Know More: What size wheels for skateboard is appropriate.

The skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane, come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and durability, hence you must be confused about what size wheels for skateboard are appropriate.

One of the important parts of your skateboard which allow you to move is the wheels. It also determines how fast you can move.

The skateboard wheel size determines how technical your ride will be and how smooth and fast you will move.

Larger wheels help you to enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride, also better for riding through different terrain. While smaller wheels are perfect for tight turns and tricks. Rather than this, the wheel size depends on many things which will make the buyer confused.

Let’s start by discussing what is the best size skateboard wheel for a beginner skater.

What size wheels for skateboard should you choose?

Diameter and wheel durometer are the factors by which Skateboard wheels are measured. Now, what do you mean by these two terms in respect of skateboard wheels? The size of the wheel is referred to as wheel diameter and the durometer is the wheel hardness.

Hence now you know what size wheels for skateboard you need.

These two factors of skateboard depend on personal preference, and you can select them as per your wish also depending on the type of skateboard.

Customization allows you to select what the best wheels are to match your trucks, deck, and hardware but you must check how to avoid wheel bite by placing riser pads.

Apart from that whatever wheel size works or matches perfectly with the skateboard, you can go for it. In general, there is a rule like if you are going to do more technical street style and tricks on a smoother surface then you need smaller wheels. For covering long-distance and faster trips you need bigger wheels.

How many wheels does a skateboard have?

The complete skateboard is composed of four urethane wheels classified by diameter and hardness, attached to the trucks.

The range of the wheel size starts from 50 mm to 70 mm+ which has a hardness scale called a durometer, goes from 78A to 100A+. If you are a beginner then Spitfire wheels are preferred.

What size nut for skateboard wheels?

The standard size of the skateboard’s axle nut had been made up and the standard size is 5/16″-24tpi, which needs a 1/2″ SAE wrench to install. While searching to buy them in hardware or online store, check properly that it has a self-locking feature, like a part of nylon threads at one end.

These standard-size nuts will keep you locked up! On any of the longboard wheels or skateboard wheel trucks having 8mm axles, these axle nuts will fit perfectly as they are made up in that way(in general every truck has a standard 8mm axle size).

Does skateboard wheel size matter?

The size of the skateboard wheel plays an important role during the time of the ride. What size wheels for skateboard is required depends on how smooth or rough, soft or hard, slow or fast, etc your ride will be.

Larger wheels give a faster ride while smaller wheels give a slower ride. Smaller urethane wheels are lower to the ground which makes them easy to control and are best for street skating. Bigger wheels will give you a lot of speed and are good for a longer ride.

What size skateboard wheels do you need?

There are many things you have to keep in mind while selecting your skateboard wheel size. A little difference in hardness or size of the skate wheel or crushing wheel can drastically change how bad your ride will be.

If you are a beginner then a medium-sized, 52mm-54mm skateboard bonus wheel or shark wheel is preferred with 90a – 99a durometer( harder wheels). If you want to do tricks like Ollies, flip, power slides, and other technical tricks then you can go for hard wheels of Diameter 50-60mm and Durometer 95-101a.

If you are looking for a smooth ride around the town then cruiser wheels are the best. They have a diameter of 54-60mm and a durometer 78-90a which means they are slightly bigger and softer wheels than the park or street wheels. The 78a durometer with 54mm is a good combination wheel.

what is the best size skateboard wheel
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What are common wheel sizes for skateboards?

A lot of wheel shapes and sizes are there depending upon the demand of riding surface, but some of the common wheels sizes are-


Smaller and slower wheels; perfect for smaller riders, street skaters, trick riding, skate parks, and bowls, smooth surface, smooth ride.


This is the average wheel size, good for beginners and bigger riders street skating, vert ramps, bowls and skate parks, soft wheels.

60mm +

This size is for specialty riders skating longboards, downhill, rough terrain, old-school boards, and dirt boards; specially made for speed and rough surfaces. You can also opt for cloud wheels or freeride wheels and they size between 68-72mm, for rougher surfaces.

What is the width of a skateboard wheel?

The wheel width or diameter of a Skateboard is measured in millimeters and the size ranges generally from 49mm to 75mm as the number goes lower, the smaller will be the wheel.

The diameter of the wheel also may affect how fast and quickly you accelerate and how tight the turn will be. Small wheels will give you a slower ride, whereas larger wheels will give you a faster ride. You can select the size of the wheel as per the type of ride you want either faster or slower.

Why are skateboard wheels different sizes & shapes?

The answer to this question is very simple. As discussed earlier, we all know now that different size of skateboard or longboard wheel gives different riding experiences.

 The size matters a lot in terms of the duration of the ride, if you want to have a long ride then smaller wheels will offend you. On rough roads, you need a bigger wheel with a bigger skateboard deck.

Similarly for a short trip like going to the park or simple tricks you need a smaller skateboard wheel size as in this case larger wheels may destroy the fun. Hence now it is clear that skateboard wheel size differs based on the demand of ride.


Skating allows you to have the ultimate fun along with some exercise or workout. You need to be very careful while selecting the size of wheels as they play the most important role in skating. The wheel size has been categorized as per the type of ride.

You must pick the right skateboard wheel size that fits your personal choice. The chosen wheel must have enough clearance underneath to ensure a smooth ride.

What size wheels for skateboard do you need? If you are a beginner then smaller wheels are good for you, if you want to skate on a nearby park or street then also you can go for smaller or medium-sized wheels.

For a longer trip, you need larger wheels. Hence all the wheels have their uniqueness.

Common Asked Question

  • What is the standard size of a skateboard wheel?

Wheel size ranges from 50mm to 75mm diameter. Standard size depends on the user. Deck size is also a parameter to know the wheel size. Bigger the deck, larger wheels are needed. Also, smaller wheels are easier to control.

  • Can you use longboard wheels with a skateboard?

Yes, it can be used. Skateboard with a longboard wheel is known as a code board. There are a few conditions for this, such as the skateboard must be raised a little to avoid wheel bite and it must have harder bushings.

  • How tight should skateboard wheels be?

The skateboard wheels have to be tight enough to spin freely. You need to check if the wheels need more tightening by flicking the wheels as fast and as hard as you can with one hand.

  • Why are skateboard wheels so small?

Skateboard wheels are small since they are perfect for a slower ride. If you are willing to do street and technical skating, it’s best to go for small wheels as they offer more control.

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