Best 6 Easy Ways To Know What Size Skateboard Should I Get.

Are you new in the world of skating and wondering what size skateboard should I get? Don’t worry anymore! We are here to help.

Choosing the perfect skateboard size is necessary to develop your skills more efficiently.

The size of skateboard for skaters is one of the key factors that will decide how their performance will be.

Since you are a beginner, to answer your query regarding what size skateboard do I need, there are multiple factors like shoe size, age, height, weight, etc which need to be analyzed before recommending.

In this article, we will be discussing all these factors that are essential to choosing the perfect skateboard size.

To know the best size for your child, stay tuned till the end.

What size skateboard should I get as per my height?

All the beginners who are willing to get skateboard will have a query like what size skateboard should I get for my height.

Well, it is really important to choose a skateboard that matches your height. It will ensure that you are well-balanced while skating.

You might be as tall as 6ft & more or may have a shorter height of around 4. Don’t worry! There is a skateboard available for every height.

So, you can match yours from the chart given below and choose a perfect one for you.

Height (in feet) Skateboard size (in Inches)
Up to 4.5 ft 6 – 7 inches
4.6 ft – 5 ft 7.1 – 7.5 inches
5 ft – 6.5 ft 7.6 – 8.5 inches
More than 6 ft Above 8.6 inches

What size skateboard for a girl is best?

As discussed earlier, the size of your skateboard depends on your height and weight however we will help you with few ideas for choosing a better-sized skateboard for a girl.

A skateboard length of around 5 to 7 inches will be best for girls who are beginners and starting to learn skating.

However, a skateboard with a larger wheel can also be a good choice as it will help to avoid the minor o0bstacloes on road.

What will be the perfect size for a beginner?

Choosing the perfect size skateboard as a beginner can be tricky but you must remember that getting the first skateboard will always be special. So, you must choose wisely.

If you want a skateboard that looks great and also has a proper build quality within your budget then you must check the full article.

The more attractive your board will be, the more you will crave to ride it, the more your skills will progress.

But as we mentioned in the beginning, you must consider your shoe size as a vital determinant if you want to learn to be a pro skater.

Selecting skateboard size for my shoe size

The most essential thing to look for while choosing the perfect skateboard width is your shoe size.

Choosing size as per your shoe size will help you to get a good baseline.

You need to keep in mind that a wider or bigger skate deck will be comfortable and easy for riding.

A slimmer deck will be light or agile for flip tricks and other types of technical skating.

We suggest you start with a skateboard deck of width which is similar to your shoe size.

If you use shoes of size 6.5 to 9, then you can use a deck of width 7.5 to 8.0 inches.

If you use shoes 9.5 or bigger, we suggest you get a deck of around 8.0 and 8.5 inches.

Choosing a skateboard size for your child

When it comes to your child, it is quite obvious for you to think about what size skateboard should I get.

We will be helping you with this but before we begin, we would like to recommend you never to opt for cheaper products as they might easily break and make your child feel sad.

Let us now guide you in choosing the perfect skateboard size as per your child’s age.

Skateboard size for a 5 year old kid

This is the perfect age to begin skateboarding for kids as during this age the capacity to learn and cherish the moves are greater.

It will be good for you to invest in a mini skateboard if your child is of this age.

The skateboards with a micro deck having a deck length of around 7 inches is what you should buy while gifting your child with this awesome sporting tool.

You can also opt for a bamboo mini deck as per the given size as it has lightweight and is also good for the long run.

This will also be a good lesson for your child to learn to be eco-friendly

Skateboard for an 8 year old newbie

Are you bothered thinking about what size skateboard for an 8 year old kid? The answer is very simple.

A 7.75 inches wide deck size will be a good choice for an 8-year old.

This will help the kid to go with a good start and grow with the board.

You can even select a wider deck of around 8″. Such a deck will have a length of around 31″ with a longer wheelbase giving a comfortable riding experience.

You must remember to consider the above-mentioned characteristics while choosing the board.

Skateboard size for a 10 year old beginner skater

As per our observation skateboards of mid-size, between 7.25 – 7.4″ will be perfect for kids of 10 years old.

For beginners, you should pick a skateboard based on your height and age. A smaller deck will fit your child the best and allow her to learn the skating tricks easily.

In case you are confused about which brand to choose, I may suggest a few for you. You can opt for some skateboards like Ancheer cruise skateboard, Skatro mini cruiser skateboard, Ohderii skateboard, etc.

Ideal Skateboard size for a 13 year old skater

Since you are trying to know the perfect board size for a 13 year old child, you must acknowledge the fact that your child is quite grown up and is into his teenage.

So choose very wisely.

The right size for your child’s skateboard should be within 8.0” – 8.5” with a narrower deck width will be a good choice.

If your child has expertise in flip tricks and has developed his own skating style, you need to probably customize the deck based on his riding style.

A customize board will allow tailoring the needs as per the preferences, and even have a low truck installed for enabling turns.

Some Other Things to Consider for a Skateboarder

Apart from the skateboard decks, there are few more things that a newbie skater needs to consider.

Your board must have softer wheels, as this would make your riding experience smoother. Harder wheels are better for roller skates.

If the wheels are small, you will need to install riser pads to ensure the proper gap between the smaller wheels and the concave deck. Good quality grip tape is a must-have along with proper wheel bearings for your cruiser board.

Remember to always encourage your child to learn skating only in the skate park as this will not only enhance his experience but also ensure that he is skating in a safe zone, away from traffic.


If you want your child to become a pro skateboarder, then you must keep in the factors discussed in this article while purchasing a skateboard.

Getting a perfect-sized skateboard can be beneficial for the fast learning and growth of your child in terms of speed and skills.

There are many online sites selling skateboards, so if you are buying them online, be sure to get them from an authentic site only.

Now that you know the answer to your query regarding what size skateboard should I get, go and buy it for your child and let him enjoy a blissful ride.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can a skateboard be too big?

There a few big-size skateboards available in the market and one of the biggest sizes recorded as of now is 36ft and 7 inches long.

The board has a width of 8ft and a height of almost 4ft.

  • What types of skateboard are there?

If you are talking about skateboard then you must know that there are many types of skateboard depending upon your skating.

You can make your choice among the Longboard Skateboards, Mini Cruiser Skateboard, Carve Skateboards, Double kick skateboards, etc.

  • What size skateboard deck should I go for?

A skateboard deck that is proportional to the size of your shoe will be perfect. If you wear shoes of size 6.5 to 9, then start with an average deck length of 7.5 to 8.0 inches.

  • What accessories do you need for a skateboard?

If you want to build a complete skateboard on your own you would require some essentials like a skateboard deck, 2 Skateboard trucks, 4 Skateboard wheels with wheel size as per your choice, 8 skateboard bearings, and 4 bushings.

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