What Do You Need To Build a Skateboard?

Skateboarding in ais a very cool and fun sport and nowadays it is very popular among youths. Are you also planning to start skating? Why not begin with a custom build skateboard. To start with let us know what do you need to build a skateboard?

It is not as difficult a task as it seems and you can easily build your own skateboard deck from scratch once you are aware of the process and have the necessary tools with you.

In this article, we will be dealing with the various prospects of building skateboards from scratch using minimum tools and materials at our own home.

So, if you desire to build your own skateboard too, all you need to do is read this article till the end.

Should you build a skateboard or buy one?

Now the question is should you build a skateboard or buy one? So, an average skateboard will cost you $70-$150, and to make a skateboard will cost no more than $100.

From the price point of view building, a skateboard is cheaper and it will be sustainable. Now, you see whichever is convenient to you.

Do you want to build a skateboard?

In the world of social media, people are always following trends. It is no issue if you are also one of them.

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is whether you want to build your own board or simply buy a professional product.

If you decide to build a skateboard then follow this article till the end.

What do you need to build a skateboard?

For different levels of skates, different types of skateboards are available in the market but they are expensive. This is why most of the skaters prefer to build their own skateboards.

Building a skateboard from scratch will not only help you with the cost-cutting but also boost your knowledge about skateboards and various skateboarding parts.

Have a look at the below list to know what do you need to make a skateboard deck.

What parts do you need to build a complete custom skateboard?

To build your own skateboard deck from scratch you will need-

  • ½” plywood and ¾” hardwood to make the skateboard deck
  • Skateboard hardware- grip tape, skateboard wheel (smaller wheel and softer wheel), skateboard bearings, truck bolts, skateboard truck
  • Jigsaw
  • Danish oil
  • Epoxy(optional)
  • Sandpaper
  • Router with a round-over bit
  • Razorblade
  • Tack cloth
  • Riser pad
  • Busing
What tools do you need for a skateboard?

Another important aspect that can be included while you ask what do you need to build a skateboard is the tools.

The tools which can be used while making a skateboard are as follows.

  • A drilling machine and drill bits
  • Rasp

These are some skateboard parts you will need for this to make a modern skateboard.

Let’s hop into the process of making a skateboard now.

How do you build your own skateboard and what do you need?

The first and crucial step of this process is making a template because a good template can help you to make a flawless skateboard. For that, draw a line on the middle of the plywood. Then draw the design on the plywood which you have thought in your mind.

You need to draw only one half and but if you want you can draw both halves. Also, mark the place where the trucks will be fitted. At first, you need to cut the plywood a little larger than the size you desire.

For cutting the plywood according to your choice use a jigsaw. Try to make the cut closer to the line then you do not need to struggle more to get the perfect shape. The target is to make a clean cut. If you feel you can seek help from others. Because I know this is not a very easy task.

After cutting the plywood according to the design, you will notice that the edges of the board are very sharp now. Use a rasp or sandpaper to file the edges in order to get a smooth edge. Also, check the edges after filing if any irregularities are present. Now your template is ready.

How much does it cost to build a skateboard?

Use a skateboard mold to give a shape to the deck. So, now you must be wondering how much does it cost to build a skateboard. The maximum total cost of buying tools and plywood for making a skateboard will not exceed $100.

What kind of wood is used for skateboard decks?

A skate deck should be made up of hardwood so that it would sustain for a long time. For that, I will recommend you to buy hard maple wood or Baltic birch plywood. These are considered the best woods out there for making skateboard decks. If you have an old skateboard deck, use it.

Most of the skateboards available in the market are 26”-50” long and approximately 8” wide. But you have to decide what will be the size of your skateboard. But if you want a longboard and wider deck, then I will suggest buying a 50” long and 10” wide plywood, in case you wish larger deck size, you can easily make out of it. You can also build a Popsicle skateboard.

Building the skateboard

To smoothen up the plywood deck use polyurethane as a coating. This coat will not only smoothen up the deck but also will make it durable. Now, this is the time to make holes using a drill machine to attach the truck.

After counting the truck boults present in the truck, start drilling the holes on the deck. The holes should be aligned to the template. Strat drilling on the backside of your deck. If anything goes wrong it will not show up. Now, it is time to fit the truck with your board.

The bearing and the wheels will go together. At first, remove the nut and washer from it. The bearing has two sides- flat and ridged side. The flat side should face out. Now, take the bearing and put it on the truck axle. Then take the longboard wheels and press them down over the bearing. Continue pressing until the bearing slides into the center of the wheel.

Now, remove the wheel from the axle and slide it into the second bearing and do the same with the others too.

  • Place the board on a flat surface and place the board in a standing position on its edge for better grip.
  • When you put the second bearing on, face the wheel out.

How tight should I set your skate trucks?

After this, put the washer down on top of the bearing and add the nut. Screw the nut down using your hand and after that grab your wrench and continue tightening the nut to avoid wheel bite. This will definitely push the bearings down further.

After securing and tightening the bearing in place, lose the nut a bit so the wheels can spin freely and easily. Now, to check whether the wheels are spinning or not grab the wheel with your fingers and move or jiggle the wheels slightly.

When all the process will be done, add a few drops of Danish oil into the nuts to avoid rusting. If you want to make your skateboard colorful or want to add stickers, go for it. You can find it from any online website or any skate shop.

Now, place your skateboard down and stand on it. Check whether it is doing its job perfectly or not and also check the tightness of the trucks. If the trucks are too loose tight it and if it feels very tight then lose the nuts. Avoid harder wheels and larger wheels.

If you are having trouble in turning or carving lose each one. Jiggle the truck again to make sure that everything is tightly locked. Your complete skateboard is ready to go to the skatepark for flip tricks.


I have discussed the entire process of how to make your own skateboard along with what do you need to build a skateboard in detail. If you have gone through the article thoroughly you will not face any issues regarding the process.

As we all know now skateboarding is very trendy. So, go and make a new hobby become a skateboarder. And if you too want to know how to build your own skateboard deck from scratch then do not forget to check what do you need to build a skateboard in this article.

Always wear knee pads for safety purposes. Hope you find it helpful.

Urmi Rudra

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