorter with a curved tail. Similarly, the trucks in a skateboard is quite narrower compared to longboards facilitating tricks.

Q. A regular skateboard or a longboard is better for a beginner?

A . The basic step in the learning process of skating is to know how to take a stance. You will be able to do easily provided the board is wider and that is why experts advise beginners to buy longboards to begin with.

At the beginning everyone has a wish to skate for longer distances and this can be smoother only with longboards under your feet.

Q. How to choose the best size of the longboard?

A . If you are buying a longboard for the first time, I would recommend you for buying a board with deck size between 32 – 40 inches.

Now this range is given because the size might vary as per your height. However, if you have a height of 6 feet or above, choose a board with more than 42 inches of length.

Q. What are the best longboards for beginners?

A . People often are confused if they should buy a cruising longboard or a normal longboard. A perfect longboard will surely add to your benefits by enhancing your ability to balance with the features offer.

However, if you are looking for choosing a brand, I would recommend Volador 42inch Freeride longboards considering you to be a newbie.